Barley’s Training Log 12.13.15

Last weekย was a low key, yet productive week. Lots of easy and recovery running, with one track workout and a trail race to round it out. My base building is starting and it’s good to feel the endurance coming back and the ease of running more frequently. ย It takes time, but I know that I can get where I want to be before Boston training really ramps up.

The workout of the week was 6 x 800m, which used to be a favorite workout of mine (800’s in general). I haven’t done them in a while so this was nice change of pace and happy with the results. The last 3 were faster than the first 3 and an overall average of 2:55 is a great baseline for where I am at right now.

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In true Barley fashion, I wore my very serious singlet for the trail race.

A while back I had promised some friends that I would run the 0 Degree WTF (Winter trail festival) race. There is a 5, 10 and 15 mile option and I decided on the 10 for a bit of a challenge. I don’t run trails often and hadn’t raced on them in a few years, but I knew I could complete it even if it meant hiking my ass up climbs (which did happen). To my luck (and others disdain), there was no snow this year. This allowed me to run harder and I had a good day. I hiked up the steep climbs, and ran fast when I could. I finished in 1:28, which broke the course record by 12 minutes and gave me my first trail win. In all fairness to previous record, it was in snow and cold which is much different conditions to run in than 40’s and dry (some mud but not much). I don’t think anyone expected this weather for the race this year! All of the course records were broken due to the ideal conditions.

I was a bit tight on Sunday, but not as sore as I expected. The 2600+ feet of elevation gain gave me some sore hips but nothing some recovery running Sunday and a little yoga couldn’t fix.


Monday: 6ish mile run after work followed by 20 minutes of core work, loop band/stability exercises & dynamic stretching

Tuesday: Track Workout after work. 7.5 miles total with 4x100m, 6x800m (2:55 average), 4x100m.

Wednesday: 7 Recovery miles after work, still baffling to me that it’s 50 degrees!

Thursday: 6ish mile run after work followed by 13 minutes of core/yoga exercises

Friday: Rest day- took half day of work, did Christmas shopping and spent time with Brian.

Saturday: 1ish mile warm-up, WTF 10 mile trail race. 11ish miles total

Sunday: 8 mile recovery run followed by 13 minutes of core/yoga exercises

Week Totals: 46.6 miles, 3 fitness workouts (core, yoga, loop bands)

Beers Drank: Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro, CB Joe Latte Coffee Vanilla Stout, GL Ohio City Oatmeal Stout

In all it was a good week, and nice to see things coming together with routine and training again. Looking forward to another bump in mileage, as well as some more workouts (and maybe a 5k) next week.

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