Mango’s training log 7.23.17 and 7.30.17

These were weeks 5 and 6 of an 18-week marathon plan. It’s starting to ramp up now and get into the 40s in mileage this past week! As a Completely Average Runner, I get to peak at 50 mpw (which, being a completely average runner, still takes me no small amount of time) :)

Week ending July 23

Monday – ~7 miles (?) with 6 at tempo. My Garmin went crazy midway through this run and started beeping for laps when I was neither hitting a mile or pushing the lap button, so I turned it off midway and winged it. Luckily I was on a familiar route so I knew the distance! I know I definitely did 6 at tempo effort and a half-mile warmup; not sure how long the cooldown was because I was shuffling it.

Tuesday – Solo parenting, work was busy, life was busy, winged it, 30 minutes pool running.

Wednesday – 6.5 miles with 6 at tempo on the treadmill

Thursday – late afternoon: 4 miles easy

I actually ran without a shirt for once. It did not feel especially empowering, revolutionary, life-changing, or otherwise different from running with a tank top on. It did feel slightly cooler, but then, being the chronic worrier that I am, I worried about exposing a greater surface area to UV rays and then I worried about waist-belt chafe.

Friday – early AM: 2.5 miles easy with stroller (basically part II of Thursday’s easy run and then a rest day). Evening: flew to Cleveland to hang out with Salty, Cinnamon, Bergie, Ginger, and Pumpkin!

Kicking back after a long workday, before the flight

Saturday – 8 miles

Sunday – 10 miles: not ideal but we ran out of time, and 10 miles after an 8-miler the day before definitely counts, I decided, as cumulative fatigue. Spent the afternoon with my friend and her new baby! Flew home in the evening.

Week ending July 30

Monday – rest

I meant to do a tempo run today because I ‘always’ do my workouts on Mondays and Wednesdays! BUT: Life happens, work happens, scheduling conflicts happen, hormonal stresses happen. So I took a rest day, and it was totally fine.

I think there’s no such thing as 100% compliance with a training plan prescription, so the best plan for you is the one that maximises compliance. I’m not a machine; I can’t just write down all the numbers or mileage goals or workouts for each day of the week and then go ahead and crush them. Neither can I just wing it day to day.  That’s why I love the current training plan I have – the coach who wrote it said ‘go ahead and switch days around each week as you need to’.  It certainly maximises my compliance.

Tuesday – 7 easy miles in the AM, 3 easy PM because the weather was so nice and I was feeling strong (which always happens the first week of my period, because both estrogen and progesterone are low! )

Wednesday – 2.75 easy with stroller, 2.75 easy solo after daycare drop-off

Thursday – 7 as progression run, met arbitrary goal of all miles under 10:00 except mile 2 (goose poop and I stopped to stretch a grumpy ITB), last 2 miles at 9:04 and 8:10 (! wait what?), myrtls

Friday – 5.5 easy

Saturday – 14 long run

Sunday – 30 min spin bike and glute strength work – was supposed to be easy run but my ankle was still unusually sore from long run

Mango’s training log 7.16.17

Week 4 of 18. Motto for this week: just keep showing up.

The first month of marathon training is always exciting. It’s a thrill, like starting the first page in a new notebook, or perhaps getting your calendar organised for a new year. (Fine, I was a nerd.) But then five different teachers announce their first quizzes of the school year, give you 250 pages of reading, and assign two papers all at once, and the semester begins to lose its shine. Well, I can tell you that the end of week 4 in an 18-week training cycle is when you realise, oh, I have to settle in for the long haul. Sort of like mile 6-7 of a marathon. Man, it’s a good thing I actually like to run.

Monday – speedwork on treadmill. Warmup, cooldown, 8x 5min @ 8:00 mile pace with 2min walking/ jogging recovery; total 6.5 miles. This was a pretty satisfying speed workout: a little more mental toughness in the bank.

+ lots of sitting on the porcupine ball

Tuesday – 5 miles easy

Wednesday – 4.5 miles easy with stroller. I was supposed to do 6 tempo today but I got to Wednesday and decided my legs needed an extra day to recover, so what do I do on Thursday but…

Thursday – 10min cycling warmup + lifting. A sure sign that I haven’t been keeping up with my #extrasalt – I was sore for two days after repeatedly lifting weights only a bit heavier than my son. (How does that even work? I lift him all the time.) Gym session was followed by 40 minutes of tempo-effort pool running. I figured I’d try this since I was going to the gym anyway and didn’t really want to do my tempo in a thunderstorm…

…and then my Timex expired. Pool running was the last straw. RIP; those were some good times.

Friday – AM 2.5 easy with stroller, PM 2.5 back and forth to lunch. I felt like I was waddling; my legs were still sore.

Saturday – 13 miles with miles 10-12 speeded up (9:20, 9:40, 9:58) and then back to ambling mile 13.

Sunday – rest

Currently reading: The World According to Star Wars, by Cass Sunstein.

Currently eating: Chocolate ice cream with a…ahem, generous sprinkling of chocolate chips.

I Don’t Have A Running Tribe, And That’s OK

I’m going to let you in on a secret.

I don’t have a running tribe: no running mentors, no #runnergirlgang, no best running friends. I have no matching motivational wrap bracelets, no cute “mother runner” slogan t-shirts, no wings, no hashtags.

You see it all over Instagram or Facebook, or maybe Strava lets you know four or five people went on a run together. Group runs with a coffee stop afterwards. Group-runs-with-the-stroller-plus-playdates-afterwards. A standing Friday morning run date with a training partner. I just don’t have that.

And that’s all right with me.


Mango’s training log 7.9.17

Week 3 of 18 for Baystate. Motto for this week: consistency, consistency, consistency.

I went back and looked at my old training logs for the last two marathons I did (Perth, in August 2013, and Gold Coast, in July 2014). I was nominally using the Hansons beginner plan, but not really adhering properly to it, and my peak mileage was maybe 45 miles due to work and…seriously, a 2.5-week trip to Italy in the middle of one cycle. Seriously.

But now I’ve been running consistently (like 20-30 miles a week), trained for three half marathons in the last year (May 2016, October 2016, May 2017), and actually run 5 half marathons (May 16, Oct 16, Nov 16, March 17, May 17, some as training runs for the others)…so maybe this round I’ll be somewhat more prepared for a full marathon? Something like that?

Monday – AM: 4 miles easy with stroller. PM: track with the group. 2 mi warmup, 3(1200,400). Total for the day: 9 miles

Tuesday – 3.2 miles easy with stroller. We went to a northern Massachusetts farm in the morning for some end-of-season strawberries, and had to drive 45 minutes back. Uh-oh! Any time the kiddo has a car ride after 10am, he takes a mini nap that ruins his real one. Inevitably, he took a 30-minute car nap. 1pm rolled around, and still no real nap. 2pm…no nap. So in the heat of the day, I loaded up the stroller, slathered us with sunscreen, and took the kiddo for a run…all the way to the ice cream shop. Happy Fourth of July!

one for the bucket… one for the mouth…one for the bucket…

Wednesday – Warmup, cooldown, 5 miles tempo: 8:58, 9:12, 8:48, 9:22, 9:14. Tempo runs are HARD, y’all. Total 6 miles

Thursday – Ran with Caraway who was visiting from out of town! (Thank goodness for flexible hours so I can do things like this; I tend to make it all up at night, which suits me fine.)
Original plan: run downtown to meet her, run 3 miles, run home. Got stuck doing work. Made up new plan: take the T downtown to meet her, run a bit, run home. Then I was stuck on the world’s slowest bus and there were delays on the T (oh, Boston). Ran downtown to meet her, ran 3 more miles, took the T back and ran to daycare pickup for a total of 6 miles.

Friday – rest

Saturday – long run, 12 miles.

seen on my run: sunrise over the reservoir

Sunday – unplanned rest day, because I honestly needed that extra hour of sleep more than I needed a few easy miles today; we went to the beach in the morning and then to a toddler birthday party in the afternoon.

Total: 36.2 miles, which is a nice gentle ramp-up for me instead of trying to jump straight into 40+ miles a week.
Yes, the 0.2 mile does not drive me crazy. I’m a Type A in life and a Type B in running.

Currently reading: Commencement, about the friendship between four young women during and after college. The characters sometimes tell, not show, rather clumsily, but it’s not terrible. Unfortunately I saw the ‘reveal’ coming from a mile away, but it was a sufficiently entertaining summer read; I especially enjoyed how spot-on the portraits were, and how exactly the book captured the sense of dislocation that college freshmen experience.

Currently listening to: Cape Francis, ‘Iditarod’

Currently eating: Homemade strawberry shortcake, using that Fourth of July haul