Basil’s Training Log – 2.23.2014

This week marked my first week of marathon training for the Mayor’s Marathon here in Anchorage. I’ve started (somewhat loosely) following a Jack Daniels’ marathon training plan that calls for two quality workouts per week and peaks at 60 miles. I like how it varies from what I did with the Pfitzinger plan, and I think I’m going to have some fun with the speed workouts. No really, I am. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself!

Monday – 5 miles (8:30 avg). Easy run on the treadmill before the day started with the kiddos. Then it was off to ice skate with some neighborhood families at the local outdoor rink. I steered clear of the hockey game that broke out among the kids and dads, and instead pretended to do triple toe loops while occasionally yelling “toooooe-pick”, referencing a movie from 1992 and cementing my (dead last) place on the Cool Mom chart.

Tuesday – 11 miles with 5 @ 7:25 avg/ tempo. I remembered quite clearly how awful tempo runs typically feel, but I’d forgotten how great it feels to have them over with! This was the first tempo I’d done in a couple months – 5 miles easy, 3 miles at tempo, 3 minutes rest, 2 miles at tempo, 1 mile easy. Since it was icy/snowy out, I went to the indoor track–the same one I used for my fake tune-up race a couple months ago. Turns out that the track is 411m, not 400m!! I’m glad I figured this out BEFORE I did the workout. But that means that the tune-up 5 miler I ran was actually 10 seconds faster per mile than I thought it was (7:16 instead of 7:26). That was a fun little confidence booster for my first day back in training. Anyway, when it came time to do the tempo component, I ran the 3 mile at 7:28 pace and the 2 mile at 7:20 pace. I probably was working harder than true tempo pace, but it didn’t feel all that awful, so that’s a win in my book!

Wednesday – 7 miles. Had a running date scheduled with a friend but our planned route was covered in a fresh foot of snow. So I had to hit the treadmill instead.

Thursday – Off

Friday – 14 mile (8:06 avg) – Too much snow to hit marathon pace outside (I’d be lucky to get sub-9!), so I turned again to the treadmill. 1 mile easy, 6 miles at 8:00, 1 mile easy, 2 miles at 8:00, 2 miles at 7:53, 2 miles easy. The hardest part of the run was the mental game of sticking it out on the treadmill. I cannot wait until I can start doing tempos and MP runs outside again!

Saturday – Off

Miles always go by faster (and feel warmer) with a friend!
Miles always go by faster (and feel warmer) with a friend!

Sunday – 6 miles easy. Met up with my friend Michelle for an evening run. A little icy in spots, but overall a great run near her neighborhood. Not too cold either–it had warmed up to 28! I’m enjoying the lengthening days. We finished the run at 6:45 just around sunset. A month ago, it would have been pitch black before 5:30! As always, the miles with company and good conversation go sooo much faster! Michelle is quite a bit faster than me, but I’m thankful that she’s willing to slow down to log some easy miles with me.

Total Mileage – 43 miles

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