Barley’s Postpartum Training Log Week 17

Turning points in training don’t always happen as we expect or plan, and this week was one of those weeks (in a good way). I have been hanging around 25-27 miles for the last 5 weeks, and knew this week would be a little higher. I’m starting to extend my long runs a tiny bit, and that naturally will affect the overall weekly mileage. Because I am not following a set plan right now, and my mid-week runs are very random for distances (basically I run when I can, distanced based on what time I have and if I have Hannah with me). I ended up with a little extra time Friday for my workout and by the time I finished I realized the 12 miles I planned for the weekend would put me over 30 miles for the week…for the first time since last September.

I did 3 “key” runs this week and felt pretty good about it! The first was a frustration fueled progression on Tuesday after a long frustrating day at work. I ran it blind (had garmin on but didn’t look at all) and managed a perfect progression and definitely felt better after than I did beforehand.

Friday’s workout was ย good but not great. The weather was awesome for it but I realized that I’m really lacking pace control right now. Honestly this is the part that is frustrating about coming back (real talk!), it’s not about the speeds/paces that I used to run before it’s more about the skills and ways I ran those miles. The efforts, pacing and tactics I spent years building aren’t there and that will just take time like everything else. The first set I averaged 91.5, the second set averaged 93 (didn’t help that I ran my first 400 at 86 for the second set…insert * hell to the no I’m not in that shape right now emoji*). Overall though it was a good workout and I am glad that I got it done.

Saturday’s long run was just what I needed- hilly time on feet by myself to just chill! I think one of the reasons I love marathons and training is because of the long runs. NO I am not marathon training right now but I’m truly enjoying building up my long runs once a week again. I did however, register for a half marathon in a few weeks! It won’t be a race pace type of half for me but will be fun to see what I can do on a fun hilly local course (bonus, close to home so Brian can bring Hannah and also logistically easier for pumping before running- MOM LIFE).

Monday 8/21: 10 Minutes core/PT/Loop Bands
Tuesday 8/22: 5 Mile Progression run (9:13 down to 7:11 for 8:16 avg)
Wednesday 8/23: 20ish minute stroller shakeout (9:24 avg) + 20 minutes PT/Loop Bands/Kettlebell Strength
Thursday 8/24: 30 minute easy run (9:27 avg) + 3 x hill sprints with cool down (1 mile total) + 10 minutes core/PT/Loop Bands
Friday 8/25: 7 miles total w/ 2 sets of 4×400 (2:00 recovery) + 2.6 mile evening walk
Saturday 8/26: 12 mile hilly long run (8:45 avg) + 1.1 mile evening walk
Sunday 8/27: 8 minutes PT/Loop band exercises
Week Totals: 30.4 miles run, 3.7 miles walked, 48 minutes fitness
Beers Drank: Traveler Grapefruit Shandy

I’m really happy with this week, it felt like a good turning point and that my fitness is coming around. We also did a lot to clean up our eating a bit this week, and I’m really pumped about making more out of Thug Kitchen 101 this week!

I need to eat a lot right now to keep up with my milk supply, working, running and generally being someone who does well on more calories. But, we had fallen into a trap of eating more convenient things, as well as the boring rut of making the same meals over and over. So we are going to work our way through this book- and you can expect some reviews of recipes to come!

Goals for the coming week: Stay around 30-35 miles and hold this mileage for a few weeks much like I did the 25-30 mpw range, 3 thug kitchen recipes, 4 x core/PT/Loop bands

Recovery walk with my girls

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  1. You’re doing great with your comeback!!

    Regarding: “Honestly this is the part that is frustrating about coming back (real talk!), itโ€™s not about the speeds/paces that I used to run before itโ€™s more about the skills and ways I ran those miles. The efforts, pacing and tactics I spent years building arenโ€™t there and that will just take time like everything else.”

    I kind of feel the opposite. When I ran a 5K a few weeks ago, my first race in 18 months (yikes!), I had no idea what to expect. My husband reminded me beforehand that I’ve raced countless 5Ks, so I knew what to do. And he was right… I relied on my experience/tactics to get me through when my speed was not race ready.

    1. Thank you!

      I could totally see that, and in fact I agree when I ran my 5k a few weeks ago I relied on experience and that helped a ton. I guess I mean more when it comes to workouts, and finding the ability to push and actually execute things a certain way. Like I know HOW and WHY to do a workout a certain way but finding that gear/effort level and ability to push hasn’t been as natural. hard to explain I guess. More just like…I know what to do just making myself actually do it!