Native Ohioan now living in Boulder, Colorado. I love to run, tri, train, eat good chocolate, drink good rum, and laugh (a lot). I am a CPA by trade and work for Newton Running.

5 Things I Learned While Spectating the Trials

OT Win!I love watching races, especially super competitive ones! There’s nothing more inspiring than watching the culmination of years of sacrifice and hard work come together for one shot at a lifetime dream. That’s why my husband and I traveled to Houston in 2012 to watch the Trials, where we had an absolute blast. Four years later, having several friends participating, it was a no-brainer to make the trek to LA for the big event.

Friday evening the race area was buzzing with energy and everywhere we looked running celebs wandered by! We literally ran into Ginger and Cinnamon on the street. Then on Saturday, running near the course, it was fun to bump into friends who were warming up and to really feel like part of the action. We were psyched to get a spot to watch near the finish line and I, the veteran Trials-spectator, even learned a new thing, or five. Read more >>

Vanilla’s January 2016 Training Log

Another year!  New goals, new challenges and new ideas. I haven’t posted a training log for awhile, and I wanted to get started again.  The second half of 2015 was a challenging year for me both athletically and professionally.  We did get our housing situation settled and moved about 15 miles north of Boulder to a small town called Lyons, which is on the way to Rocky Mountain National Park.  Every window in our house has a mountain view!  We got very lucky!

Sunset view from our deck--really!
Sunset view from our deck–really!

Athletically, the latter part of 2015 had its challenges and redemptions.  I had a mediocre and disappointing Ironman Boulder in August.  After getting punched in the head during the swim, I managed a bike PR, but it all fell apart on the run.  To this day, I have no idea how I completed my run.  I lost some of my hearing starting at mile 2, and my equilibrium was non-existent during the run.  I contemplated dropping several times and had to walk several times.  I’m pretty sure that I looked like a walking zombie during the marathon. I finished that marathon in 4:59:59, visited the medical tent and somehow got a clean bill of health to exit?  It didn’t damage my triathlon spirit, and a few weeks later, I finally grabbed a 1st AG at a local sprint and qualified for Nationals in 2017.  I ended my tri season in November with a hot and steamy half in Florida, which was slow, but I grabbed a podium spot and some sweet swag.  And… I almost (almost) got my 5K time back to 20:00 at a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot.

I ended 2015 just shy of 2,000 running miles.  My yearly goal is 2,000 per year, but I didn’t get hung-up on falling short.  For 2016, I decided to give the ironman another try and signed up for IM Arizona in November, 2016.  And, since we were already planning on being in LA for the Olympic Marathon Trials, I figured…what the hell, I’ll run LA!  At that point, I decided to get a coach to help me train properly for the marathon and start building a base for all of 2016.

Professionally, it was rough for our company starting in October.  Our CEO stepped down to be replaced by a highly-energetic running shoe veteran to make significant changes within our company.  We underwent a reorganization which ultimately resulted in layoffs.  I was fortunate to keep my job and receive a promotion, which was bittersweet since my supervisor was let go.  Added responsibility meant more hours, more challenges and much greater accountability. I had many good days and many stressful days, which will be the norm in 2016.  My biggest issue has been and continues to be proper sleep and nutrition.  I have a tendency to not sleep many hours when I am stressed, and I have a bad habit of not eating when days get slammed with meetings and fire drills.  It’s not the best recipe for training success. Why couldn’t we have won the Powerball and retired???

So…after all of that, let’s start off 2016!

Week of 1/3 to 1/9:

  • Lovely, but chilly 18 miler to start off the year!  Thanks goodness for the sun!
  • Tough training workouts: 5 x 8 minutes at marathon pace with 2 minutes at 10K pace.  So really, 5 x 10 minutes!
  • Consistently started to run 50 miles per week with 2 workouts and 1 long run.

Week of 1/10 to 1/16:

  • 2o miles with 6 easy/4 marathon pace/3 easy/4 marathon pace/3 easy.  Convinced my friend’s fiancé to run the workout with me since we are both aiming for 3:10 at LA.  We nailed the workout going 28:32/28:37 ( a little uphill on the second set).  3:10 pace is 7:15 per mile. Pace felt smooth and controlled, but I have to say that those last 3 easy miles were EASY!
  • Group workout with my coaching group.  5 x 5 minutes with varying paces for each interval, which was challenging. (i.e 3 minutes at half pace/2 minutes at 5K pace; 1 minute progression for 5 minutes).  Ran most of the intervals with a partner, which was great because we took turns pulling each other. Running with a group has really helped my mental prep.
  • Two out of three workouts ain’t bad…  raced a 10 miler over the weekend, and everything that could go wrong and feel awful did.  Legs felt flat, sore and heavy.  I went out in 7:10, 7:08, and then I just had to shut it down.  Everything hurt, and I felt like I was sprinting.  The only reason why I kept running was because I could tell I was in the top, and I could place to win a gift certificate.  Spent the rest of the afternoon laying on the couch trying to get rid of an awful headache!  Trying not to let this awful race get into my head 4 weeks from LA…
Feeling like a$$, after a 1st AG, but still trying to smile. Photo cred: Eddie Metro
Feeling like a$$, after a 1st AG, but still trying to smile. Photo cred: Eddie Metro

Week of 1/17-1/23:

  • I. GOT. SICK.  Great workout on  Tuesday.  Woke up Thursday with a scratchy throat which later turned into the aches, chills, sweats, loss of appetite and pounding headache.  Stayed home from work on Friday.  Slept all day and night.
  • Was able to get in an easy 4 on Saturday.  Even though it was 60 degrees, I opted for the treadmill, which was good since I was coughing and sneezing a lot.

Week of 1/24-1/31:

  • 21 mile planned on Sunday the 24th.  I made the bad decision to go for it.  Legs felt rested, but I was hacking the entire time.  My nose was constantly running.  Watched the Broncos vs. Patriots in the AFC Championship with some friends, and of course alcohol was consumed.
  • Felt fine the next day, but not ready for a Tuesday workout.  Took every once of energy to run 4 miles.  The exhaustion set in after that 21 miler.  Not the smartest decision, but hindsight is 20/20.  Had to leave work early on Tuesday.  Slept for 4 hours, woke up, had a small dinner, then slept for 10 hours.
  • Hit the track with my training group on Saturday.  Workout was 2 x 800/1600/800.  I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to run the 800s at 6:30 pace and 1600s at sub 7:00 pace after not doing a workout for over 10 days.  We had to end the workout with a mile progression, which I started at 7;15 pace and ended at 6:30.  Still coughing a lot at the end, but a bit of a confidence booster.
  • 14 miler on Sunday.  Got a ride with my husband who was meeting his training group in Boulder, and I ran home, which was exactly 14 miles from the parking lot to the entrance of our neighborhood.  Felt great!
I LOVE this sign at the end of my long run loops. One mile til home!
I LOVE this sign at the end of my long run loops. One mile til home!

Overall, I averaged about 50  miles of running per week combined with 2+ miles per week of swimming, one bike workout and 2 weight training sessions.  The volume has been manageable and has kept me from overtraining.  Getting a coach was one of the best decisions I made!  Looking forward to February!



Vanilla’s Catch-Up Log!

Well Salties…  the year is almost half over, and I’ve completely neglected my 2015 goal of posting my training logs timely.  The intent is there, but time has gotten the best of me.  To get caught up, I’m borrowing the format the Clove used in her recent Badwater Training Log (thanks, Clove).  I’m hopeful to get back on the posting wagon very soon!  Here are some of my training highlights from the past several weeks:

May 10th – May 16th

  • 3,500m swim–longest in about 2 years.
  • 8 x 200s at the TRACK!!!  Hit 40-41 consecutively; could barely hit 45 last summer.  (Used to hit 38s, but years ago).
  • Jumped into a Master’s swim class and wasn’t the slowest swimmer!
  • Dodged a lot of rain to get a few quick, short rides on my bike.
  • Was supposed to move into a new house about 5 miles away from our current house…BUT, during our final walkthrough, we discovered the basement had flooded with over 3 inches of standing water.  So, we were forced to find a place to live in less than 48 hours and put most of our belongings into storage.  Fortunately, a co-worker referred us to a cabin in the mountains that was fully furnished and reasonable in price.  Now, we begin living at 8,200 ft.  Living high & training low!
Home Sweet Home for the summer!  8,200 ft. high above the earth!
Home Sweet Home for the summer! 8,200 ft. high above the earth!

May 17th – May 23rd

  • Figuring out this house/move situation.  My commute to work is now 20 miles, and my husband is just about an hour.  Pretty drive through the mountains, which makes it tolerable.
  • Decent tempo run of 3 miles in 20:35.  Took out some of my aggression with some faster miles.
  • First hill workout in months!  Felt good, better than expected.
  • Managed to get in a longer ride of 63 miles before the sky opened with a downpour.  Muddy, dirty roads from the previous rains made for a muddy, dirty bike and rider.  Due to the heavy rain, I had to finish my brick workout on the treadmill.

May 24th – May 30th

  • 3,400m swim before working in our retail store for a shift during BolderBoulder weekend.  I love talking running with tourists!
  • Paced BolderBoulder sub 55 group.  Came in at just under 54 minutes with a negative split.  Three people got awesome PRs.  The pro race was at 11:00, so after, we hopped on our bikes and followed the race.
  • 9 x 200s on the track in 39-41.  Last 2 were my slowest, so I was fine cutting it off at 9.
  • 70 mile bike ride followed by an 8 mile run at sub-8 pace followed by 2 glass bottles of cold Coke which was like liquid heaven.

May 31st-June 6th

  • Sprint Tri:  1/2 mile swim; 17+ bike; 5K run.  4th AG by less than a minute.  Ugh.  Fastest 5K in my AG.
  • 10 x 200 at the track at 39-40 for National Running Day!
  • Biking lots of hills at 8,000 feet.  Quads definitely feeling the altitude!
  • Another 70 mile ride, but this time followed by a 5 mile run with 1/4 mile pickups.  Need to learn to engage those fast muscle fibers when coming off the bike.

June 7th-June 13th

  • 3,600m swim.  Ugh!  Swims this long can only mean ironman is getting closer!
  • Visited my chiro for an adjustment.  My hips and glutes feel great, but my back needed a major adjustment.  Felt about 5 lbs lighter after I was adjusted.
  • 15 mile run in Boulder averaging 8:00 pace.  Definitely felt easier running after living up high now for 4 weeks.
  • 4 mile tempo in 27:07 on the treadmill (storms in the area).  Felt better than expected!
  • Highlight of this week was the Boulder 70.3 where I PRd and was 4th in my AG.  I missed the podium by 3 minutes.  It was pretty warm when the run started, and I missed my goal time, which may have helped get me to the podium.  The heat didn’t bother me, but the paths we had to run on were dirt and gravel and very uneven due to the recent rain.  I twisted and rolled my legs a few times.  I was pleased with the race, and I know what I really need to focus on for IM Boulder.
This guy is our neighbor and greets us in the mornings.  Trying to decide on a name for him.
This guy is our neighbor and greets us in the mornings. Trying to decide on a name for him.

June 14th-June 20th

  • Rest Day on the 14th!  Took a walk, went to a coffee shop with my dog and sat outside on the patio looking at the mountains.  Ate a bunch of homemade chocolates.  Great day!
  • 2 mile open water swim + 77 mile bike ride.
  • 15+ mile long run at 4:30 p.m. in 90+ degree weather for some heat training for IM Boulder.
  • Went to bed early most nights to recover from the race and keep healthy!

And with that…  my goal is to be more timely with my training logs.  Hope you are all enjoying the summer so far!



Vanilla’s Training Log 5-3-15 to 5-9-15

Catching up on another week in May!

5/3:  Colorado Half Marathon. Decided to run a half about an hour north from my house.  I ran a 1:35–first in my AG.  I felt OK, and being that most of the course was downhill, I was hoping to go a little faster.  But… it was 2 weeks after New Orleans, and I barely slept the night before.  I had to wake up at 3 am to drive an hour north to catch a shuttle bus to the start.  (The course was point to point). I was just tired and unmotivated.  The course went through some really pretty canyon areas and a city park.  I had 2 slow miles towards the end when the half course merged with the 10K course, and there was little room to maneuver around most of the 10K participants who were walking by this time.  Overall, not my favorite race, and I probably won’t run it again.

5/4:  Easy weights and core work.

5/5:  HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!  3 Years!  Time flies when you’re having fun.  We celebrated Sunday evening with a nice dinner at a local restaurant owned by a former Top Chef finalist.  Today, we did our workouts.  I had 65 minutes on the bike, and I coached later in the evening for a total of 5+ miles.

5/6:  Rain, rain, RAIN!  Ugh!  Opted for 6.4 miles on the treadmill.  3,200m swim in the evening.

5/7:  4.3 miles in just over 31 minutes with 5 quarter repeats.  (Still raining, so I had to do this on the treadmill).  Cool down of only 1 mile because nature really called!  Weights/ 45 minutes on the trainer after work.

5/8:  Still raining!  One hour on the treadmill.  Weights then 2,000m swim after work.

5/9:  Rain, rain go away!  Still another rainy day in Colorado, which meant 3 hours on the trainer.  Thank goodness for the Tivo app on my ipad to watch tv and movies.  The time went by faster than I expected.  The rain stopped for an hour, so I took the opportunity to run an easy 3 and splash through the puddles!

Weekly Totals:

Running:  41.95 miles

Biking:  4 hours, 50 minutes

Swimming:  3.23 miles

Weights:  2+ hours


Vanilla’s Training Log 4-26-15 to 5-2-15

It’s Memorial Day weekend, so why not start posting my training logs for May?!

4/26:  Watched the replay of the London Marathon, then lifted and swam 1,650m.  Easy 4.15 miles in 35 minutes later that day.

4/27:  5.5 miles with 5 x 90″ hard.

4/28:  First bike ride since New Orleans.  17.5 miles on the trainer.  Not gonna lie, this was tough, and my legs still felt heavy.  4.4 miles of hills in the evening coaching my running group.

4/29:  Weights followed by 15 miles on the trainer with 5 x 1 min hard.  Easy run at lunch with our new HR Director.  4.85 miles in about 41 minutes.

4/30:  3,100m total in the pool including a master’s swim class.  Tough workouts, but the sun was out, and the pool was warm.  I had to stay at home for most of the day for a home repair, so I was able to squeeze in an easy 4 before heading to the office.

5/1:  Slept awful last night.  Managed a weight workout before work.  Got in a run at lunch.  5 miles in 39:37 with 6 x 30″ hard.

5/2:  Weights, then easy 4 in the morning.  1,800m swim at night.

Weekly Totals:

Running:  31.9 miles

Biking:  32.5 miles

Swimming:  4.07 miles

Weights:  2+ hours

Vanilla’s Training Log 4-19-15 to 4-25-15

Sunday, April 19th was the New Orleans 70.3.  I had been focused on this race for a few months, and I was excited to race at sea level (below sea level).  I was a little nervous since I hadn’t swam in open water since November + the first race of the year (regardless of the sport) is always doubtful for me.

The forecast called for downpours of rain, so we had the expectation that the race would be tough.  Biking is so dangerous in wet conditions, and running is just uncomfortable.  As luck would have it, the rain stopped Saturday, and it was just so humid!  After being in Colorado for over 2 years, I have lost my tolerance for humidity.

All of the women 40 and over were grouped together for the swim, and we were the very last swim wave.  We had to wait almost an hour after the pros jumped in the water!  We had to jump off a dock as groups of 8, so there was no mass chaos at the start like most races.  There was no warm-up area, so it really was jump in and swim!  I was surprised at how comfortable I felt in the water, and I became more confident when I started passing people in waves ahead of me.  I forgot to start my watch, so I had no idea what my time was.  The results show 32 minutes, but I suspect the course was short by a couple of minutes.  I do not swim that fast.

The bike went well for the first 40 miles.  The course is very flat, but your legs have to be moving constantly.  The clouds started to disappear, and the sun was shining making it more warm.  I went through 40 miles in under 2 hours, which is a good clip, but the last 16 miles were awful–directly into a headwind.  I don’t bike well in wind, so my main goal is always to keep good form and not wobble back and forth losing energy.  My bike pace slowed, and I ended up with an average of 19.5–tying my existing bike PR.  Oh well!

I got off the bike, and my legs felt great.  I didn’t have the wobbles, and when I left transition, I was ready for a good run split.  Unfortunately, my stomach had a different idea.  About 2 minutes into the run, I began feeling sick.  For the entire run, I felt like I was going to throw up.  My legs, lungs and entire body felt amazing, but something was up with my stomach.  I usually don’t have stomach issues that early into a race, but I guess it wasn’t my day.  I stuck to my fueling plan, so I have no idea what happened.  I ended up running a 1:53, and I was aiming for 1:40.  I was pretty bummed about it.  Only 2 women in my age group broke 1:50, and there were only a few of us out of 70+ that broke 2 hours.  Maybe it was the heat?  It did get to near 90 on the run–something I wasn’t ready for this early in the season.

Overall:  5:25, still managed a teeny PR.  14 AG.  Goal was sub 5:20 and top 10, but can’t complain too much.  I know some things I need to work on going forward for this year.  Plus, New Orleans is a fun city!

Celebrating the first race of the season!
Celebrating the first race of the season!

4/20:  Back home.  Watched Boston Marathon replay and napped.

4/21:  Had to coach in the evening, so I got in 4.95 miles.  Legs didn’t feel too tired, but I wouldn’t have run if I didn’t have to.

4/22:  Rest

4/23:  Light weight workout

4/24:  3.05 miles in the morning before work.  Surprised that I ran 23:55.  Happy hour after work with the gals!

4/25:  8 mile run averaging 7:07.  Wanted to try some up-tempo miles, so I ran to the park where my husband was running and met him for a ride home. Not sure why my legs had so much pep, but hopefully that meant New Orleans was a fluke. Later in the day, tagged along with my husband to the pool for 1,000 meters.

Weekly Totals:

Running: 29.1 miles

Biking:  56 miles

Swimming:  1,82 miles

Weights:  35 minutes

Vanilla’s Training Log 4-12-15 to 4-18-15

Here is my training log leading up to the New Orleans 70.3.

4/12:  Easy 34 mile ride, followed by easy 4 mile run.  Windy on the bike at the end.

4/13:  Rest

4/14:  4.1 miles with my running group–helped coach the workout.

4/15:  TRACK!!!  Met my friend/co-worker, Erin, for a short track session before her Boston and my New Orleans.  She had 8 x 400, and I had 6 x 200.  Short, easy warm-up of 2 miles to the track, then we did our own thing.  I was shocked that I was hitting the 200s in 40-41.  They hurt, but hurt so good. I rested for 200 in between each rep, but I could have shortened the rest.  I finished my workout before Erin, so I jumped in with her at the end of her last 3 400s to run in with her.  Felt good to be back at the track, and it made me think that I want to get back into running after this summer.  Hit the pool in the evening for 1,050m easy.  Relaxed in the sauna after.

4/16:  Easy 30 minutes on the trainer in the morning.  1,000m easy swim after work.

4/17:  3 miles before leaving for the airport.

4/18:  3.25 miles in New Orleans.  Hello Humidity!  It was 80 degrees with over 90% humidity.  I was drenched!  The rest of the day was easy–packet pick-up, lunch, nap, gathering gear.

Weekly Totals:

Running:  21.85 miles

Biking:  34 miles + 30 minutes

Swimming:  1.2 miles

Weights:  0

Vanilla’s Training Log 4-5-15 to 4-11-15

Last hard week before the New Orleans 70.3!  Doubts and uncertainty are starting to set in, but I’m also ready for it to be over with.

4/5:  48 miles on the bike.  It was awful.  I had no cadence, and I just felt off.  I couldn’t wait for the ride to be over with!  6 easy miles in the evening before a big Easter dinner.

4/6:  Rest day.  Went to a bar with my friend, Amanda, to watch the NCAA National Championship.

4/7:  Ate way too much junk food the night before, so I was a little unsure about my planned workout.  2mins/4mins/2mins/4mins by 2.  2 minute intervals sub 6:30, 4 minute intervals sub 6:50.  Surprisingly, I felt great!  6.8 miles in 48:38, then 1.5 mile cooldown.  Some weights later, then 5.5 as part of coaching in the evening.

4/8:  45 minutes on the bike with 10 x 1 minute faster than race pace.  Took whatever rest I needed.  Legs were trashed.  2,750m swim in the evening.

4/9: 30 minutes of weights, then 30 minutes on the trainer.  Legs were pretty trashed, so I barely made it 9 miles.  It was nice to flush out the legs and go easy.  Workout at night:  4.5 miles in just over 30 minutes!  Felt controlled and comfortable.  Ended up with 8.3 miles in 60:00.

4/10:  Up early to help with a Newton photo shoot.  Who knows, maybe I’ll get famous?  Ha!  I was able to get in 3.5 miles after we finished.  Swim of 2,250 after weights to end the day.

4/11:  Subbed for a coach at my running group’s long run.  Ran 8.5 miles with a woman aged 67 who ran her first half last year in just over 2 hours!  The miles flew by since we chatted about all sorts of things.  I wish that if I do reach that age, I can continue to be active and run.  After we finished, I added on about 2 more miles to get to 10+ for the day.  I had my last long swim before New Orleans, and I hit the pool that night for 3,000m.

Weekly Totals

Running:  41.75 miles

Biking:  71 miles

Swimming:  4.97 miles

Weights:  2+ hours


Vanilla’s Training Log 3-29-15 to 4-4-15

Birthday week training log!!!

3/29:  55+ on the bike with my friend, Eddie.  A little chilly and windy at times.

3/30:  Super easy 3.7 miles at lunch. Weights in the evening.

3/31:  About 7 miles in the evening with my run group.  Coached a 25 minute tempo workout.

4/1:  My Birthday!!!  I took the day off from work to relax and have my own schedule.  First, I ran 8 miles with 5 x 800 getting down to about 6:00 pace.  I relaxed and went shopping.  Later, I went for a swim of 3,200m– my longest in over 18 months.  Ended the day with a nice sushi dinner with my husband.

4/2:  Planned 70 minutes easy on the trainer, but tire issues about 30 minutes into the ride forced me to stop.  Rode 10 miles, then did some core work.  Rainy and cold in the evening, so I wound up on the treadmill for 40 minutes before heading to a retirement party.

4/3:  7.2 miles total with 4 x 5 minutes at goal half pace.  I really wanted to do 5 x 1 minute after the main set, but I had to go really bad, so I had to stop.  2,600m swim in the evening.

4/4:  Weights/core before 12 miles.  Not sure of the pace because my Garmin died after 1 mile!  I just happened to know the route.  The weather was great!  Super sunny and bright.  2,000m in the pool later that day.

Weekly Totals:

Running:  42.95 miles

Biking:  65.15 miles

Swimming:  4.85 miles

Weights:  2+ hours



Vanilla’s Training Log 3-22-15 to 3-28-15

Hello Salties!  What happened?  I have fallen off the training log wagon again, and it happened without warning.  Here’s my attempt to catch up!

3/22: Double brick of 20 mile ride/3 mile run.  It was pretty chilly, so I opted to do the workout inside.  First ride of 20 miles was just over 18 mph and felt fairly easy.  Run after was 3 miles in 22:56 with just about 3 minutes of transition time in between.  Second ride was slightly faster, but the first 3 and last 3 miles were rough.  Got through it and transitioned in just about 2 minutes.  Surprisingly, the next run felt better and finished it in 22:46.  I was pretty tired for the rest of the day and spent most of the day resting and watching reality TV!  Great way to relax on a Sunday afternoon.

3/23:  Weights in the evening.  Legs were pretty tired from yesterday, and my appetite was out of control!

3/24:  Total of 7.45 miles with 10 x 1 minute pickups between 5:50-6:00 pace.  Felt hard but not impossible.  21+ miles on the bike in the evening with 5 miles > race pace.  My legs were trashed that night!

3/25:  Dark, gray & rainy morning in Colorado, which is somewhat unusual.  Tough time getting out of my, but I dragged myself out of bed for a recovery ride with some core work before.  I couldn’t even ride 16 mph, which was ok since it meant that my legs worked hard the day before.  Evening swim of 2,600m.  I needed the water on my legs.

3/26:  7 miles in the morning with 4 @ 27:17.  Pace felt comfortable, but I really need to start pushing myself on these pace/tempo runs.  Not sure why I am so hesitant?  I ended up coaching in the evening as a sub for another coach, so I got in an additional 5.4 miles.  Helped the group with their 25 minute marathon pace run, which turned into a fartlek since I ran around and helped others.  Fun time helping out people.

3/27:  Met up with my friend Cathy and her dog for an early morning trail run.  7 miles in 1:10 complete with a sunrise.  Evening weights and 2,000m swim followed by drinks!

3/28:  Weights before meeting a friend for part of her long run.  I got in 12.3 miles in nearly 80 degree weather!  3,000m swim in the evening.  Long day!

Weekly Totals:

Running:  45.15 miles  (highest mileage week in a long time)!

Biking:  73.45 miles

Swimming:  4.72 miles

Weights:  2 + hours

Vanilla’s Training Log 3-15-14 to 3-21-14

Well…it’s happened again… I’ve fallen behind with my training logs!  Ugh!  Better later than never, right?  This week was a real confidence booster since I hit 3 milestones in my training:  50+ mile ride, sub 20:00 for 3 miles and 3,000m swim.  My race is coming up quickly!

3/15:  52+ on the bike with my friend, Eddie.  It was 75 and sunny with NO wind!  This ride made me remember why I love cycling so much.  I also started working on my Colorado tan lines!  Around 5:00, I headed out for an easy 4 miles before heading out to dinner.

3/16:  I rode my bike home from work since I had left it there after our last spin workout.  It was 80 outside, and it was a nice way to enjoy the weather and still rest.  Did some core and stretching when I got home.

3/17:  Total of 6.2 miles with 3 miles at 19:47!  Finally!  I broke 20:00!  Coached later that evening and ended up with 4.8 miles.  Beer after for St. Paddy’s Day!

3/18:  3,100m swim before work.  I haven’t swam that far in way over a year.  My appetite was out of control throughout the day, and I couldn’t get enough to eat.  Weights in the evening followed by 4.4 miles in 35:00.

3/19:  25 minutes at goal half pace (ended up 3.65 miles = 6:50 average).  Total of 6.3 miles.  Bike workout in the evening.  Race pace for 90 seconds every 5 minutes starting at 15 minutes and doing this until reaching 50 minutes.  Tough workout!

3/20:  Easy brick:  45 minutes on the bike then 20 minute run.  Weights in the evening followed by 1,850m swim.

3/21:  Group run with my coaching group–headed down to Denver.  Ran mostly with one girl for about 9.5 miles, then I added on to get to just over 11 miles.  Weights in the afternoon + 2,100m swim.  BIG dinner that night!

Weekly Totals:

Running:  39.55–finally broke the 38 rut I’ve been in

Biking:  86.45 miles

Swimming:  4.38 miles

Weights:  2+ hours

Vanilla’s Training Log 3-8-15 to 3-14-15

Spring is my favorite season.  I love watching the flowers bloom, and I love that the days get longer.  I do not, however, enjoy the time change.  It has always messed with me, and it takes me about a week to acclimate.  But, I always tell myself that it’s worth it.

3/8:  4 miles pretty easy, then I met my friend, Eddie, for an easy ride of just over 32 miles. The sun was shining, and the sky was bright blue, but it was right around 40 degrees and chilly at times.  It was so nice to get outside!

3/9:  Keeping in mind that I have a bad track record for workouts after waking up early on Monday morning, I slept in and did a short weight workout in the evening.

3/10:  6.3 miles in the morning with 12 x 75 seconds.  Felt pretty good, but I should have and could have gone faster.  Coached in the evening and ended up with a little over 5 miles.  We were all so happy that we didn’t have to run with headlamps!

3/11:  Core work then 4.3 miles in the morning.  The time change really messes with me, and waking up in the morning is tough.  18.5 on the trainer after work.

3/12:  2,650m swim in the morning–Master’s class, and I wasn’t last this time!  Some speedwork and drills made for a challenging class.  Ran back to work after going home to check on Lucy.  4.05 miles in 30:39.  Not sure why the pace was so quick, so I just went with it.

3/13:  Weights before 4.15 miles in 30:04 with 5 x 1 minute.  Really pushed myself to run under 6:00 pace for these intervals.  Felt hard, but I wasn’t exhausted which means I need to start challenging myself more on workouts.    In the spirit of getting in all of my workouts for the week, I turned down happy hour for a date with the gym.  1,700m swim + 30 minute spin.

3/14:  I don’t normally coach the Saturday long run for the group, but I agreed to sub for two coaches.  I ran part of the long run with the 11-12 minute pace group, then I went and met up with our beginner group to run 3 miles with them as their last official run of their program.  This was the longest a few of them had ever run, and it was such a great feeling to see them accomplish their goal.  The women I ran with wanted to run in 40:00, and we finished in 38:31!  It’s always refreshing and fun for me to see this type of excitement with beginners who are starting to learn the enjoyment of running.  I ended up with 10.3 miles for the morning.  Later in the afternoon (after a nice nap), it was time to hit the gym again for weights and 2,500m swim.

Weekly Totals:

Running:  38.35–I seem to be stuck at 38 mpw, this is the 3rd consecutive week @ 38.

Biking:  51 miles + 30 minutes

Swimming:  4.26 miles

Weights:  2+ hours


Vanilla’s Training Log 3-1-15 to 3-7-15

It’s March already!  Time for spring!  Time for March Madness–both in basketball and in training.  This is the month to really start focusing on the New Orleans 70.3 in April!

3/1:  Still pretty cold outside, so indoors was the only option.  25 miles on the trainer + 15 miles at race pace.  It was challenging, but I got through it.  I tried not to freak out at the stats as I pedaled.  I needed a cool down after, so I got in 3 easy miles after.  Later in the evening, I managed some light weights then 3.25 in 25 mins.

3/2:  5 months to Ironman Boulder!!  Got out for 3.5 super easy, no watch miles around 2:00 in the afternoon.  Not sure I could call this jogging since it was more like shuffling.

3/3:  Double Run!  7.15 in the morning with 10 quarters (quarter rest after each interval).  Finally getting down to 6:00 pace.  Coached in the evening which was tough since another snow storm moved in.  We had to modify the workout and run short hills instead since it was the least icy and snowy part of the road.  We had a big turnout and everyone braved the conditions.  Total daily mileage = 11.3 miles

3/4:  Weights then 5.05 miles in just under 40 minutes.  1,900m swim at lunch.

3/5:  Weights/core then 5.15 miles in 37:12 with 3.25 in 22:12.  Decided to jump out of my comfort zone and join a master’s swim class later that night.  Yikes!  I was last in my lane, but I got pushed, and I was exhausted after all of the intervals.

3/6:  4.15 miles @ 8:26 avg in the morning after some light core work.  Joined my co-workers in a spin workout at lunch.  Focus on cadence and short sprints.

3/7:  This was my OCD exercise day, and I’m not sure if I’m proud of all I accomplished or should be worried I have a problem?  Here goes:  weights/core before heading out for 6.15 miles @ 7:50 pace. Not sure why I was so speedy when it was supposed to be an easier run, so I just went with it.  It was fairly warm, so after a 2 hour rest, I headed out for 16+ on my bike.  After 3 more hours of rest, I hit the pool for 2,650 yds.  I had a big dinner that night!

Weekly Totals:

Running:  38.55 miles

Biking:  59.8 miles + 1 hour spin

Swimming:  4.18 miles

Weights:  2+ hours

Vanilla’s Training Log 2-22-15 to 2-28-15

Winter hit us hard this week in Colorado!

2/22:  33.7 miles on the trainer followed by 3 miles.  Tried out my new snowshoes for 30 minutes on the trails.  What a great workout!

2/23:  Weights then easy 3 miles.  1,850m swim in the evening.

2/24:  Super tired in the morning, so I slept in.  4.5 miles with my run group in the evening.  It was a hill workout called dice hills.  At the beginning of each workout, someone rolls the dice to determine how long to run.  A 1 = 40 seconds all the way to 6 = 90 seconds.  Then you run back down to the start, roll again and go.  Fun way to do hills!  We also got lucky that it stopped snowing for the day and was 40–enough to melt the snow on the roads in time for the next round!

2/25:  7.05 miles in just over 52 mins with 3 miles in 20:22.  2,750m swim in the evening.

2/26:  Weights followed by 15.25 on the bike.  Hour easy run in the evening on the treadmill.  Over 8 inches of snow on the ground!

2/27:  Easy hour on the bike.  Easy hour on the treadmill.

2/28:  Still inside!  7 miles on the treadmill with 10 x 75 seconds.  Weights, followed by 2,050 yd swim.

Weekly Totals:

Running:  38.6 miles

Biking:  66.7 miles

Swimming:  4 miles

Weights:  2+ hours


Vanilla’s Training Log 2-15-15 to 2-21-15

Winter finally made it to Colorado this week!  I guess we were jealous of the entire  country, so we needed our share of snow!

2/15:  Easy 8.3 miles.  Left the house with bright sunshine and blue skies, and after about 45 minutes later, I could just see the clouds rolling over the mountains.  By the time I reached the last mile, snow flurries started.  Colorado weather changes so quickly!

2/16:  President’s Day!  Day off from work!!  Took the day to ride 31 on the trainer.  Evening workout of weights then 3 @ 23:25.

2/17:  Had great intentions of waking up early for a workout, but I could not get out of bed!  My muscles were achy, my stomach hurt, I had a horrible headache, and I had bathroom issues!  My thought was that I was getting sick again, which was odd since I had no warning signs.  I couldn’t focus at work. My head was pounding.  I did make it to my run group workout to coach and managed just over 3 miles.  I still felt awful!  I spent most of the night curled up in a blanket watching TV.  I felt like every muscle in my body had arthritis.

2/18:  Decided to move forward from yesterday and try a workout.  I couldn’t get through 10 minutes of running without major stomach issues and heavy breathing–just on the warm-up!  GRRRRRRR!!!  Somehow, I made it through 2 miles, then I had to stop.  I was so upset, and then I started to think about what illness I may have?  Mono?  Pneumonia?  Bronchitis?  I got ready for work, including taking my daily supplements (which included a multi-vitamin), and I got my answer.  I grabbed my bottle of multi-vitamins, literally had it in my mouth ready to swallow, when I happened to catch out of the corner of my eye that one of the main ingredients was wheat!!!  Are you kidding me???  For those of you who don’t know, I have a gluten allergy that I have dealt with for most of my life.  Usually, when I accidentally have wheat/gluten, I have much worse symptoms, but since this was likely a trace, they weren’t as bad as usual.  Son of a bitch!  You would think after all of these years, I would remember to READ food labels!  I spit out that vitamin immediately. Once I discovered the issue, it made perfect sense.  I bought the vitamins on Monday night, and took one when I got home from the store, then again Tuesday morning after my botched workout.  No wonder why I felt so much better on Monday morning!  I did manage 4 miles in the evening with some stomach pains and cramps–not sure if that was smart, but it was needed more for my mental sanity!

2/19:  Morning weights then 10 miles on the bike.  2,750m swim in the evening.  Feeling much better after lots of bathroom visits throughout the evening & day.

2/20:  Time to try a workout.  15 minutes easy; 15 minutes at goal half marathon pace; 15 minutes at goal half ironman/half marathon pace.  Felt much better, but I really had to go when I was done.  6.1 miles done!  Weights & 1,750m swim in the evening.

2/21/:  10 miles in 1:19 before the 15 inches of snow!  Felt easy and controlled.  Weights and 12.65 miles on the trainer before heading out to a birthday party.

Weekly Totals:

Running:  37.1 miles

Biking:  53.65 miles

Swimming:  2.77 miles

Weights:  2 + hours


Winter has arrived in Colorado!
Winter has arrived in Colorado!