Basil’s Training Log – 03.02.2014

Week two of marathon training is in the books! I am really liking the Daniels’ plan so far (2 quality workouts with flexible easy mileage throughout the week). It’s a good mix of structure and flexibility, and I’m liking the variety and challenge of the speed workouts. This week at the indoor track, I met a masters’ speedster who lives in the Cleveland area! What are the odds? She saw an old race tee I was wearing and asked me if I was from Ohio. We struck up a conversation about running and northeast Ohio, and I tried to convince her to move to Anchorage by promising her she’d see the sun much more here than back in the snowbelt. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ve had a string of sunny days and warmer temps (20s/30s), so the outdoor running was more comfortable this week.

Monday – “Easy” 6 in the snow (9:28 avg). No matter how ridiculously slow I go, snow running never feels easy. Met up with a friend for this one. It was a measley 1 degree when we started out (oh but with a “real feel” of 2, so that totally warmed things up). I was surprised by how quickly I warmed up after a mile or so of trudging through the snow. We found some plowed streets/shoulders by mile 3 and it was much easier from there. The miles flew by thanks to the great company. When we got back, she took me to the cross country trails to try out my new skate skis and show me how to do it. Soooo not as easy as it looks! I could barely go 2 miles an hour! But it was fun and will be a great workout for cross training.

Tuesday – 11.5 miles / Speedwork (4 mi easy, 5x1000m with 3 min jog, 3x400m with 400m jog, 2.5 miles easy)- Went to the indoor track for this work. It was a little confusing because it’s larger than a standard track. The inside lane measures 413m. I found the 400m and 800m marks, but no 1000m mark, so I did the best I could to estimate the final 200m. Splits for the 5x1000m were 3:56, ?, 4:14, 4:20, 4:26, and 1:34, 1:38, 1:39 for the 400m. Pace targets were 6:53 for the 1000m (5k pace), and 6:40 for the 400s. I hit the 400s, but my last few 1000s were off pace. By the fourth 1000m, I was feeling it in the left hamstring, the one I always seem to feel it in….45+ times around a track doesn’t help matters. Started to worry that I was jumping back into speed work and higher mileage too quickly. The hesitation showed up in my splits for the 1000m. Felt really tired by the cool down and slowed to a crawl for those last 2 miles. I would’ve liked to get the 1000m times down, but I honestly am not even sure if I was running them long or short b/c of the weird track measurements. Whatever the case, I worked hard and feel good about that!

Wednesday – 6.25 easy, outside. Didn’t feel as terrible as I thought I would after Tuesday’s track workout. But I definitely had no problem taking it super slow. The snow/ice slowed me a bit too, but it was nice to get outside. Not too cold (23!) either!

Thursday – 7 easy, outside (9:25 avg). Sunny and warm! Well, 28 degrees, but it felt hot compared to the past few weeks. Still a layer of packed snow and a bit of ice on the trails, so the pace was slower even though the effort was even.ย  Overall, a beautiful morning run!

Friday – 15 miles, treadmill (8:18 avg). Definitely have had better treadmill runs than this one, maybe have had worse. I was just so distracted and couldn’t get into the zone. I kept taking stupid 10 second breaks here/there to mess with music or blow my nose or whatever, not because I was tired but because I was distracted and annoyed at being on the treadmill. Didn’t feel good until mile 12, and I think that was just an upbeat wave because I was almost done. Ran 2 miles easy, 3 at tempo (7:30), 8 miles easy, 1 at tempo, 1 mile easy. I can’t wait to be able to take these longer runs outside again!! I just need the ice and snow to clear a bit before I have any hope of hitting the tempo or marathon paces during the long runs.

Saturday – Off! Had plans to get up early to take the kids to see the start of the Iditarod, but found out last minute that my husband was on call to work, so we scrapped it. Instead, the kids made up their own sled race around our yard, recruiting their neighborhood friends to join in. I was instructed that the mushers and dogs would require refreshments at checkpoint 7, and dutifully complied with hot cocoa.

Sunday – 4 miles easy, treadmill. Squeezed a few miles in before the kids’ ski meet. Tough day on the slopes for both my little ones. An icy and tough slalom course got the best of both of them, and they were DQed for losing skis and missing gates. My oldest was feeling particularly down about how things went (he’s my competitive, intense one), but it was a good opportunity for him to learn how to handle losing and disappointment. (Because HELLO KIDS, failure and setbacks and disappointments are going to be a big part of life. These lows are what make the highs of winning and overcoming that much more glorious. And how you respond to failure and disappointment — losing graciously, getting back up and back out there, continuing to take risks and staying whole-hearted– this is what matters.)ย  I’m sure it was our loving lecture that cheered him up and not the greasy wings and fries he scored in the deal. My husband also showed the kids this video clip and said, “Guys. This is what you do when you fall flat on your face.” If you haven’t seen it, it’s a super inspiring clip from a 600m collegiate race where Heather Dorniden fell flat on her face. And then got back up. To say the least…

Total – 50 miles

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