Basil’s Hip Surgery Recovery Log – Week 3

Jumping for joy isn't part of my PT protocol just yet.
Jumping for joy isn’t part of my PT protocol just yet.

I’m now three weeks out from hip surgery, and my recovery continues to go well. At the two week mark, I was allowed to transition to one crutch (or two crutches with partial weight bearing). It felt really strange at first to put weight on the leg, and I couldn’t believe how weak I’d become in just two weeks. Even now, after a week of partial to full weight bearing, my quad on the operated side is visibly smaller than the other. It was a little unnerving to see how quickly atrophy sets in, but my physical therapist promised it will come back almost as quickly once we start strengthening exercises.

The most surprising thing about the past week was how tired and weak I felt. I started driving myself to PT at the two week mark, right after I transitioned to one crutch. Just a short ten minute drive tired me out! The day after that, I stopped at the grocery store. I barely made it to the back of the store to put milk in the cart. Walking all the way back to the checkout line nearly did me in! I had to stop and lean on the cart halfway through to get enough strength to make it back to the front of the store. My son was with me to help, and he made a wisecrack that would’ve made me laugh if I hadn’t been so exhausted and discouraged: “Didn’t realize you were training for Boston again, Mom. Nice intervals.” I would’ve hit him up top the head with my crutch, but I needed it to stand.

Over the days that followed, I began to feel stronger and stronger. I started taking steps without the crutch and attempting stairs the “normal” way. By the end of week three (today!), I felt much better in terms of energy level, though still nowhere near my old baseline.

I know I still have a really long way to go, but I remain very positive about the journey. I’m no longer struggling with hip pain (at least on the operated hip!), and I’m encouraged by the progress I see with each new day. I’m also really really thankful for sleep, which seems to be the one area of my life where my endurance hasn’t suffered. You guys, if given the chance, I could sleep a REALLY long time. I’m definitely ultra material when it comes to sleep. It’s just too bad I don’t have time to train for that right now.

I remember thinking pre-surgery that I’d be going crazy not running for 2-3 months. But so far, I’ve been too weak and tired to miss it. (See above: walking to the dairy aisle and back = harder than a 6 mile tempo). We’ll see what week four brings, but for now, I’m just happy to be hobbling along crutch free (and sitting, icing and SLEEPING).


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  1. Aw man! Sorry your grocery shopping, not being to bop your kid upside the head struggles are real. It will pass and you’ll be hammering 6 mile tempos like they’re going out of style. Sending healing and energy-producing vibes to Alaska!

  2. Agree about healing from surgery being more draining than a long training run. And it’s not the endorphin-filled exhaustion either. I definitely believe in sleep being healing! Glad your recovery is going well so far!

  3. After experiencing both, I think the body healing itself from surgery is waaay more draining than a long, hard training run. So glad you are pain free and in a positive frame of mind.