Barley’s Pregnancy Training Log 2/6-2/12/17

This week was a little less than I was planning on it being but all things considered I still feel pretty good about it. The previous weekend took a little more out of me than I bargained for and had me feeling it for Monday & Tuesday. On Friday I had a long prenatal appointment, which included a flu shot in my left shoulder and blood work for glucose testing in my right arm. By the time I got home Friday both arms were a bit sore (boo freaking hoo- right?), and I felt pretty crummy on Saturday which is par for the course for me being the day after the flu shot.

Sunday was another busy day but was so glad I got to be at the gym for a while as my good friend Amber ran FIFTY yes 50 miles on a treadmill to raise money for the local veterans outreach center. She raised over $1600 dollars! Donations are still being accepted, for a great cause—>donate/read more here.

Week of 2/6-2/12 ( 23/24 weeks pregnant)
Monday: Nada- I was pretty whipped from a busy weekend. Opted for complete rest.
Tuesday: Nada- still feeling pretty tired.
Wednesday: Work+ Babysitting Nephews
Thursday: Treadmill- 2 miles walk, 2.5 miles run
Friday: 15 Minutes Yoga/Stretching
Saturday: No workout, lots of housework
Sunday: 3 miles walking on the TM + 7 hours of working on feet
Totals: 2.5 miles run/5 miles walked/15 minutes Yoga

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