The Difference Between Running and Racing a Marathon

My coach is fond of saying that I have only raced a few marathons. What, you may ask, was I doing the other 20-some times I toed the marathon line? According to Coach I was just running. Is there really a difference between running and racing a marathon? I think so. I know countless great runners who do not race their marathons; they run a few marathons year after year more » Read more

Tiered Goal Setting for Workout Success

Whether the goal is to finish the race or to PR, we train to earn results, and it’s easy to feel like the stakes are high on certain goals.   But hey, life happens, and when it gets in the way of a runner meeting her own expectations for herself, that goal-driven inclination can backfire.  It can be oh-so disappointing to miss the mark. Coming back from a long drought after more » Read more

Pepper’s Training Log – 8/10/2014

Back to marathon training as planned! Three weeks to the NCTM. I accidentally assigned myself and my husband next weeks tempo instead of this weeks, which made it easier for me to do the workouts for sure coming off the 50 mile night last weekend because it was a 3 mile tempo as opposed to 5.Whoops. The track workout went surprisingly well and I was actually excited to run this more » Read more

Pepper’s “Training” Log – 8/3/2014

Absolutely no training occurred last week. Between working two part time gigs and preparing to pace at Burning River over the weekend this chick just didn’t get it in. I was hoping for a bike ride and a couple easy runs but instead I went into the weekend as rested as possible for pacing my friend to his first 100 mile finish. No small feat! So while I had no more » Read more

Pepper’s Training Log -7/27/2014

Well this week was another busy one. Week 2 of two part time gigs was somewhat of a bust in the workout department. It’s looking like I may be relegated to a weekend warrior who sometimes squeezes in a bike commute until I nail down this nutty schedule! There’s four weeks to go until the North Country Trail Run and this week was supposed to be a sort of back more » Read more

Pepper’s Training Log – 7/13/14

Well Salties, this past week I dialed it down and only did two runs and one real bike ride. Neither of the runs were on the plan and I bailed on the planned long run to give the foot a bit of extra TLC. My left foot flared up Monday morning and I have been feeling less than stellar so I took a back off week. I’ve been mixing in more » Read more

Pepper’s Training Log – 7/6/14

Week 8 (counting down from 18) of the FIRST training plan is in the books and while there were moments of hope that I have broken out of my training rut they were countered with some worrisome niggles and some seriously rutty days. I have been stubbornly trying to stick to the plan to see what kind of result I could get out of it, even though I haven’t been more » Read more

Pepper’s Training Log – 6-29-14

Week 9 of training for the North Country Trail Marathon is done, only 8 to go! After a much needed massage last week and two forced rest days on Monday and Tuesday (I don’t know about you but this girl can’t find time for workouts when she’s working 12+ hour days) I was back at it and the legs were feeling much better than last week. I think it’s safe more » Read more