Basil’s Training Log – 2-22-15

While this week started off with a terrible case of brick-foot syndrome, it ended on a high note with a solid 18 miler with negative splits. I’ve been continuing with PT for my hip/glute issues, and decided to pursue ART (active release technique) as well to see if I could get rid of some of the lingering pain that’s been plaguing me on and off since July. While the PT is helping me solve many of my gait and stability issues on a go-forward basis, the ART has definitely helped to address the past pain and lingering soreness. I have several more treatments of ART to go, but I’m very optimistic that it will help me get past these hip/ glute issues once and for all!

Monday – 7 miles (9:18 avg) Very tired and slow for this run. Wasn’t happy to be running in freezing RAIN either. Conditions just keep getting messier. My lower back has been irritated for the last few days and I felt it on this run. Did my PT exercises and had a PT appointment but didn’t make it to the gym for weights as the kids were home with me all day.

Tuesday – 9 miles (8:08 avg) 2 mile warm-up, then 5 x 0.75 miles @ 7:35, 2 mile cool-down. Had an ART appointment in the morning and was very sore but I didn’t want to put the tempo off. The soreness didn’t seem to impact my gait and no other issues developed while running, so I just went for it. HR/ breathing wise this was relatively easy (for a tempo at least). My HR didn’t really get into the 160s until the very last 3/4 mile. Every other time I checked it (a couple times after each rep) it was in the high 140s. I dare say this run might have even felt fairly easy if I hadn’t just come from ART!

Wednesday – Off / PT exercises and foam rolling.

Thursday – 6 miles (8:44 avg) – Ran on some clear roads south of town. Was nice to be on somewhat bare pavement and without the spikes, and loved the view of the water and mountains. An easy run actually felt “easy” for a change. Was still sore in the hip/lower back, lingering effects of ART. Went downhill skiing with the kids later in the evening. Icy on the slopes, but I managed to keep up with the 8 year old without falling.

Clear day + clear roads = happy runner
Clear day + clear roads = happy runner

Friday – 4 miles (8:50 avg) – Home with the kids again, so had to resort to the treadmill at home for this easy run.

Saturday – 18 miles (8:24 avg) – Started out thinking I’d run outside but brought clothes for the indoor track just in case. Glad I did! It was raining and 33 degrees, and so icy on the roads on the drive down that I made the call to do the run at the track instead. The first 7 miles or so were a little iffy. My back was bothering me, along with the hip. The turns are tough on the stabilizers. My toes (on the right side) have also been bugging me on/off, which seemed liked extensor tendonitis. I told myself if the pain didn’t subside within 7 miles that I shouldn’t complete the full 18. Thankfully by the second half of the run I was feeling MUCH better. For the last 9 miles, I switched to the far outer lanes so the turns wouldn’t be as sharp. I ran the first 9 miles around an 8:35-8:40 pace. Second 9 miles I picked it up and averaged closer to 8:10, coming in at 8:24 overall. I felt very good and very strong toward the end!

Sunday – 4 miles (8:53 avg) – Ran laps with my daughter while my son played soccer. Felt surprisingly good after Saturday’s long run.

Total – 48 miles

Recovering corporate hamster-wheeler turned Alaskan hausfrau, mother of two and running enthusiast. Kind of a June Cleaver in tempo shorts...minus the makeup and vacuum. Will run to great lengths to get a moment of peace.

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