Barley’s Postpartum Training Log Week 24

Hooray a running week that started in the first half of the week- progress! It’s so funny how I was very much in the mindset of just run whatever the next few weeks because of job transitions… and I actually ended up running more consistently. Running is a good stress reliever that way though, so maybe the next few weeks won’t be as lax on running as I originally thought. Though, I am not stressing about the miles if they don’t happen either.

Tuesday and Wednesday I didn’t get out until after 8 both nights but was able to get miles in regardless. Wednesday night was a progression run on the treadmill, started at 10:00 pace and increased pace .1 every 2 minutes until the last quarter mile which I just ran at 5k pace for a little turnover. Not an official workout but great pace work for negative splitting. Treadmill is amazing tool for pace work.

Thursday and Friday, stroller miles with my mini and nothing of note otherwise. Strides on Friday for a little shakeout as I planned on a 5k race Saturday morning.

I ran my warm-up and cool down with Hannah in the stroller for the 5k on Saturday, and was lucky to have a friend come cheer/watch Hannah during the race (Mr. Barley had to work that morning). Going into the race I kind of had the goal to break 20 since I was so close last week and knew I would have more competition/people around me to help. I went out and enjoyed myself and ran 19:45, I never felt 100% but I was super happy with the time and strong finish.

Sunday morning I was up without an alarm (or Hannah for that matter) pretty early. I think my body is slowly preparing itself for earlier wake-ups with new job and other things going on. I stopped trying to go back to sleep and finally just got up to pump and then run. It was great to get out early and get my miles in so I still had the rest of the day to get things done. 13 solo miles starting in the dark and finishing in the nice morning sun. <—-One of the many reasons I love long runs. Just feeling so at ease with the miles.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3.6 late evening(8pm) recovery miles (9:14 avg)
Wednesday: 5 late evening(9pm) treadmill progression miles ย (8:25 avg)
Thursday: 5 afternoon stroller miles (9:00 avg)
Friday: 5.1 afternoon stroller miles (8:43 avg) + 6 x strides
Saturday: Scare Away Brain Cancer 5k (19:45) + WU/CD(done with stroller)
Sunday: 13.1 mile early AM long run (8:08 avg)
Week Totals: 36.8 miles run
Beers Drank: Dogfish Head Punkin Ale, Naked Dove Octoberfest, I also tried a sip of Brians Sierra Nevada Seasonal(I think it was an Octoberfest)

Goals for coming week: Keep the consistency, get a speed workout in (I won’t be racing again for a few weeks so I want to prepare for that!), CORE/PT (I’ve been SOOO bad and I have no excuse)


A new mom and Upstate, NY resident who loves the marathon, a good beer, and all of the numbers/nerdy things. I write about my journey to a sub-3:00 marathon, training tweaks for improvement, and finding that "running/life balance" unicorn. On tap Next: Maneuvering through motherhood and postpartum running!

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  1. Impressed with your evening runs- the later I wait in the day to run, the less likely I do it. That’s dedication on your part!

    1. Thanks! I chalk my ability to run at anytime up to years of odd schedules for work in the past. Though, it does take some control to still make it happen later in the evening. Though I could say the same thing about people who get up and get it done in the AM!