Adventures in Pacing!

They’re at every big half and full marathon, carrying their signs for many, many miles and helping innumerable runners achieve their big goals. But have you ever stopped to wonder what the pacers you follow in races are thinking or doing?  Have you ever thought about being a pacer yourself? I recently had my first opportunity to pace the 2:00 group at the Madison Half Marathon and it was a great more » Read more

The Marathon That Wasn’t: Mint’s Chicago Marathon Race Report

Race reports are so easy to write when you have a big win, hit a PR, have a great race. The crappy ones?  Not so much.  Those are a lot harder to document, to rehash, to reflect upon.  But, alas, they are important parts of the journey too.  And it really is all about the journey. When I started running marathons almost ten years ago, a more seasoned running friend more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 10.5.14 – Taper Week 2

Channeling Chicago as I hit the home stretch This week was a total roller coaster.  I had 2 hard workouts on tap (strength intervals and goal race pace miles).  I didn’t make either.  The name of the game this week was recovery.  I won’t lie, mid week I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to toe the line at all.  Thanks to lots of support from friends, including my fellow more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 9.28.2014 – Taper Week 1

 I love Fall running, even if my training has hit a bit of a wall.   This week was rough.  Really rough.  The first week of taper is usually hard for me because I am mentally ready to cut back, yet it never quite feels like much of a cut-back.  I knew this time would be no different since I had 2 serious workouts and a longish run on tap. more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 9.21.14 – It’s Taper Time!

Going into this week, I was a bit concerned.  I was coming off a very hefty training week (both mileage and hard workouts) and had three monster workouts to get in.  It turns out that my concerns were valid and I made a dumb choice that almost upset my entire training season.  Good news was, it was just *almost.* Monday is my rest day. Tuesday I had strength intervals: 2 mile more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 9.14.2014

I’m not going to lie: when I saw my training schedule for this week, I was a bit worried as it was very intense.  Add in a busy week with work, kids’ sports, and Girls on the Run and, well, I was feeling a bit intimidated.  I knew I would have to see a fair bit of 4:30 am to get things done.  But I reminded myself that I only more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 9.7.2014

Five weeks until the Chicago Marathon… This week was a recovery week for me after my 70 mile week last week.  Next up I have 2 big weeks before I begin my taper.  I am starting to get nervous and excited.  Am I ready?  Are my goals right?  The next couple of weeks will be very telling. I’ve spent some time looking back at training from my last two high more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 8.31.2014

Week # 13 is in the books – just 6 weeks until the Chicago Marathon! I ended up having to miss some of my  scheduled workouts last week, but this week I was bound and determined to not only hit all of my prescribed workouts, but to also bump it up a notch so I could get to 70 miles for the week.  I don’t know why, but that level more » Read more

Madison Mini Race Report. 100/111/114

I’ve mentioned that I have been coaching three boys to run the Madison Mini Marathon half.  I even went so far as to say they were totally nailing their training. So I am a few steps ahead of elated to tell you that they nailed it, and even placed in their age group. Here is how it went down: Related PostsChild’s Play: Running and Training with Kids 5 Rules for Successful more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 8.17.14 and 8.24.14

I forgot to post my training log last week, but I am still rolling forward with training for the Chicago Marathon.  I had a few set-backs and scheduling switch ups, but overall everything is continuing to go well.  The first week was a cut-back week and race week.  The second week, was a strong training / building week. Week Ending August 17, 2014 – RACE WEEK! Monday is my rest day. more » Read more

5 Reasons 13 Year Olds Rule 13.1

Tomorrow, my oldest son and two of his friends are running their first half marathon, the Madison Mini Marathon. Admittedly, I am about as geeked out about this as you can possibly imagine.  These boys have trained for 14 weeks for this race.  They ran short, long, easy, hard, hills, heat, cool temps.  They met up to run and navigated their way through camps and family vacations.  They are ready more » Read more

Acclimate to Summer Heat to Improve Performance in Fall Races

Most runners loathe running in the heat.  Don’t even talk to us about humidity.  It sucks.  We hate it.  We do everything we can do avoid it.  With very few exceptions, the only runners I know who enjoy the heat are short distance runners (5k and under).  Above that distance, most of us cringe (and complain excessively) when we see a weather forecast with warm summer temps and thick summer more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 8.3.14 and 8.10.14

Training for the Chicago Marathon and the boys’ half marathon is going along very well.  I’ve had to get a bit creative meshing the two – particularly since I was also balancing vacation this week.  So far, so good. Week ending 8.3.14 (week 9): Monday is my rest day. Tuesday I did my arm weights and intervals.  2 mile warm up; 4 x .75 mile @ 6:58 pace; .25 recoveries; more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 7.27.14

After two weeks of breaking 50 miles per week, this week was a cut-back week.  I have to admit I was feeling pretty antsy and wanted to keep building up miles, but my coach put my long runs on my schedule for the next several weeks (without the rest of the schedule).  Seeing 3:00 and 3:20 coming up in the next 2 weeks was enough to convince me to embrace more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 7.20.2014

This week was pretty awesome.  Solid training + 2 solid runs with my boy.  Good stuff.  Here is how things shook out: Monday: rest & arm weights Tuesday: Intervals.  I did a 10 minute warm up; 12 x 400m @ 6:58 pace; 400m recoveries; 15 minute cool down with 4 striders.  72 minutes / 8.8 miles. Wednesday: 52:30 / 6 miles / 8:45 pace. Thursday: Pace run.  10 minutes warm more » Read more