Sarah Brown: A Different Kind of Fairytale

2015 promised to be a dream year for Sarah Brown. She ran personal bests and her blazing times seemed to make her a shoe-in for a spot on the World Championship 1500 meter team. But at the 2015 USATF Track & Field Outdoor Championship meet, something wasn’t right; she faltered during the last 200 meters of the race. Reacting to her disappointment, she and her coach, husband Darren Brown, dug in deeper and more » Read more

Who to Watch at the Olympic Trials: Ellie Hess

Giving birth to four kids in seven years is no easy feat. But having four kids in seven years while marathon training, and then actually qualifying for the Olympic Marathon Trials in your first marathon? Simply amazing! That’s Ellie Hess, the former DIII All-American who excelled in the 5k and steeplechase in college. Ellie currently trains and races as a member of Cleveland Elite Development and somehow finds the time and energy for more » Read more

Should Pregnant Runners Follow Training Plans?

In the few days after learning I was pregnant with my first child, I wondered if should stick with my training plan. I quickly found, however, that was not going to happen. From morning sickness and fatigue in the first trimester to increasing back discomfort and round ligament pain in the second and Braxton-Hicks contractions in the third, I found that listening to my body and running just for the sake of getting out more » Read more

On the 7th Day of Christmas Running Gave To Me: a Healthy Pregnancy

Here at Salty Running, we know moms-to-be can keep running as long as their pregnancies are normal. But I knew I wasn’t exactly going to have a “normal” pregnancy, at least not mentally. When I first saw those two pink lines, I admit that negative thoughts of inevitable weight gain and reduced mileage flooded my mind, despite the blissful joy of realizing I’d been blessed with my little “nugget.” Running more » Read more

Jessica Odorcic Runs to Overcome

On September 21, 2013, two days before she was supposed to run one of the biggest races of her life and where she would attempt to qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials, Jessica sat beside her husband at the Seidman Cancer Center in Cleveland, Ohio, trying to digest devastating, heart-wrenching news that would ultimately steal away her Tommy. In August of 2012 Jessica’s best friend and husband had been diagnosed more » Read more

Ginkgo’s Cbus Half Report: A Shiny New PR for #TeamSully

I wasn’t chasing a half-marathon PR for the usual glory when I lined up with the crowds at the Columbus Marathon and Half. This year I was going to PR for Sully. Sully is a four-year-old who would be watching for me run by from the window of his room at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital. He’s also the son of my sorority sister and good friend, a self-proclaimed ‘non-runner’ who would take on more » Read more

Ginkgo Tries a Tri

Cyclists are so quick to tell us runners we should try cycling: it’s easier on the knees, they say. I’ve heard this for several years while working as a staff partner for a popular long-distance bike race. I just wrote it off as a recruitment technique, but I think there’s some method to the madness after last weekend. In fact, I took it up a notch and added in another more » Read more

Racing with a Stroller

This Saturday, I ventured out to semi-race my first 5k equipped with a jogging stroller and a 23 pound 11 month-old. My take-away from the experience? Racing while pushing a stroller is a completely different animal from racing without one! However, racing with the stroller can be great way to enjoy the camaraderie of a race and share the experience with your little one. Bonus: you can race without a baby sitter! more » Read more

Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Winter Running with Babies and Pets

Oh baby, it’s cold outside. Like, realllly cold outside.  We are talking snot icicles. Snowy eyelash mascara. 5 layers of running clothes and a sexy gaiter face mask. Yea, it’s winter in the northeast! As of this writing it was 6 degrees with about 4 inches blanketing the streets of Columbus, Ohio. Icy patches made my 3 miler a bit treacherous. In a few days another clipper is supposed to more » Read more

Moms RUN This Town Might Just Be the Running Group for You

When I had my first son last June, I coincidentally noticed a Facebook Group called ‘Moms RUN This Town‘ on my sidebar. Because I was curious and trying to meet as many new moms as possible as I wiped the sleep from my eyes and the spit up from my shoulders and clicked on the link. I’m so glad I did, because I now have a group to run with more » Read more

Flying Feather #Run4Wine Race Recap

My hubs was ‘on call’ for Thanksgiving so we weren’t able to travel to our usual destination (Cleveland) , meaning we could partake in the Columbus Flying Feather 4 miler on Thanksgiving morening. One of my favorite parts? The free sangria for every participant at the end! No need to place in the top three for a store-bought pumpkin pie at this race. No siree. Free wine for EVERYONE! We more » Read more

Ginkgo’s First Postpartum Half Marathon

If you kept up with my posts last spring and summer, you may have realized that my world has been flipped and turned upside down as of late. Our first son, Connor, was born on June 22, 2014, and my priorities, including my running, have all changed significantly in the past couple of months. Finding time to train with a four month old isn’t exactly an easy task and functioning more » Read more

Running and Breastfeeding: Mastitis

About a year ago, Salty wrote a information-laden post about breastfeeding and training: Got Milk? Running and Breastfeeding . Since that post appeared, I’ve had my own baby and have been exclusively breastfeeding for the past three months, which has brought me back to reading this post several times. I want to ensure that my milk supply and quality are not being affected by my desire to train for a half more » Read more

Ginkgo’s Training Log 9.28.14

Squeezed in many 2 and 3 mile runs in the wee hours of the morning this week; which was all my schedule really allowed since Sam was ‘on-call’ and had class several nights this week…with a newborn and busy, busy hubby, running took a backseat. Otto (our pup), of course, enjoyed it because it meant he ran with me most mornings. I was able to get in a quality 10-miler more » Read more

Ginkgo’s Training Log 9.21.14

This week wasn’t up-to-par in terms of planned mileage. I came down with a second bout of mastitis from breastfeeding and was out for the count from Wednesday through Saturday. Blerg! More on that to come…anyways, here’s what I managed despite it. Sunday: 6 miles tempo Monday: 3 miles at 5 a.m.! Tuesday: Didn’t get much sleep and was planning on going with the New Albany crew but decided to more » Read more