The Run Less Run Faster Experiment – Week 2

Welcome to the recap for Week 2 of 14 of the RLRF Experiment. The highlight of this week occurred during a piddly 2 mile run on Friday. I had been quite sore from Thursday’s workout (more on that later) and so I went into the run assuming I would feel like crap. I was judging the run before I even took one step. In fact, I did this for an more » Read more

The Run Less Run Faster Experiment – Week 1

I grew up on Spaghetti-Os and Doritos. Occasionally, my mom, sister, and I would delight in a home cooked meal by Grandma but canned goods and snacks were the staple of our working single parent household. As I got older and began running, I upgraded to pre-washed bags of iceburg lettuce and cooked noodles out of the box instead of the can. Without a solid foundation in cooking, I grew more » Read more

The Run Less Run Faster Experiment

Back in September, Running Times ran a great piece on maximizing your training time to still get results and even PRs. They shared profiles of other runners who train on low mileage plans and have had success. I was intrigued by the article but at the time, I still held on to the belief that in order to run any decent times, one must be running at least 30 miles more » Read more

Ginger’s Training Log – 2-23-14

Hi there. Enjoying the drama of the Indoor National Championships? Should be very interesting to see how this all pans out. So anyway, I haven’t been doing specific training lately but figured I’d give a little update on how my running is going these days. I am averaging 4-6 days a week with 20-45 minute runs each time. I am not training for any upcoming races, just running for health more » Read more

Nope to Dope: An Analysis of Performance Enhancing Drugs and Running

Darn you, Lance. Ever since news broke that the multiple Tour De France champion admitted to using performance enhancing drugs, I find it difficult to trust other athletes.  Three time Olympian Craig Virgin recently shared the same sentiment. And this is reinforced by news of American women marathoners like Deeja Youngquist and most recently Mary Akor.  I get a particularly uncomfortable feeling when thinking about last year’s Olympics in which Alberto more » Read more

Running Down a Dream: Radical Acceptance and the Competitive Runner

When is it time for a runner to stop chasing big dreams? Recently on the forums, runners debated this very question. We’ve talked about these big dreams here too. Of course, we are all for going after the craziest pie in the sky running goals and the easy answer to this question is never. But, something I’ve come to realize, and something the Letsrun discussion got me thinking about was a more » Read more

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide: A Runner In Recovery

Hi Salties. It’s me, Ginger. I’ve been away for a while. Where did I go, you ask? Well, well. It’s been quite a journey! I started running when I was sixteen. The summer going into my junior year of high school I began going for walks around my neighborhood, complete with my Sony Walkman. I’d leave the house for almost an hour at a time to enter my own little more » Read more

Gone Streaking?

In addition to my official running resoluion, my boyfriend James and I made an unofficial resolution to streak together. No, it wasn’t to see who could run naked the furthest without getting caught, although I guess nudity is an option! Many streakers claim that they didn’t intend to start a streak, it kind of just happened. Then after a year or so of streaking it became a new challenge to see how more » Read more

Cold Feet: My Akron Marathon Race Report

I have a confession to make. When I told you all that I was training by feel, enjoying it, and not worrying about the time I would run at my fall marathon, well, one of those things was a lie. Oh, I loved training by feel. And that is not going to change. I run to feel better, not worse. I run because I have a long history of struggling more » Read more

All Marathons Have a Backstory: Northern Ohio Marathon

After my post, All Marathons Have a Backstory was published, I got to thinking about all the other marathon stories developing this fall. In particular, one of my friends from college, Justin, had quite an amazing story to share. After reconnecting on Facebook, I offered him a platform to share that story. Today, it’s not about women’s running or men’s running. Being fast or being slow. It’s about living life to more » Read more