Basil’s Training Log – 06.29.2014

I wish I could run as fast as summer. Seriously, I can barely keep up. Please–someone explain to me how it’s already the end of June!

This past week marked my first week of training with a real live coach!ย  I’ve been running with Michelle for a few months now, so when she decided to launch a coaching business right as I was floundering and looking for some extra help, it seemed like a perfect fit. She worked with me to set some parameters for what I could reasonably fit in this summer, with the idea that I will ramp up mileage as I head into late August/ September.

While the PTT on my left leg has nearly disappeared, I have this weird big toe/ foot pain on the top of my right foot that I cannot figure out. I can run on it with little to no pain, but after my runs, it’s pretty sore when I walk. I suspect the shoes might have initially caused it. (Darn you, Brooks, for changing the sizing and lacing pattern on my go-to shoe for the last three years!) I don’t know, really. Still trying to figure it out. In the meantime, I did get an all-clear that there aren’t any fractures, so I’m going to keep running through it.

Monday – 8 miles, with 4 @ tempo – After 2 mile warm up, ran a 30 minute tempo: 7:27, 7:23, 7:26, 7:13. Coming back had a downhill advantage, so that 7:13 was a little overstated. Cooled down another 2 miles.

Tuesday- 5 miles, easy – Went to the track to run circles while the kids played.

Wednesday- off

Thursday- 7 miles, track Warmed up 2.5 miles to include dynamic warm ups. Then 4×400 with 400 jogs, followed by 4x200m with 200m jogs. Then cool down. I’ve never done this “short” kind of speed. Maybe a 400 here and there, but never a 200. It was fun (sort of)! Target pace for 400s was 1:30-1:35, came in at 1:26, 1:28, 1:32, 1:30. Target for 200s was 40-45 sec. Came in at 42, 43. 44, 43.

Friday- 4 miles easy + core routine

Saturday- 11 miles / 8:29 avg –ย  There was so much cotton drifting in the air I had to keep my mouth closed to avoid it. Gives new meaning to the phrase “cotton mouth”. Beautiful, clear day–almost “hot” by Alaskan standards. Started out on the slower side, picked up the pace as I went on. Last 3 miles 8:26, 8:07, 7:49. Was feeling really tired and thirsty by the end.

Sunday- off – 2 1/4 mile hike up Mount Alyeska. Saw a moose and a hundred gorgeous views. We took the tram down as a fun reward for the kids for being such troopers (and to save my quads from further destruction).

Just one of the gorgeous views on our 2000 ft , 2 mile climb.
Just one of the gorgeous views on our 2000 ft , 2 mile climb.

Total – 35 miles

Recovering corporate hamster-wheeler turned Alaskan hausfrau, mother of two and running enthusiast. Kind of a June Cleaver in tempo shorts...minus the makeup and vacuum. Will run to great lengths to get a moment of peace.

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  1. Which Brooks have you been wearing? I’ve worn the Glycerin since 2005, but the changes they made for the 11 model are awful for me. I’ve lost 3 toenails in the last month due to blisters and the middle of my foot hurts.

    1. I’ve worn the Adrenaline up until now. But like the Glycerin, the changes they made to the sizing and lacing were terrible. So bummed! I found a couple pair of last year’s model in my size and have returned to those. But don’t know what I’ll do once I run out of those!