Basil’s Training Log – 05.25.2014

Well, as they’d say in my old Maine stomping grounds, it’s summah time!! Sure, the highs are still topping out at 60 degrees, but that’s perfect water fight weather here in the last frontier, at least that’s what my kids seem to think. The school year came to a close this past week, which means it’s time to get creative about squeezing in my runs and workouts. I may soon be taking advantage of the midnight sun to start my long runs at 4 am. Or teaching my 9 year old to pace my tempos on his bike, a service for which he will be paid in trips to the skate park. (He’s obsessed with skating and “freestyle” scootering right now. Fingers crossed this is a short lived phase and he will soon be back to the less aerial sports of running and soccer!)

While I’ve complained a good deal about a tendon injury that flared up a couple of months ago, it’s probably not all bad. Without a high mileage and specific training plan to worry about, it’s much easier to be flexible and ready for fun and adventures with my family. Since I’m running all easy miles, it’s opened up extra days to run with friends and just to enjoy the beauty of life here in Alaska. So in spite of all the frustration and angst I started out with, I’m now calling this a good thing.

Here’s a look at the running for the week:

Monday – 7 miles (avg 8:30) Still nursing this stubborn tendon back to full strength. Nothing but easy, short to mid distance runs on tap. Felt some niggling pain around mile 3. Stayed very mild until the finish.

Tuesday – 4 miles (avg 8:30) – A little bit of PTT pain on this run so I kept it short. An absolutely beautiful day though, and I’m still just thankful to run what I can run!

Wednesday – 5 miles (avg 8:18) – Met my friend Haylee for our first run of the season. We ran for a while back in the fall and then she got injured and busy with work. But she’s back and stronger than ever, and this run flew by! It always does with good company! (Oh, and no PTT pain at all today!) Hoping to do more runs with her as she is poised to crush her goal of breaking 2 hours in the Mayor’s Half Marathon. (I’ve been telling her what Salty used to tell me….”You can go way faster than (X) based on your fitness! No sandbagging!)

Thursday – 6 miles – Last day of school, so last day of kid-free mid morning runs. Squeezed in a few recovery miles with my friend Beth (who just rocked her triathlon last weekend!) and then added a few on by myself. Was feeling great but had to stop a bit early because of a bloody nose. It’s been dry here and there were some wildfires way south of us that were impacting air quality, so I’m sure that had something to do with it. So I guess stopping at 6 wasn’t such a bad idea.

Friday – 10 miles (avg 8:17) – Finally a great run! Felt great the ENTIRE time. Could have gone further, but didn’t have time. (School’s out so my goal was to get home before the kids got up.) Finished the last mile in 7:15. Barely any PTT pain at all, and soooo happy to have finally had a great run all around. Wore my compression socks for this one, which if nothing else, makes for awesome tan lines (or in my case, freckle lines.)

Saturday – off. I had originally planned to race a 10k on this day. Was disappointed that I couldn’t race, but know that I made the right choice to sit it out and continue to heal.

Sunday – 6 miles (8:14 avg) The air was still a little smokey from the forest fires 80 miles south of us (80,000 acres on fire in a wildlife refuge…so awful…). I felt a little dryness in my throat and eyes/ nose, but otherwise this was a really great run. Again, no PTT pain. And all the easy running with no long distances or high speeds seems to put my legs in a continual state of “fresh”, so the easier runs feel very easy! I can’t complain. Really glad the injury is trending better and trying to be patient about easing back into training.

First hike of the summer!
First hike of the summer!

After my run Sunday, our family set out for a 5 mile hike on one of my favorite trails, complete with waterfalls and river gorges and a hand tram! Yay for summer!


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