BayLeaf’s Training Log – 2.19.18 – 2.25.18

Runner’s World eats Rita’s

I guess when you have kids who are in daycare, it’s a vicious cycle of baby gets sick, passes it to mom and dad, who pass it back to baby. And you can’t sleep it off, so you’re stuck in a sick rut. That almost happened to us (again) this past week, but because I’ve learned that I can’t fight off a cold on no sleep, I listened to my body and took an extra rest day and then halved a track workout to not overdo it. Overall, I’d call the week a success.

Monday, Feb. 19
5 miles, 2×2400 at HMP, 2×100 strides, 8:12 average
10:20, 10:23
My friend hasn’t done a track workout since returning from an injury so instead of my as-of-late shorter, faster workouts, we opted for longer, slower intervals. I have no half marathon goals right now, so I was targeting a 1:33 ish pace. It ended up being slightly faster but still felt good. I definitely prefer the shorter intervals.

Wednesday, Feb. 21
Unplanned rest day to get some extra sleep and fight off a scratchy throat. Success! *knocks wood*

Thursday, Feb. 22
4 miles, 2×800 at 5K, 2×400 at Mile pace+5 seconds, 7:59 average
3:17, 3:18, 86, 87
My 800s were basically on pace for a 20:30 5K (I’m targeting 20:30 – 21:00 for an upcoming race in March), just a second and two off. But I was pleasantly surprised with my 400s. I was targeting 90 seconds and came in a bit under feeling strong. While my first real post-baby goal race isn’t until September, I’m seeing massive improvement with each workout. And reminding myself not to do too much too soon.

Friday, Feb. 23
~2 miles, ~9:15 average
Normally a rest day, but the folks at Runner’s World embarked on a lunch run to and from Rita’s for ice and custard. Sometimes these fun runs with friends are just what you need.

Runner’s World heads to Rita’s

Saturday, Feb. 24
10 miles, 8:27 average
Hit the tow path with a couple friends in shorts, long sleeves, and gloves. So basically perfection. And coffee was waiting for me when I got home. *heart eye emoji*


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