Barley’s Return to Running Log 7/4-7/10

While I had some momentum getting back to running after the last 2 weeks of June being steady progression, I knew this week would be a bit tougher. Mainly, because of logistics. I took on a second job a few weeks ago and some weeks I just end up with more hours on the clock than I’d prefer.ย It’s NOT a bad thing to be busy and working. The extra money is gooIMG_20160704_151857d for us right now, even though it means less time at home and for me. It won’t always be this way, and we are making it work the best that we can. I’m personally, just trying to be careful with what I do as I’m still getting back into things and tire relatively easy. My hormones are getting closer to normal based on how I feel, now I just need to get my iron and vitamin D levels back….and then work on my fitness more.

Overall it was still a good week, with consistency as I ease back into things. Thursday I did my run on the treadmill between jobs because of the heat, but was happy that the 6 minutes worth of intervals didn’t kill me. Some days I feel good about the return to running, others I feel like its so slow going. I’ve been trying not to be hard on myself about it, but at the same time nudge myself enough that I’m not being complacent. I didn’t get my strength training in like I’d hoped this week and that is a goal for next week to get back on track. I used my free time this week to sleep a little extra, or just relax with all the extra work hours I had.

This week may not have gone 100% as planned but man did I walk away with some big inspiration and motivation. I DVR’d all of the trials (most of the time I couldn’t watch as they were on) and couldn’t help but get inspired! So many amazing performances, inspiring moments, and just all around incredible week of running out in Oregon. Makes me even more excited to watch the Olympics next month!

Monday: Easy 4.2 miles for the 4th of July
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 5 miles w/ 6 x 1 min @ 6:30
Friday: ย 3.5 miles
Saturday: 4.2 miles
Sunday: 4.2 miles

Total Miles: 21.1 miles

Beers Drank: Leine’s Summer Shandy, Shock Top Summer Shandy

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