5 Reasons It’s Worth Getting Up to Run Early

Scientists have found that the late afternoon is probably the best time to run, as our muscles are loose from almost a full day’s activities, we’re hydrated and full of glycogen and our body clocks are revved up and ready. That’s well and good for most high school runners, but when it comes to picking a time to run each day, most of us do not have the luxury of more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 4.13.14

I’m aiming for zen, to be ok with everything and be who I am today – I’m talking the full acceptance of the here and now. Or something. I wrote a whole series of posts on comebacks and I still struggle with confidence, feelings of intense frustration and feeling like I have Mt. Everest to climb to get into shape and start cranking out PRs. The one thing that’s been more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 3.30.14 & 4.6.14

Last I left you, I had a minor setback due to a flare-up of hamstring tendonopathy and back pain. A couple of days off of running and I was back and feeling better. This past Wednesday I  paid a visit to my favorite ART guy (Northeast Ohio people, Tim Keyes has a new practice! Check it out!)  and now I’m feeling even better! I also had a mini-breakthrough track workout more » Read more

The CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND – The Greatest Women’s Running Blog!

Voting is closed! *****Don’t know what this is? Check out the main tournament post HERE.***** We’ve made it! From 32 fantastic blogs down to the most exceptional final two, it’s been a great ride! But now it’s time to pick the very best of the very best. Which blog rises to the tippy top:  Nichole’s Running Journey, the personal story of Nichole’s rise to an Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier and beyond more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 3.23.14

Well, it started off pretty epic. I did a track workout outside in a single layer of clothing! And the sun was out! And I ran sub-6:00 pace (*cough* for 200 meters at a time *cough*). And then I had a tempo workout on the treadmill, in which I kicked the workout’s ass all over the Y and all the old guys walking around me looked at me like I more » Read more

The Greatest Women’s Running Blog Tournament

Round 1 polls are closed! It’s March Madness and at Salty Running that means it’s time for a runner-centric tournament all our own. Last year, we hosted the battle for the title of the Greatest Woman Runner of All Time (said in booming announcer voice). This year we’re going a little closer to home and choosing the Best Woman’s Running Blog of 2014! We took nominations from our Facebook fans, more » Read more

5 Signs of Spring in 2014

If you’re a runner and you live in the upper two-thirds of the country, you love spring. After weeks of white-knuckling it through your training runs in the most horrid weather around, the novelty of posting that icicle-covered #runnerselfie has long since worn off.  On top of that you’re so sick of the treadmill, you can’t even come up with a new topic for a Salty Running Treadmill Tip of more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 3.16.14

4 weeks in and now I’m starting to feel the effects of increasing volume and intensity. (I’m also probably feeling the effects of being almost 40 and going on water slides and being up all night with sick kids the weekend before.) There is always this week in every 4-6 week block where the workouts are a struggle and the whole thing makes you question why it is you have more » Read more

Comment of the Week – 3.15.14

Our usual Comment of the Week maven, Cilantro is busy with school. (You better be studying, woman!) So, I put aside my Saturday night plans (or not because I have 3 small children and therefore no social life – and even more importantly, I have a long run in the morning) to write it up, myself. While I’m here, I thought maybe I’d take the time to catch you up more » Read more