Barley’s Boston ’16 Training Week 3

Aha, week three was more of a sweet spot with marathon training than the first two. It wasn’t perfect (is any training week?) but it was definitely better than the past 2. I’m aware that the first two weeks of training were still solid from a running perspective; but from a mental standpoint I’ll call this week the upswing. The last few weeks I had some issues weighing on me, that left me worrying and lacking the energy and motivation. Finally, that is all done and over and I can put my energy back where I want it to, rather than stressing. I’m still battling the chest congestion a bit (read: sleeping sitting up like an old lady, and also gagging coughing at really inappropriate/inconvenient times), but I’ve basically bought stock in cough medicine and mucinex so I should be good to go in a few more days.

The week started with treadmill time for two days, but surprisingly those ended up being the only indoor miles of the week. That massive blizzard didn’t hit us (for once, upstate NY getting less snow than the rest of the East coast?) so my training wasn’t affected. I have no issues taking to the treadmill, but I do enjoy getting outside whenever I can.

Tuesday’s workout on the treadmill was tough, mainly because I have never done that short of repeats on it before. The people next to me were probably thinking I was on crack, with sweat flying and a few curse words. I averaged 1:24 for the 400’s which is 5:36 pace- pretty happy with that for this point in the season and also on the treadmill.

The weekend involved another one of the Freezeroo Series races. This was the Hearnish 10kish. It’s definitely the most challenging course of the series, and also not a set distance and uncertified. This years course was measured at 6.32, but the day before the race the town made them rCheck out the photo I created (3)everse the direction for safety. I ended up with 6.35, but everyone had something different- either way, it’s always longer than an actual 10k. I felt heavy during warm-up, and was concerned about being cold in the wind so I raced with my jacket on (I regret this). It’s a hilly park and the kind that leaves you rolling your eyes when you turn a corner and there is another steep climb. I was with another girl for the first 2 miles, then she took off and I held on for a while before she just left me(power to her, she was ON for those hills!). She took first, I took 2nd about 30 seconds behind her (I ran 40:42, which is about 6:24 for the 6.35).  Honestly I can’t complain too much, I felt heavy but still ran solid pace for that course and even with the extra distance it’s an unofficial 10k PR. I’m really looking forward to the last 2 races of the series (8 mile, and then an actual 10k), its fun to have friendly competition to keep you motivated!

Monday: Easy 7 treadmill miles
Tuesday: 12 x 400m (again, with the treadmill)
Wednesday: 30 Minutes recovery on the bike + 15 Minutes core/upper body strength
Thursday: 6 easy miles on rolling hills after work
Friday: 5 miles easy after work
Saturday: 13 miles total with a 6.35 mile race (40:42)
Sunday: 10 easy miles
Week Totals: 50.1
Beers Drank: Guinness, Brew House Nitro Chocolate Stout, Dundee Porter
Boston Training Miles to date: 140.2 ( 46.7 mpw avg)

Looking forward to this coming week and building on the positive progress and mental gains from the last week. I don’t have another race for two weeks, but then I head into a back to back to back race weekend stretch which will be fun (Freezeroo 8 mile, Lake Effect Half marathon, Freezeroo 10k). Boston is less than 85 days away at this point, I feel really far from marathon fitness but I also have a really good base at the moment so I know that when the switch flips to marathon specific I’ll be ready.

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