Barley’s Training Log 8/22-8/28

This week for me, was about something being better than nothing. I have been struggling with some stress issues, and effing’ hormones so this week I needed to change things up to try and mentally shake me into place. Some days that meant breaking up my miles running to/from the gym. Another day that meant driving down to the water to do my run. Anything I could think of to help snap me back into place mentally. Some days that meant even if I missed my planned run- get out for at least short 3 miles or something so I didn’t miss a day all together.

I also planned on jumping into the Runners Love Yoga Instagram challenge that started this week. I have done 2 of these challenges before on Instagram and I really think they are a fun, easy way to get some consistency with yoga but also do something different than I normally do.


Monday: Mishmash run/workout. Ran the long way around to the gym, lifted core/upper body for 20 minutes and then ran the straight route home. A little over 7.5 miles total for the day. I liked doing it this way though, good change up and also good use of time! Later in the evening I did 10 minutes of Yoga.

Tuesday: Evening workout down by the water. 6 x 2 minutes at 6:47 avg, recovery, 6 x 2 minutes at 6:36 avg. Total of a little over 9 miles for the night. 12 minutes of yoga before bed.

Wednesday: Well this was a long day, but somehow managed to not fall off the running wagon though I admit I wanted to. 13+ hours of work and finally got out for short 5k run at 10pm. I did my Yoga pose for the challenege, but nothing more than that so I wont count it as anything. I needed my bed.

Thursday: Original plan was a double day, but I was so tired in the morning from late night previous that I opted for sleep and planned on lengthening my afternoon run. Then, of course afternoon plans changed/got moved to earlier time which only left me with enough time for a 5kish run for the second day in a row. Better than nothing I suppose but not ideal and I felt like I couldn’t enjoy the run because I was frustrated.

Friday: Hot afternoon workout. 4 x 400 (supposed to be 6), ran inside for bathroom, a drink and a pep talk after 4. Came back out and knocked the second full set of 6 out. Paces weren’t bad but I was feeling pretty rough and the heat wasn’t helping my frustration. Total of 8+ miles for the day.

Saturday: Deep Tissue Massage in morning, ran 3.5 recovery miles in the afternoon

Sunday: 10 Easy treadmill miles (best run of the week, this felt so easy and relaxed), then later did yoga and some strength training.

Weekly Total running Miles:ย 45.1 miles

Cross training: None

Strength/Fitness totals: 68 minutes

Beers Drank: Michelob Ultra (we went to a clambake Thursday, it was that or Coors Light).

This coming week should be MUCH better. I think my hormones started to level off a bit towards the end of the weekend which made me feel a bit more sane, and physically like myself. I’m looking forward to a action packed week of family time, wedding, my birthday, a race, labor day…all of it!

A new mom and Upstate, NY resident who loves the marathon, a good beer, and all of the numbers/nerdy things. I write about my journey to a sub-3:00 marathon, training tweaks for improvement, and finding that "running/life balance" unicorn. On tap Next: Maneuvering through motherhood and postpartum running!

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  1. Good for you for rolling with the challenges as they came! I had great intentions of doing that instagram yoga challenge but day 1 scared me off.

    1. Thanks Jesse! Yeah some of the poses are challenging and scary (especially for me being a yoga rookie…I’m good…at basics haha!) but I like that she gives modifications and I kind of just focus on doing the best I can- and getting the consistency in. My favorite was the Yoga core challenge…after 10 days of that (I think it was in the winter) it amazed me the difference it made in a short time!