March Madness 2015: Round I!

And now, Salty Friends, it is time to VOTE! We have 64 awesome marathons vying for the title GREATEST US MARATHON … (that isn’t NYC, CHI or BOS). They are separated into 4 regions, just like the college basketball tournament. I’ve seeded the races according to participation rate: the more participants, the higher the seed. You can get a bracket spreadsheet here. For Round I I will leave voting open more » Read more

March Madness 2015: The Greatest US Marathon (that isn’t NYC, CHI or BOS)

Finally! It’s here! Salty Running’s Third Annual March Madness Tournament. I just know you’ve all been waiting  for it to arrive. In the past this amazing tournament has crowned the greatest woman runner of all time and the best womens running blog, but this year we’re looking to crown the best marathon in the entire United States of America! … that isn’t New York, Chicago or Boston (or any race more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: Could Running Really Be Bad for Us?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen the headlines: “Jogging Could Actually be BAD for you: Too much running increases risk of early death,” From the Daily Mail. “Too Much Running Tied to Shorter Lifespan,” from “Running Farther, Faster and Longer Can Kill You,” from Even, a running site got in on the fun: “Why Too Much Running Is Bad for Your Health,” And my personal more » Read more

5 Reasons I Love Stroller Running

Many competitive runners prefer to run without the encumbrance of a stroller. “It messes with my form,” they say. “I can’t run fast with it,” they say. “My running is my me-time,” they say. And, well, they have a point. Running with a stroller is not all sunshine and rainbows. There’s the inevitable sprint-to-the-car-with-the-screaming-hungry-infant-stroller run. And the run-an-extra-two-miles-searching-for-the-priceless-hand-knit-hat-that-the-kid-chucked-out-of-the-stroller run. Or the OMG-when-did-this-route-go-all-uphill stroller runner. Among others. Even so, I love stroller running more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 3.15.15

The week was going along ok until I noticed I was feeling a little bla. Not full-blown sick, but my stomach, shall we say, was off and I had a head ache. My son was complaining of similar symptoms. I wrote it off as one of those bugs that would pass, but on Thursday the school nurse called me and asked me to pick up my son who was now more » Read more

5 Lesser Appreciated Signs of Spring

Here in Northeast Ohio the snow is finally melting. Woohoo! My kids and I note how much more grass we see each day. And the best part is that melting snow happens when warmer temperatures and sunshine arrive! After this winter of many many record lows, we deserve it. Come on spring! When asked what our favorite signs of spring are, our minds might instantly jump to thoughts of opening the more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 3.8.15

I am slowly coming around to accepting that I have been overtraining for years now and that my body and mind are not capable of charging hard. They both need a long recovery period … and that’s just to get to normal. I am beginning to fear that I might have completely screwed myself out of ever logging another PR again. This is a tough pill to swallow, but one more » Read more

5 Ways to Promote Women’s Running

Yesterday, iRunFar published an except of Vanessa Runs‘ forthcoming book, Daughters of Distance.  In it, Vanessa takes on the gender inequity in endurance cycling as it pertains to sponsorship and prize money. As Pepper wrote a few years ago, her own boyfriend (now husband) argued that women athletes should not be afforded the same prize money as men! I’ve heard so many times from disgruntled chicked men that the only reason more » Read more

March Madness Tournament Nominations!

Cinnamon is hard at work on a better graphic for the Tournament, we swear! March at Salty Running means it’s time to start getting serious about our March Madness Tournament! Two years ago our tournament chose the greatest woman runner of all time. Last year, we chose the best women’s running blog. And this year, our theme will be … . [drum roll] . The best U.S. Marathon that isn’t more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 3.1.15

WOO! Made it through February alive! It was the coldest February on record here in Northeast Ohio, so that means it was frickin’ freezing! After a very stressful week last week, I was in recovery mode this week. I tried to get lots of sleep and relax. I kept my runs on the shorter side of the range in my plan for the most part too. I’ve been struggling to more » Read more

Reader’s Roundtable: Heart Rate Training

Even with my crazy heart condition, I never ever used a heart rate monitor in training. Lately, though, I’m starting to think now is the time. For the past 4 years I have done pace-based training; every workout I did had a prescribed pace, which meant I was a slave to the watch. In being so pace-focused, I feel like I’ve lost a sense of what the right effort is for more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 2.22.15

Holy stress! On Monday evening after the kids went to bed, my husband approached me and said he wanted to talk. “Are you pregnant?” I asked him? “Divorcing me? What is going on?!” And then he broke it to me: he’s sending me and my two oldest kids to Disneyland in California with my best friend and her two kids as my 40th birthday gift! YEAH! I never ever would more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 2.15.15

This is the point of winter when I start really hating life. I never ever ever have had a great February. It’s just not my month. I don’t mean to be all wa-wa on you, but damn if it takes so much extra energy and effort to not be full-on Ziggy under a black cloud at this point in the year. Fortunately, I’m not depressed this year. Just straight-up cooped more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 2.8.15

Look out world! I’m back … (for the 700th time). I had a very solid week of rebuilding and I felt good. I had another appointment with my ART guy and since I was still feeling the sciatica after a month of treatment, he decided to do some chiropractic adjustments. It makes total sense why they might help. He explained my sciatica is caused by my pelvis being misaligned causing more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: The Guy Who Got Chicked! (And His Crazy Response)

Salty Running might be a women-focused site, but man-oh-man, do we ever love men!  They’re our friends and dads and husbands and sons, and they make especially good running companions for those women who train on the faster side.  They give us little flutters in our hearts and make us roll our eyes, and best of all is when they make us laugh! And nothing makes me laugh more than more » Read more