Basil’s Training Log – 06.22.2014

What this last week lacked in mileage, it made up for with outdoor fun and good times with friends and family. This was my last week leading up to the Mayor’s 4 miler, after which I plan to resume training and start logging higher mileage. So I took the week easy, stayed flexible and just aimed to have fun and soak up whatever sunshine Alaska would give me.

Monday – 7 miles (8:16 avg). Got outside during the kids’ running club. Decided to do a progressive run after a slow uphill start. Finished last 3 miles in 8:05, 7:42, 7:22.

Tuesday – off / 4 mile bike ride along a glacial lake with the kids. I had intended to run on the treadmill and clean the house for company coming. But sunshine trumped all plans and we made it an outdoor day!

Fun bike ride with the kids
Fun bike ride with the kids

Wednesday – 7 miles (8:18 avg). Fun easy run with my friend Michelle while kids were at running club.

Thursday – off / 3 mile hike with 1500 ft ascent. Beautiful, but rough on the quads coming down.

My 9 year old lives a double life as a mountain goat.
My 9 year old lives a double life as a mountain goat.

Friday – 3 mile shakeout to try to help my legs recover from the hike in time to race Saturday. Hosted a pre-race pasta dinner for some of my out-of-town friends running the half and full marathon the next day.

Saturday – Race day! 4 miles – 27:46/ 6:57 avg. +3-4 miles of warm up and cool down. More details to follow with a full race report!

Sunday – off/ glacier hike.

Total –ย  25 miles

Glacier trekking in lieu of a recovery run.
Glacier trekking in lieu of a recovery run.

Recovering corporate hamster-wheeler turned Alaskan hausfrau, mother of two and running enthusiast. Kind of a June Cleaver in tempo shorts...minus the makeup and vacuum. Will run to great lengths to get a moment of peace.

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