Vanilla’s Training Log 7-19-14

Happy Summer!  Seems like the weeks are flying by.  I’m starting to get back on track with training and looking forward to the weeks ahead! 7/13:  Boulder Peak Triathlon (Olympic Distance).  Swim 1,500m; Bike 26+; Run 10K.  Total time:  2:49 and 20th in my age group.  These women are fast on the bike!  The race was fun, and I did better than expected.  A 2 minute swim PR and I more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 6-29-14

Another week in the books! 6/22:  Travel back from South Dakota to Boulder.  Got in 4 in 31:25 after the storms passed and the soccer game ended.  (Can’t believe how it ended)! 6/23:  21+ miles in the morning–crisp air and sunny.  Weights/core in the evening followed by 1,250m swim. 6/24:  Decided to take a chance on a workout and did 6 x 2 minutes after a 15 minute warm-up.  Got more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 6-22-14

This week had lots of highlights including my first half ironman of the summer and participating in a community service trip to South Dakota as part of One World Running. 6/15:  Boulder 70.3.  I wasn’t sure what to expect with this race given how I have been feeling recently, but I told myself that I would drop at the first sign of any struggle.  I ended up 5:38, just 8 more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 6-1-14 to 6-14-14

Hello Salties!  I’ve missed a week posting my log, so I’m playing catch-up.  I’m still adjusting to liquid iron and figuring out goals for upcoming training and races. 6/1:  Spectated at the Boulder Sprint Trialthlon and watched my hubby race.  Since we live so close to the start and finish, I was able to make it a run of 9 miles to/from home with lots of breaks in between to more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 6-1-14

I didn’t hit my goal running mileage for the week, and I also discovered that I’m still struggling with anything under 7:30 pace.  Tried liquid iron for the first time (based on a recommendation from a friend).  I’m hopeful! Sunday:  Weights, followed by 3,000m swim.  Longest swim since Ironman.  I was super hungry throughout the day! Monday:  BolderBoulder!  Had plans to run 43-44 minutes based on some recent training runs, more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 5-25-14

It’s hard to believe that the unofficial start to summer is here!  This week was much better for me training-wise.  I’m starting to feel much stronger during my workouts thanks to an increase in iron supplement.  The next big race (Boulder 70.3) is about 3 weeks away! Sunday:  Colfax Marathon Relay with the Newton Corporate Team.  My leg was 3.7 miles, and I had plans to push it hard.  But, more » Read more

Boston Strong! 2014 Boston Race Report

In the fall of 2012, I realized that I would turn 40 about three weeks before the 2014 Boston Marathon and I thought… “how cool would it be to have Boston as my first master’s race?” I hadn’t ran the Boston Marathon since 2009, and I hadn’t focused on the marathon distance since New York, 2010. My BQs had run out for 2013, so I had to run a marathon and more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 5-11-14

This week was all about trying to regain strength and work on getting back into a routine! Sunday:  Miscalculated my route and ended up riding almost 50 miles rather than 35-40.  Oh well, at least I got in some good miles on the bike. Later, I went for a swim (outdoors) for just over a mile. Monday:  Our anniversary!  Two years have flown by, and it’s hard to believe how more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 5-4-14

Well Salties, I had BIG plans for getting back into running and training this week, but my body had a different plan in mind.  On Tuesday, I became ill and ended up in the hospital for 2 days, then I spent the rest of the week resting and easing back into things.   Fortunately, everything seems fine, but I do need to have some additional tests done throughout the month to more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 4-27-14

With the exception of Boston on Monday, this week (training-wise) was short and sweet.  My race didn’t go as planned–race report is coming–but I was glad to be a part of such an extraordinary event and meet up with some friends I hadn’t seen in awhile.  The energy and vibe on race day and throughout the entire weekend was amazing! Sunday:   Lovely 4 mile run with my husband along the more » Read more