I'm a pediatric physical therapist by day. Building mileage up again as I work through a persistent case of plantar fasciitis. Darn PF has slowed my progress towards my running goals but has also made me grateful for every day that I am able to run.

Why YOU Need a Running Resume

Meeting Wendy AND Desi Davila! My first experience with the benefits of having a handy running resume.

Here at Salty Running, we are a Spice Rack of multi-taskers. And just like our readers, we each play many roles in our daily lives. Chances are, all of us have written and revised our professional resumes at one time or another. But do you have a resume for any other areas of your life? Specifically, do you have a running resume? Read more >>

Gift a Membership to USATF

USA Track & Field
USA Track & Field (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Salty Running gave you a gift guide at the beginning of the month. But maybe you’re still wondering what to get that hard to buy for runner on your holiday list. Tights? They have a drawer full. Shoes? Have their own closet. Socks? S/he is too picky. Well…

How about a gift that gives all year, that supports the sport of running at every level and  keeps on giving? I’m talking about gifting a 2013 USATF membership.

“USAT what?” you might be thinking.

Rosemary’s Training Log 12.16.12

The Christmas madness continues! And this week was apparently the week of 8-milers. Ran 65 miles in total. Also this week, I met with Eric, who will be writing my training plans in 2013. Looking forward to having training partners on the same schedule for workouts and races!

christmas paint
christmas paint (Photo credit: cassie_bedfordgolf)

Monday- 8 miles

Tuesday- 8 miles

Wednesday- 8 miles

Thursday- 8 miles

Friday- 10 mile progression run from <7:20 to 6:30s over about 6 miles.

Saturday- 8 miles

Sunday- 15 miles


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Rosemary’s Training Log 12.9.12

This week was the last big running week of the year with USATF Club Cross Country Nationals. We sent two teams (12 women total) this year, plus a men’s team and a masters team. I logged 53 miles.

Running is most fun with friends!
Running is most fun with friends!

Monday- easy 8 miles at MNR
Tuesday- easy 10 miles with some friends
Wednesday- 8 miles with 6 x 1 minute working down from 5:40s to low 5:20s
Thursday- easy 6 miles

Friday- easy 4 miles and strides on the XC course in Lexington.

Saturday- 9 miles with a 6k XC race in 24:22. Set rather high expectations for this race, which I did not come close to achieving, but team races are always fun.Post race with my teammates!
Sunday- easy 8 miles with a few of my teammates around Lexington in the rain. I definitely have that end of season sad feeling but I am looking forward to 2013!




Give Yourself A Break!

The hammock
Sometimes you gotta take a break. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Runners come in all shapes and sizes physically, and we are also mentally diverse: we are good at so many things! We are dedicated, passionate, and driven, qualities that are instrumental in helping us achieve our goals. But we can also be extremist, overly critical, and obsessive. As a result, one thing many runners struggle with is taking a break. I’ve heard (and used) every excuse. Here are a few of the most common excuses and why you should silence them, in favor of the rest your body and mind crave.


5 Reasons to Get It On On the Indoor Track This Winter

Friday 5Ugh, winter. Every runner has a different way of coping with the cold temperatures, slick roads, hiding sunlight, and sparse racing opportunities. But we must power through it if we’re going to get ready for that spring goal race! Group runs, hot beverages, and headlamps certainly make training possible. But if you really want to step outside your comfort zone this winter, step inside… to the indoor track. An indoor track is just slightly smaller (usually 200-300 meters in length), but otherwise the same familiar, lane-lined, oval. But it’s the one NOT covered in slippery calf-deep snow this time of year. AND many universities have indoor tracks and indoor track meets a few times per year.  When you just can’t take another tempo on the treadmill, the indoor track is the perfect place to get in a winter workout in a friendly, controlled environment. Still not convinced? Well, here are five signs that you’re ready to warm things up on the indoor track this winter.


Rosemary’s Training Log 11.25.12

Rainbow turkey for Thanksgiving decoration
Rainbow turkey for Thanksgiving decoration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I ran a lot of miles this week thanks to a few runs with friends and a Thanksgiving break. I am really starting to feel like my old runner self again and beginning to believe great things are ahead in 2013.

Monday- 8.5 miles at MNR. These runs seem to get quicker this time of year.

Tuesday- 11.5 miles with Paige.

Wednesday- 8 miles easy

Thursday- Uptown Pumpkin Dash 5k in Marysville in 18:14. Won a pie and Sketchers GoRun shoes. More hills/turns and less competitive than last week, so I was very pleased to run almost the exact same time. Split 5:50, 6:00, 5:45, 36 and I need to work on mile #2 of my 5k!

Friday- 11 miles easy Black Friday run. A little sore (mostly calves) from yesterday! Yay!

Saturday- 7 miles easy.

Sunday- easy 15 with Iceman on another new trail! Yay for exploration!

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Rosemary’s training log – 11.11.12

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs.

As though the time change wasn’t challenging enough, we spent half the week on Mountain Time visiting Va-Va-Vanilla! It was a week of casual runs and delicious brunches!!


Monday-easy 8 at MNR (Monday Night Run)

Tuesday 3x 1 mile on the roads .3 jog easy recovery. Goal pace of 6:15 (current 10k pace, goal marathon pace). Ran 6:16, 6:25, 6:12. Felt good physically and neutral mentally. Total of 8 miles.

Wednesday- off for early travel to Colorado!

Thursday- easy 6 turned into 4 miles plus a 2 mile hike and 400+ stairs (and one wicked bloody nose) at Garden of the Gods, Red Rock, and Seven Falls.

Seven Falls. And 400 stairs!

Friday- easy 6 in Colorado Springs
Saturday- Longmont Turkey Trot 2 mile in 12:16. Holy lung burn!! Got in 8 miles for the day.

Vanilla and Rosemary sporting the race T-shirt.

Sunday- Amazing (but cold) 12 miles around Boulder with Vanilla. Beautiful.






Rosemary’s Paleo Runner Experiment

English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto...
I made the switch to black coffee as part of my Paleo experiment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two weeks ago, I started my Paleo Challenge. My goal? Determine if Paleo-style eating could fuel my running, at a moderate amount of mileage (50-60 miles per week). Many readers had wonderful tips and tricks and others expressed curiousity. The challenge was actually really fun and made me eat a lot more vegetables and a lot less sugar. I ate fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, meat, eggs, coffee and tea. I tried a few new recipes and ate more mindfully.

I noticed an improvement in my energy levels by day four but battled some insatiable hunger and a near-bonk on an 8 mile run by day six. Ultimately, I learned a lot about a little in a short amount of time. No earth-shattering revelations; rather common-sense solutions that had fallen by the wayside. Here are some lessons and tips from my Paleo experiment.


Rosemary’s Training Log 11-4-12

November Sky on Thanksgiving Day
November Sky (Photo credit: dagnyg)

I can hardly believe it is November! Maybe I’ll finally get to use the headlamp I got for Christmas last year… This week, I survived the rainy, blustery inland impact of Sandy without any damage/power outages. I also put together a strong week of 60 miles including seven days of running and only one run solo. I was a lucky and grateful spicegal this week.

Ran 9 miles at Monday Night Run

10 miles including 5x 4 min hard. Met two of my teammates for this workout. I think we all wanted to bail, but we toughed it out and increased out badass quotient considerably.

Easy 7 before trick or treat

Easy 5 in the AM

Met another teammate for a 4 mi tempo at 6:45-6:55. Neither of us remembered our headlamps and we both have the glitchy 410 Garmin, so we couldn’t risk using indiglo and losing the data. So we ran on feel and checked our splits when we finished. Ran 7:15, 6:50, 6:52, 6:30. Yippee!

Met the group in Dublin and ran 15 miles. So lucky to have such greater running buddies!

Worked in the AM, ran in the PM with the hubs/Tuna.

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Is The Paleo Diet For Runners?

pork loin roast dinner with mushrooms, onions,...
Mmm, Paleo plate… img via Wikipedia

If you are like me, you probably don’t really know much about Paleolithic Nutrition. Up until a few months ago, I thought those on the Paleo Diet only ate nuts and seeds.  Nonetheless, I was curious.

Around the time of my New Year’s Resolution, one of my work friends started bringing muffins and cake and cookies and all sorts of treats to work and calling them “Paleo.” Knowing the basics ingredients of baking, I was intrigued: how does one make cookies with only nuts and seeds? Could it be that my perception of Paleo Nutrition was wrong?


Rosemary’s Training Log 10-28-12

A yoga class.
This is how I spent my weekend. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week was a good mental week for running and I finally broke through the 50 mile per week limit and ran 53 miles! I also took a yoga workshop all weekend called Yoga Gangsters. It was so nice to run 2 hours and do 2 hours of yoga to kick off my weekend on Saturday.

Monday- 8.5 easy at Monday Night Run

Tuesday- wanted some 90 second/quarter pace intervals. Decided to do 2x (2x 400 1×800) with 200 meter rest, then 2x 400 and 4 x 200 with 200 meter rest. Ran everything in 88-89 except for the first lap of the second 800 (94! oops!). Then ran the 200’s in 38-40. 8 miles total

Wednesday- 8 miles easy with Paige. Sports bra run!!

Thursday- Finally able to drag myself out of bed for a morning run! Ran 6.5 before work which resulted in a more relaxed day.

Friday- AM workout of 8 miles with 4 @ tempo (goal 6:45-6:55). Legs were tired! Ran 7:11, 6:59, 7:21, 7:09. Effort was there so I walked away feeling pretty good about the workout even though paces weren’t met.

Saturday- 14 miles in yucky rain. Met up with some of the guys from CRC for about 7 miles of company, which honestly saved me from cutting it short. Need to try to meet up with the local guys more often.

Sunday- didn’t set an alarm and woke up around 8:30 AM. Decided I didn’t need the miles and enjoyed a slow morning before heading to my yoga workshop. Loving the concept of balancing effort with effortless and I think it may be a good future mantra.

Inspired to explore the convergence  and divergence of yoga and running.

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Lessons From My Surprise 10k PR

All smiles with our age group awards.

In college I ran a 5,000 meter PR in the first meet of my sophomore indoor track season and allowed it to be completely overshadowed by a disappointing second place finish. I thought I had won the race due to confusing lap traffic on a 200 meter track and didn’t learn until a few hours later that I’d finished in second place.

I could easily fill a post with stories similar to these.  Maybe I set my goals too high, or maybe I’m too hard on myself, but I am rarely satisfied with a PR.  I haved obsessed about seconds. (Why couldn’t 5:26 have been 5:21? After all, 5:21 sounds more impressive than 5:26…) But when I had an unexpected 10k PR at the Minster Oktoberfest, suddenly the clouds parted and I had an epiphany. Read more >>