BayLeaf’s Training Log: 3.5.18 – 3.11.18

He can put his toes in his mouth. I can’t touch mine.

With baby, moving at the end of the month, and a hectic schedule at work, getting a run in is extra important (albeit extra stressful at times). With a “fun” 5K on March 18, I’m excited to have something to look forward to even if it’s not any sort of goal race. I was about four months pregnant at this race last year so am excited to see what post-baby me can do. (More to come in an upcoming log.) Another high (for Heather) mileage week!

Monday, March 5
6.5 miles, 5x1K, 7:15 average
This is one of my favorite (and hardest) workouts. I like to get it in a few times before a 5K. The goal was to keep it controlled and consistent.

4:02, 4:02, 4:00, 4:02, 4:04

Oh and then I had to runย back to the track because my mom brain forgot my keys on the outside lane. (On the upside, got in an extra mile.)

Tuesday, March 6
4 miles, 8:04 average
In anticipation of what was supposed to be a huge storm, I snuck out for a few quick miles. Felt pretty fatigued after, given Monday’s workout and the not-quite easy pace for this run.

Friday, March 9
6 miles, 5 miles + 5x hills, 8:02 average
Had hoped to do my six-mile route but was running late. Pleased with a snappy five (sub 8s for the last two) and added on five hill repeats to make up for missing Thursday’s speed session due to an appointment.

Saturday, March 10
10 miles, 3 miles at tempo, 8:09 average
I decided a mile into my weekly long run that it’s time to step it up. Since I didn’t have time to run 12, I decided to add in tempo miles, which I haven’t done since my 5K training in the fall of 2016. I targeted 7:30, and hit 7:34, 30, 30 (miles 4, 5, 6). Felt really really strong. But I was happy it was only three tempo miles.

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