Basil’s Training Log – 01.25.15

The marathon mileage build-up following my stress fracture last fall has been so cautious and gradual, I’ve barely felt the impact. Kind of like the oblivious frog in a pot of increasingly hot water, only, unlike the frog, for me this is a very good thing. I have 12 (twelve!) weeks left to get ready for Boston. That doesn’t feel like much time, seeing as it took me a solid 12 weeks to build from zero to 43 miles a week. But whatever amount of time I’ve got to work with, it’s going to be enough, and I’m going to make the most of it!

Mentally, this was a better week for me. I opted to do my long run on an indoor track, providing the break I needed from the treadmill and the ice and cold. It was definitely a confidence builder, as around halfway through I caught a strong second wind and ran the second half progressively faster, finishing my last mile of 14 with a 7:30 mile. I still don’t feel fast these days (haven’t done a step of speed work in over six months), but I’m starting to feel strong again. I’ll take it!

Monday -7 miles (9:03 avg) – Ran outside with my friend Jen. We managed to keep from falling in spite of really slippery conditions.

Tuesday- 8 miles (8:20 avg) – Warmed up a couple miles, then 2 x 10 minutes @ 8:00 pace, 5 minutes easy, then 2 x 5 minutes @ 7:45 pace (3 minute easy). This one felt pretty good! I still had general stiffness on the left side from the hip/ glute to the hamstring, But it wasn’t anything that stopped me or slowed me down. Got up early and did this on the treadmill before the kids woke up for school. It was nice to get the run in first thing.

Wednesday- 30 minutes weight training, 30 minutes on the bike

Thursday-5 miles (9:12 avg) – Ran outside before the snow came. Really, really slippery still! Later that evening went downhill skiing with the kids. Had a blast and managed to get home without falling and hurting myself.

Friday- 14 miles (8:33 avg) – At the indoor track. Overall a great, confidence boosting run. Not as tedious as I’d imagined it and actually went by pretty quickly.

Saturday- off. Made it to the LRS to get some new studded shoes for outdoor running and a new pair of indoor shoes. Turns out ONE of my feet has grown a half size. The other has not. Awesome. So that’s why the trusty old Adrenaline 13s that I’ve held dearly to for as long as the stock in my closet would last…..suddenly felt too tight on one side. Ugh.

Sunday – 8 miles (8:43 avg) – It was -5 degrees out and the trails still had 10 inches of snow on them, soooo the treadmill will work just fine thankyouverymuch.

Total – 43 miles running, 8 miles biking, 30 minutes of weight training.

Recovering corporate hamster-wheeler turned Alaskan hausfrau, mother of two and running enthusiast. Kind of a June Cleaver in tempo shorts...minus the makeup and vacuum. Will run to great lengths to get a moment of peace.

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