Barley’s Boston ’16 Training Week 10

TEN weeks already? Sheesh, time flies.

The week started on a “meh” note, as I decided to change Wednesday’s scheduled rest day to Monday. I can’t tell you what it was, but I just generally had a gut feeling that it was a good move. ย It ended up being a bit of a roller coaster week, but I’m well aware that is part of the process when marathon training.

Tuesday I hit the track for 10 x 800. 800’s are one of my favorite workouts because it’s so straight forward. It’s 2 laps, and I got in a good groove of only looking at my watch at the first 200m just to make sure I was between 43-45 seconds and not starting too fast/slow. This worked really well and was pleased with a 2:52 average for the 10 repeats.

Things went downhill after that though, just one of those weeks I guess. I wasn’t sleeping well and my allergies/sinuses straight up kicked my ass. I pushed through the week but tried as best I could to rest, and shoot nasal spray every few hours. Sexy, isn’t it? I also killed a bottle of kids allergy medicine in a few days, it doesn’t have alcohol in it so it doesn’t have the foggy brain effect.

Nothing was going to stop me from running Saturday though. Johnny’s 5 mile is one of my favorite races of the year, and my immediate family was all going to be there. I had to do a workout before the race ย so the day would include 2 x 5 mile with the second being the race. The first 5 was sluggish, but I managed to pull myself together for the race.

My dad was there running the race as well, his first in over 15 years (he used to run the corporate challenge). My mom flew home for the weekend, and my sister and her family came too! It just made the morning that much better having almost everyone(B was working) there. I pulled out a 31:03 for the race (6:12 pace), which I was happy with considering the pre-race workout and the week in general. My dad ran well under his goal of 50:00 and even broke then 49:00 barrier!!

Me with my nephew and my Dad after the race, such a great morning!

I spent the rest of Saturday in bed and on the couch, I’m not even kidding. I watched shows on hulu, I slept a little, I cuddled with the dogs, and I ate some junk food. It was just what I needed though, I woke up Sunday feeling ready to go (even with time change) so I could meet Dawn for our planned 18 miler. It was so nice having company for the wind and the hills, it was a good end to the running week.

Dawn and I showed up for 18 miles in unplanned twinning outfits, good mojo for Boston ๐Ÿ™‚

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: 10 miles total at the track with 10 x 800m (2:52 average)
Wednesday: 30ish minutes of recovery running outside after work.
Thursday: 70 minutes easy treadmill running keeping my friend company who was doing a workout.
Friday: Easy 8 Miles outside after work
Saturday: 13ish miles total: 2 x 5 mile workout with the second 5 miler being a race
Sunday: 18 hilly miles at an easy pace with a friend
Week Totals: 62.4 miles run
Beers Drank: Guinness, GL Blackout Stout
Boston Training Mileage to Date: 537.7 miles (53.77 mpw average)

I’m looking forward to a new week, fresh start and getting back into training. I think ย my allergies are getting under control and I caught up on rest over the weekend which made a huge difference. FIVE more weeks till race day.

A new mom and Upstate, NY resident who loves the marathon, a good beer, and all of the numbers/nerdy things. I write about my journey to a sub-3:00 marathon, training tweaks for improvement, and finding that "running/life balance" unicorn. On tap Next: Maneuvering through motherhood and postpartum running!

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  1. Congrats on your post-workout race! I’ve heard of people doing post-race workouts, but not the other way around! I’m glad your meh week ended in a better-than-meh fashion with family, fast running and time on couch! I can’t believe the race is only 5 weeks away!!

    1. I was told I could do the race first or second by coach, doing the workout first just made more sense. I mean, then I could practice racing on tired legs but also be done sooner to celebrate ya know? Also, I really wanted to be at the finish and able to run my dad in for the race and I wouldn’t have been done in time if I did the workout after. 5 weeks will fly by, I mean…this year is already whizzing uber fast.

  2. Awesome that you got to run the same race as your dad! And impressive 800’s, too. Boston will be here before we know it.