Barley’s June 2016 Training

As I’m now finally getting back into training and catching up on life, here’s what June looked like for me. I’m happy with how the second half of the month went in terms of being consistently active again. My heart isn’t quite there yet, but it’s nice to feel like I’m getting into a routine.

May 30th-June 5th:

1 walk (2.4 miles) with Brian and the dogs.

June 6th-12th:

June 7th was the day we got the sad news, clearly running wasn’t even a thought at that time. We still de20160706_125523cided I should go on my planned vacation to Utah 2 days later(a good distraction). While in Utah I did run 3 miles with Heather- at elevation, in 95 degrees, while still technically pregnant. Basically, it kicked my ass and I totally almost threw up after it….and I LAUGHED about it. You 100% have to be able to find ways to laugh, and a sub-3 hour marathoner almost dying after 3 miles was hilarious to me. I did some yoga the following day while Heather did her pre-race shake out on the treadmill.

Saturday I chased Heather down the mountain while she ran the marathon, I was in a car but still did a decent amount of walking and jogging around. Also, I cheered my ass off and actually almost got hit by a cop while dancing (he laughed). Sunday we hiked about 3 miles through city creek canyon in Salt Lake, the views didn’t suck:)

June 13th-19th:

This was the bad week, but we got through it. Monday I flew back from Utah LATE and had to be at the hospital early Tuesday to have theย D&C. Tuesday-Friday was spent in bed killing a few seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, and working at the office. Saturday I felt okay enough for a run, and did a simply 2.5ish miles- nothing crazy, but a start.

June 20th-26th: The fresh start

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Brian and I ran 2.5ish miles together after work ๐Ÿ™‚

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Brian ran 2.5ish again with me, and then I did about 10 minutes of body weight exercises

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 3.5 mile run

Sunday: 4 mile run

June 27th-July 3rd: Finding routine again

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3.5 mile run between jobs

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 3.5 mile morning run

Friday: 3.5 mile easy run + 17 minutes strength training

Saturday: 4 mile run

Sunday: 5 mile run

I feel good about the last 2 weeks and am looking forward to rebuilding in July. Coach and I are starting to set some goals (small ones), I’m a goal oriented person so this is important to me. Beyond that, Brian and I areย just moving forward the best we can and that’s all we can ask for. Onward and Upwards, right?

P.S. It’s now July that means it’s the month that Salty Campย is in…..who else is going!?!?!?

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