Barley’s Postpartum Training Log Week 11

 Last week was one of those weeks that you just breathe a sigh of relief when it’s over because my schedule was the busiest it’s been in months. Don’t get me wrong, it was all for GOOD things- but took a lot out of me just the same. Monday night was the only night we didn’t have plans. Between friends and family in from out of town for the week it just meant a lot of extra running around, and limited chances for running (not complaining, more just pointing it out). Add in a growing baby whose schedule got thrown off, and any plans I had to squeeze things in were thrwarted a lot. BUT, I got extra time with my girl and I will never complain about that.

Monday Brian picked up Hannah so I had the afternoon after work to go on a “field trip” for my run. I drove to an area I used to run all the time when I used to live downtown. I got a hilly fartlek run in on my old stomping grounds and enjoyed trying to push hard again even for 45 seconds at a time. The intervals ranged anywhere from 6:15 pace to 7:30 pace depending on the terrain. I was happy with how it went and look forward to adding in workouts again.

Tuesday-Friday any run plans I had didn’t really pan out. Whether it was growing baby, too hot for stroller run (I’ll allow myself to suffer in heat, but not Hannah), or schedule was just more crammed than I thought that day. Thursday I crammed in a 25 minute workout alternating every 5 minutes. 5 min run/5 min kettlebell strength. Short but effective.

While I probably shouldn’t have, I crammed most of my miles into Saturday and Sunday when I had more time/help to do so. I felt more tired and dragged because I really hadn’t done much all week and then tried to do a ton (for my current fitness) in 2 days. Lesson learned.

Week 11
Monday 7/10- 5.1 mile Fartlek {WU//45sec on//90 sec recovery//CD} (8:24 avg pace) + 10 minutes PT/Loop Bands
Tuesday 7/11- 10 minutes PT/Loop Bands before bed
Wednesday 7/12- Rest
Thursday 7/13- 15 minutes run (10 min avg), 10 minutes kettlebell strength
Friday 7/14-  2 hours walking around the zoo
Saturday 7/15- 5.5 miles run (9:03 avg) + 10 minutes PT/Loop Bands
Sunday 7/16- 7.6 miles run (9:02 avg)
Totals: 19.7 miles run, 40 minutes fitness
Beers Drank: Fairport Brewing Fair-Porter

My goals for this coming week include running 3 days during the week and whatever on the weekend. I may need to start trying for morning runs since it’s going to be a hot week, but we also have a lot less going on so that should help too. I think my plan will be to run lower average miles/day this week but more days just to help the consistency. I know last week was tough schedule to work with but doesn’t mean I can’t use it as a good example of how/why I can to do things differently!

A new mom and Upstate, NY resident who loves the marathon, a good beer, and all of the numbers/nerdy things. I write about my journey to a sub-3:00 marathon, training tweaks for improvement, and finding that "running/life balance" unicorn. On tap Next: Maneuvering through motherhood and postpartum running!

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  1. I love seeing your training log. My baby is 8 months. Pre-baby, I ran 6-7 days per week. Now? Last week I had one mid week run. One. Pah. Time will improve this, I’m sure, but boy howdy, I love seeing someone else having the same struggles. Way to get in the PT, too! You’re a champ.

    1. It’s so tough mid week Kathy isn’t it?!! I know that I can make it happen if I start trying for some mornings- and then if I miss a morning I have a second chance in the evening. But, as I know you know…sometimes it comes down to baby snuggles or a run and the snuggles will win.

      I have the PT stuff down to a pretty quick routine so I have less of an excuse not to get that in- I know myself well enough to know that I NEED to be consistent with it or I’ll really struggle. Making 10 minutes for it though, is doable!

  2. Awesome work Barley! Yeah, those first few months after baby are just so hard to get a consistent/planned running schedule, or any schedule lol, in place. You and your little one are looking great! <3