Basil’s Hip Surgery and Recovery Log: Week One

Sorry, kid. Doctor’s orders.

It’s been one week since my hip arthroscopy, and I am feeling great! I expected the recovery to be a lot more painful and difficult than it has actually been, so I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I was able to stop pain meds within 48 hours and am now relying on ice, rest and Mobic (an NSAID) for pain control.

The post surgical pain was a breeze compared to having babies, not to mention I could actually sleep and rest when it was over! Heck, I was in more discomfort the day after my first marathon than I was 3 days out from surgery! (I realize this is probably not motivating anyone considering ย making a go at aย first marathon to sign up for one post haste. You might need to read a different post for that sort of inspiration.)

Of course there are some downsides-the biggest one being that I am on crutches. Folks, we have a whole new definition of slow. And my ability to carry things is significantly diminished (from piles and piles to not at all.)

Today my big accomplishment was that I made lunch all by myself. I heated up leftovers in the microwave. What can I say? I’m an achiever. Let’s ignore the fact that it probably took me longer to get food into a dish, into the microwave and into my mouth than it did for the kind and generous cook to make the entire dinner from whence the leftovers originated.

And speaking of kind and generous cooks, let’s go back to the upsides for just a second. My friends brought meals for nearly a week, and it was such an amazing help. I think my family is going to be disappointed when we have to return to my cooking. My mom also came from 4000 miles away to help take care of me and my family, and there is no way I could have made it without her!

At my one week post op appointment, I received more good news. At the two week mark I can begin to start weight bearing and transition to one crutch. You guys–you know what this means right? I can CARRY things! And not just with my teeth! Which for the record, isn’t a recommended way to transport a water bottle–unless it’s empty.

PT is also going well. I started two days after surgery and will be going three times a week for the next several weeks. My therapist is trained in manual therapy, and several sessions have been more like a nice massage than a grueling PT session. He’s warned me that he will start in with the glute burning stuff soon enough; but for now, it’s more about healing than strengthening. He even treated my other hip to help it calm down, as it had flared after taking the brunt of my weight post surgery.

I have the same FAI/ cam deformity on my non-op hip, so it is very likely I will need surgery on that side as well. While I am rehabbing the operative hip, we will be going through the diagnostic process (MRA) on the other side to see what needs to be done.

Overall, I’m still feeling really positive about the surgery. I confess I’ve been wearing my Boston jacket a little more frequently around the house as a form of mental therapy. I need reminders in this stage of not being able to walk on my own two feet, much less run, that this long slow journey will be worth it. It may be a long time before I’m back to running and training for another BQ, and that’s okay. For now, it’s all about the crutch assisted baby steps. Onward I go!


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