5 Ways to Promote Women’s Running

Recently, iRunFar published an except of Vanessa Runs‘ book, Daughters of Distance.  In it, Vanessa takes on the gender inequity in endurance cycling as it pertains to sponsorship and prize money. As Pepper wrote a few years ago, her own boyfriend (now husband) argued that women athletes should not be afforded the same prize money as men! I’ve heard so many times from disgruntled chicked men that the only reason I more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 11.15.15 & 11.22.15

Here comes my busy time! Having one kid at the end of November and one at the beginning of December was not the best planning on our part. (Joking, of course!) The end of the year always is the mad crush of stuff that needs to get done and that usually means running gets pushed further down the to-do list or I end up injured if it doesn’t. Knowing this, I’m more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: Stand Up and Give Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving week here in the USA, which means we’re all going to be busy feasting, turkey trotting, and complaining about enjoying the company of our extended families. And yeah…we know everyone is talking about giving thanks this week, and maybe it can seem a little hokey or overblown, but gratitude is as important to a running career as hard work. So it’s good for us to take the time to stop, breathe, more » Read more

A Chat with Liz Blackwell on Racing, Pregnancy and More!

You can see the 13-mile marker in the distance. You look down at your watch and goosebumps rise on your arms; you’re about to nail a huge PR. Just as you look up, a woman passes you. A synapse fires in your end-of-the-race-foggy brain. Is that lady..? No! Couldn’t be. Wait … a sec … OH. MY! That lady is definitely pregnant! If you raced the Rock n’ Roll L.A. more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 11.8.15

While there’s no way I could run 90 mile weeks right now, Jasmine’s post on Tuesday hit home for me: I can choose to make time to get more running in. For goodness sake, I have a single and a double stroller, a treadmill in my basement, and access to a gym with childcare. I have no excuse, even if I am very busy and my kids seem to constantly be sick. more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 11.1.15

Well, I’ve been running. Not a whole heck of a lot, but I’m getting out there and enjoying it. I’ve run with my husband, Jasmine a few times, and did a fun workout with Dill one evening, which were notable highlights. Otherwise, I’m just running for fun when I feel like it. I need that right now. I did get a little sad on my way home from Jasmine’s NYC more » Read more

Richard Clark Fannin, Sisterhood and the Magic in Jacksonville

Think elite athletes are cut-throat win-at-all costs competitors? Think again! There’s no better example of how amazing runners of all speeds are than what’s going down right now in Jacksonville. In elite and subelite circles, everyone knows Richard Clark Fannin, the elite coordinator for the Gate River Run 15K race held every March in Jacksonville, Florida. With Richard’s outreach, the Gate River Run is one of the most competitive races more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 10.11.15 & 10.18.15

I’ve cut back a bit the last two weeks on my running. When I ran the 16.5 with 12ish at 7:30 pace, my old sciatica injury flared up and I felt more fatigued than usual the next day. While I have no designs on training hard now or in the very near future, it’s still disheartening that I am feeling the lingering effects of overtraining syndrome more than four months after more » Read more

5 Running and Pregnancy Tips … for Men!

“WE’RE pregnant!” Uh, come again? We’re pregnant? There are very few circumstances when this statement is cool. Two pregnant women standing next to each other berating someone for calling them fat? Totally cool, especially if followed with “you __hole.” A not-pregnant person standing with his or her pregnant surrogate or adoption birth-mom-to-be? Way cool. “Hey guys, Maureen and I got married 2 years ago and just celebrated our 32nd birthdays and guess more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 10.4.15

I was just talking with a friend of mine today about letting go. I was so scared to let go of running and back off of training even when my body, mind and life demanded it of me. Oh, the ugliness of trying to cling to something screaming to be let go! I’m grateful I finally did and today, with that conversation and that little nugget from it, I realize that by more » Read more

Sports Tampons and Me

After years of keeping it consistent and going all minimalist with my menstrual management, (read: setting myself free with OBs), I discovered there is this thing called a sports tampon. A sports tampon. A. Sports. Tampon. No really, a tampon for sports which is different than other tampons because … sports! Are the regular tampons for regular lady things like quilting? Do they have special construction worker tampons or CEO tampons? more » Read more

Suzy Favor Hamilton: The Salty Running Interview

Prior to December 2012, Suzy Favor Hamilton, from what anyone could tell, was a former Olympian doing what former Olympians do and then … BAM! … there she is on TMZ being outed as a high end escort in Vegas. There was always something particularly charismatic about Suzy even beyond the beauty and the athletic gift, but no one in the running world saw that coming. A former Olympian with a husband more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 9.27.15

I’ve been incredibly busy with my non-running life, taking care of my children and immediate family as well as helping out with my elderly in-laws. I’m definitely feeling that whole sandwich generation thing! But in these busy and stressful times, I feel extra grateful that I don’t have self-imposed performance stress when it comes to running. Just running for stress relief and joy is so nice right now. I’ve been more » Read more

Reader’s Roundtable: What Are You Training For?

Unless you’ve been regularly checking out my training logs, you might now know that after years of chasing PRs, I’m formally taking a break from training and racing. It might sound terrible, but it’s actually exactly what I need right now and I am enjoying my freedom from the grind of training. Usually. But right now, as I type I feel the fall racing season heating up right before my more » Read more

Are YOU the Next Salty Blogger?!

Are you a talented writer?  Do you love running? Great news, we want you!! Several times a year we take applications for committed, smart and enthusiastic women runners interested in sharing their training and insights with the Salty Running audience. And now is one of those times! We are committed to representing the lifestyle diversity of women who run, so we’re looking for new bloggers that have individuality! Currently we’re looking more » Read more