Ginkgo’s Baby Story

“I know there is a lot of stigma and really, the word is ignorance, behind pregnant women and exercising […] and the truth is, it’s good for the mom and the baby.” -Alysia Montano, after running an 800-meter at the USATF championships in Sacramento at 34 weeks pregnant. Alysia Montano, an American middle-distance runner and five-time USA Outdoor Champion who has conquered the 800 meter distance in a sizzling 1:57.34 more » Read more

Ginkgo’s Training Log 6.14.14

Counting down the days until Baby Sexton arrives! I’ve been transitioning to what I call “running walks”. I run (approximately a 9:45 minute pace these days) for about 5 minutes, walk about 2 minutes, run again about 5 minutes (you get the point) for a 2 or 3 mile loop. Between the growing pressure, Braxton Hick’s, and immediate urge to pee every time I leave the house (no matter how more » Read more

Pregnant Running Inspiration: Kara Goucher

“So my advice to you when your pregnancy comes is to calmly let your running take a backseat for a while. For however long it takes. Meanwhile, embrace your pregnancy for all it’s worth.” As my feet pounded heavily on my attempted run today and I felt out-of-breath and hopeless just two miles in, I got to wondering how the Kara Gouchers of the elite running world handled their pregnancies? more » Read more

5 Ways The End of Pregnancy is Like the End of a Marathon

At about 4 weeks before my due date, I’m gearing up for the final push and getting ready for the biggest finish line of my life –  you know, the one with the stirrups and IVs, the hospital gown and that itty bitty newborn that’s all mine (oh, and my husband’s!) who might look like an alien for the first few days, but he’ll be the cutest gosh darn thing more » Read more

Ginkgo’s Pregnant Training Log 5.18.14

We’re approaching the 33 week mark of pregnancy, and I’m managing to jog and transition to walking, when the pressure becomes a little too much.  My belly is definitely growing day by day and things are getting ‘real’! We were able to get an ultrasound where they told us the babe is almost 4 pounds and has a full head of hair! Sunday -5.11: 20 minute jog at my parent’s more » Read more

Ginkgo’s Training Log 4.20.14

Wishing all the best to those running in BOSTON tomorrow, including our very own Salties (Vanilla, Clove, Wasabi…!!). I am so proud to be part of this community and thinking of all the pride and solidarity that will be shown tomorrow brings tears to my eyes. God bless those who have endured injury, death, sadness from last year’s occurrences…may this year be a celebration of those lives. In Ginkgo land, more » Read more

Ginkgo’s Training Log 4.13.14

Another week being grateful for the little miracle growing inside of me, who is on-track and measuring just a tad bit ahead of schedule (in terms of length – which makes sense since momma and poppa are both pretty tall characters). I got in about 20 miles of running this week and supplemented with long walks with Otto/hubby/sister, which I look forward to on a daily basis! Sunday 4.6 – more » Read more

Ginkgo’s Training Log 4.6.14

Ginkgo here. Still trucking along. At 27 weeks pregnant, I am officially entering what is known as the “last lap” of pregnancy: the coveted third trimester! To be honest, I’m terrified. All the literature I read and the women who tell me their advice, experience and tidbits (whether I want them to or not…LOL) points to the third trimester being the toughest, especially when it comes to running. Some of more » Read more

Spring Cleaning for Runners: What to Do with Those Excessive Shirts, Medals, and Gels

Maybe it’s the warm weather teasers or the fact that I’m starting the nesting phase of pregnancy,  but I’ve been hit with spring cleaning fever. We’ve been purging out our spare bedroom to make it nursery ready and slowly reogranizing the garage to make more space. It feels SO good to just get RID of excess. I got to thinking about the excess running swag that is disorganized and sporadically more » Read more