Ginger’s Training Log – 11/22/15

The week was, eh. I had planned to race the Fall Classic Half Marathon. I made it six miles before I decided to drop out due to intense IT band and knee pain, the same pain that started two weeks ago. The course is a double loop so after 6, I didn’t think it was a good idea to risk going back out there and possibly getting stranded. I was feeling good more » Read more

Ginger’s Training Log – 11-15-15

This week was bittersweet. I hit both of my workouts and felt great aerobically. Both workouts were better than any other tempo I did in the spring. However, the bitter part was that I’ve been struggling with some IT Band and knee pain. It isn’t injury territory yet and I hope to be able to keep it at bay. I’m back at the chiro and also increasing the amount of more » Read more

5 Running Lessons from Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill

20 years! Alanis Morissette’s breakthrough album, Jagged Little Pill, is now 20 years old. In honor of the anniversary, she is re-releasing the album with some added bonus material and is currently on a press tour to promote and revisit this modern-day classic. I heard Alanis talking about it on Howard Stern last week. It made me picture my 12-year-old self with my cassette tape pretending I understood the entire depth of her more » Read more

Ginger’s Training Log – 11-8-15

I’m two weeks out from the half marathon. Because I got a late start to the fall season, I am planning to use the race to jumpstart winter training. I am shooting for 1:44-1:46. It’s quite far from my 2012 PR of 1:39 but at the same time, it would be a step in the right direction. Monday: 50 minutes slow on the treadmill watching Breaking Bad. I am late more » Read more

The Mindful Competitive Runner

The mindfulness movement has been around for ages, but it’s only recently that it’s made its way into the mainstream. Mindfulness is defined as intentional awareness, or intentionally paying attention to the environment around you. It involves observing your environment through the five senses and more importantly, not judging the thoughts and feelings as good or bad as they occur. Instead of reacting to a thought or feeling, we learn through mindfulness to more » Read more

Ginger’s Training Log- 11-1-15

Goals for the week were to have a strong workout and a longer long run on the weekend. I accomplished both. It is still a bit of an adjustment running slower than a few years ago but for the most part, it relieves so much stress! Monday: Off/rest. I got a massage at a new place. It was a bit different. I went in expecting full body work, a relaxation more » Read more

Ginger’s Training Log – 10-25-15

This week featured a 10k race. And not just any 10k race. If you ever find yourself in Ohio, Youngstown specifically, around the end of October then you should consider running the Peace Race. This was my second time running and it only gets better. The scenery is perfect as much of the race is run in Mill Creek Park. It has energetic crowd support, quite a few downhills, free Dunkin Donuts and coffee, and more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: Have You Ever Had the Post-Race Blues?

After any major life event, a graduation, wedding, birth of a child, you might experience sadness, anger, or random moments of crying at commercials. A goal race is a major life event! Sure, it may just be running, but after pouring your blood, sweat, and tears into training day in day out for weeks, the days after a race can feel like a big let-down. This is the post-race blues and it is an actual more » Read more

Ginger’s Training Log – 10-18-15

Greetings, Salty followers. This week was a good one training wise as well as just in general when it comes to running. I volunteered to be a part of the Columbus Marathon Psyching Team, which is a group made of up of sport psychology and mental health professionals who help runners with the mental side of the race. We had a table at the expo and then were present in the corrals at more » Read more

Safety Skin: a New Running Essential to Keep You Safe on the Roads

Do you run in the dark, whether it’s early in the morning or late at night? Are you often concerned about being seen but don’t want to wear the equivalent of an orange safety cone? What about when it’s warm out and you want to be free in your sports bra and shorts? That reflective vest sure gets in the way! Well, a good friend of mine has THE solution more » Read more

Ginger’s Training Log – 10-11-15

I’m six weeks out from my fall half marathon race. I’m not expecting a PR or even a quick time. Rather, I’m using the goal race to get back into a routine, one where I’m not on the verge of burning out or facing injury. My bigger goal is to run a fall marathon next year. But along the way, I want to set some milestones. The first milestone will more » Read more

Ginger’s Training Log – 10-13-15

6 days of running this week and solid training is starting to take form. I enjoyed the cooler temps and a few runs in the rain. I feel stronger when running in overcast weather, not exactly sure why though. Overall, I’ve been doing ok the last few weeks but have struggled a bit with anxiety and depressive symptoms as I increase my medication back to my normal dose. I also more » Read more

5 Marathons to Follow This Fall

When you think of fall you probably think of pumpkins, leaves, the colors orange and brown, hay bales, and more pumpkins that beg to be spiced and placed in our food, candles, and lotions. My local taco joint joked that they are now serving pumpkin spiced tacos. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone was willing to try. I must admit, I’m a fan of the pumpkin spiced everything but there’s something more » Read more

Ginger’s Training Log – 9-27-15

I hit five days of running this week and continued to feel less awkward and achy, except for some intense DOMS after incorporating squats into my weekly routine again. Although I will be the first to admit that I love the feeling of delayed onset muscle soreness. To me, it’s like the body reminding you that you are alive, a saying hello of sorts. Overall, the week was a good more » Read more

Why The Pros Are Pros and How YOU Can Learn to Think Like One

Professional athletes have to handle immense amounts of pressure and stress. In fact, at the most recent Track and Field World Championships in Beijing, many American athletes with high expectations didn’t fair as well as they had originally planned. In particular, Molly Huddle had arguably the biggest heartbreak in the 10,000 meters after she failed to run through the finish line thus allowing fellow American Emily Infeld to nab the more » Read more