Barberry Training Log 4/2-4/8/18

Another half marathon in the books (stay tuned for a race report!), so I made this week a sort of recovery week.

4/2 – No soccer for me still. I walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill at a moderately brisk pace. One of my kitties wanted to walk with me on the treadmill … he jumped off before I even hit start! Then I did a yoga video (Yoga with Adriene) on YouTube. It was one designed to aid digestion. Lots of twists! I did lots of twists. I followed this up with a guided meditation video to ease some of my daily stresses. Does anyone else do any kind of meditation?

4/3 – Rest day! Watched all of the crazy rain happening! Streets flooded, mud everywhere!

4/4 – This was a pretty active day for me! I ran 5 miles at a 9:18 min/mi pace. Another chilly day. The water levels of the creeks and ponds in the area are insane after all of the melted snow and rain. I snapped a few photos. After running, I took a yoga class at the Rec Center and then did the toning class, as well. There were a lot of leg heavy activities in yoga and toning focused mostly on the upper body. Essentially, I was sore all over!

4/5 – Still sore from yesterday!

4/6 – Early morning run before work. Ran 3.25 mi in 9:39 min/mi. The sunrise was beautiful and the weather was actually fairly pleasant. Almost 40 degrees. It felt like spring … for about 6 hours. Then it started doing some rain/snow mix and turned into snow. Goodness gracious, I am over it. Spring please arrive!!! Since it was a short run, I also tried running without any tape to see how my foot would hold up. I have gone several days in a row at work without wearing a surgical shoe, as well. My foot was just the slightest bit sore after running and work, but it felt fine after icing it when I got home from work.

4/7 – Today’s long run was 6 miles at a 9:41 min/mi pace. I am still going to tape the foot for some longer runs for the time being, so I did so today. The water levels have lowered, so I did not have to run through any mud. There was a little snow on the ground from yesterday, but the sun made it feel much warmer than it actually was. By then end of the run, I was quite warm. It turned out to be a pretty beautiful morning run. I will, however, be happy when it gets up consistently to that glorious high 40/50 degree mark finally.

4/8 – Another rest day. Foot doing pretty well, not taking any chances!

The end of this week brings a local 10 miler. Looks like there might be some rain happening on Saturday, so keeping my fingers crossed that it holds off! We are also looking to maybe get some more of those spring like temperatures! Yay! Here’s to another great week of running 🙂

A born and raised Hoosier running to stay sane. I've done 5Ks to marathons, but am currently running to enjoy running. I'm an orthopedic physical therapist, with clinical specialization in treating people with vestibular disorders. Other things I specialize in? Knowing the lyrics to every Backstreet Boys song and being an awesome cat mom! Living with Crohn's disease, but trying to show it who really is the boss.

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  1. Have fun with the 10 miler, and glad the foot seems to be holding up with taping and the smart training you are doing! Fingers crossed for rain holding out, but also for spring temps (I mean, it has to come at some point….right?)