Pepper’s Training Log – 4/13/14

The last two weeks have flown by, mostly because we took a week trip to Yosemite, but life has been nutty as well and the 6 days of workouts a week took a slide because of travel, but I still met my 30+ minutes a day for most of the week goal, though it was mostly hiking this week. March 31 – A few hours playing around at Ray’s Mtb more » Read more

Pepper’s Training Log 3/31/14

Another week of meeting my goal of 30 minutes of exercise most days, and even ran twice this week. Though the planned weekend outdoor riding got thwarted by mother natures random snow storm I did manage to get myself to Ray’s for some indoor riding, and I have plenty shiny new bruises to prove it. Monday – Commute to work 13.5 miles Tuesday – Lunch run 6.5 miles, slow pace more » Read more

Pepper’s Training Log 3/23/2014

What? A training log? Yeah I know it’s been about a year since any real training went on over here. Don’t get too excited because most of it is going to be cycling these days, but FWIW I do have a few ideas on the back burner about how to up my run fitness on minimal run training while focusing on the bike and getting preggo this year that I more » Read more

A Christmas Story 5k/10K Run Review and Pacer Report

Ah, Christmas in Cleveland:  Higbees. Leg lamps.  Pink bunny suits.  Red Ryder carbine-action two-hundred shot range model air rifles. For those not in the know, the classic movie A Christmas Story was filmed in my hometown, and in recent years Ralphie’s house, an actual home on W. 11th Street, has been converted to a museum that you can visit year round.  The museum has taken a leadership role in its more » Read more

5 Reasons Running Is Better Than Cycling

As many of my friends and Salty readers know, my running has seen a big decline since early 2012. Plagued with plantar fascitis, making big life changes (like eloping in September), and dealing with a bit of burnout I have not yet made my way back to my former sub-elite level run training. To pass the time and hopefully heal my foot in the process, I’ve spent much more time more » Read more

The ABCs of Preventing Ankle Injuries

There is one injury I am proud to say I have never encountered throughout my over 15 year running career (knock on wood). In all that time running, including many seasons of cross country and years of endurance trail races, I have never sprained an ankle. Luck, you say? Perhaps, but I have a theory that my 6th grade home room teacher and cross country coach created a daily habit more » Read more

5 Reasons to Bust out the Running Tights Now!

I know. I know. it was just a few weeks ago that Eucalyptus was convincing you to hold off on busting out the tights this fall. And then just yesterday Rocket was convincing you to race in spankies. However, I’m an older wiser Pepper and I have to admit I’ve come a long ways since my fall and winter singlet and buns wearing ways. For a long time wearing shorts long more » Read more

Pepper’s Catch up log 4/22/13 through 5/26/13

The past four weeks have been way too light on running hence the lack of training logs. Some of the lack of running was due to laziness, some to stomach illness, a lot due to heavy workload, and there was still a decent amount of cycling going on. But I think it is safe to say you can put me squarely in the weekend warrior column right now and my more » Read more

Need a Break from Training? Don’t Feel Guilty!

As you can tell from my (lack of) training logs lately, running has not been a priority. How can someone go from making her daily runs the most important thing in life for 3+ years to realizing she hasn’t logged a single run in a week, two weeks, a month sometimes? Well it wasn’t painless, and even now I wonder if I’ll ever be the fast chick I once was. more » Read more

Once Upon a Time I Was a Fast Running Chick

Once upon a time I was a fast running chick. It’s hard to believe that just a year ago I was 38th overall female at the Boston marathon. It’s hard to believe that in 2011 I ran a 2:52 marathon on less than ideal training with a bum foot and calf. It feels like I am worlds away from that stars-aligned moment in 2010 when I ran 2:49:53 and came more » Read more