Basil’s Training Log – 2.7.2014

Ten more weeks to Boston! This past week was a cut-back week, which I’m learning to greatly appreciate as the training cycle progresses. Even with very low mileage, this week brought some challenges. Namely, gale force winds and “feels like” -10 temps. I also continued with physical therapy and received some good insight into some of my chronic trouble spots. I feel like I’m finally getting a handle on the root causes and making some headway toward long-term injury-free running.

Monday- Supposed to run 5 miles easy, but I skipped the run and went downhill skiing instead. Survived without any broken bones, for the win!

Gorgeous day for skiing with the kids on my "rest" day
Gorgeous day for skiing with the kids on my “rest” day

Tuesday- 5 miles (9:07 avg) – A whopping zero degrees this morning but my friend Jen was up for going with me, so I headed outdoors. It was a really nice run. The company helps so much, takes my mind off of how cold I am! Went in for PT later that day and got my butt handed to me by the new glute/ hip strengthening exercises.

Wednesday- 7 miles (9:13 avg) – Another slow, cold outdoor run. Followed it up with my PT exercises.

Sporting Mother Nature's classic make up line- frosty white mascara! #NotFoundInStores Train #LikeAGirl
Sporting Mother Nature’s classic make up line- frosty white mascara! #NotFoundInStores Train #LikeAGirl

Thursday- off. Just did PT exercises and stretching.

Friday- 10 miles (8:57 avg) – I thought maybe the wind wouldn’t be so bad since it had “warmed up” to 18 degrees. Trail conditions were pretty decent–nice and packed and not too many ruts. With the wind at my back 8:30 pace felt like a breeze! Then I turned around…. The headwind (40 mph gusts) was so bad that oversized trash cans were blowing down the middle of the road. At one point I couldn’t see because the drifting snow and dirt got in my eyes. It was so mentally tough, although physically I felt pretty strong. At one point the wind blew so hard I felt like I was jogging in place against it. It made me so mad! After wind and cold like that, aint no hill at mile 20 gonna break my heart.

Saturday- off

Sunday- 5 miles (8:39 avg) – Ran this on the treadmill early. Used a metronome app to time my cadence and it seems I comfortably fall around 175. That’s within the range of what my PT told me to shoot for. Also worked on keeping my arms closer in and moving them forward vs. elbows out. Nice easy run and definitely felt refreshed after this cutback week.

Totalย  – 27 miles

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