Ginkgo’s Training Log 4.13.14

Another week being grateful for the little miracle growing inside of me, who is on-track and measuring just a tad bit ahead of schedule (in terms of length – which makes sense since momma and poppa are both pretty tall characters). I got in about 20 miles of running this week and supplemented with long walks with Otto/hubby/sister, which I look forward to on a daily basis! Sunday 4.6 – more » Read more

Ginkgo’s Training Log 4.6.14

Ginkgo here. Still trucking along. At 27 weeks pregnant, I am officially entering what is known as the “last lap” of pregnancy: the coveted third trimester! To be honest, I’m terrified. All the literature I read and the women who tell me their advice, experience and tidbits (whether I want them to or not…LOL) points to the third trimester being the toughest, especially when it comes to running. Some of more » Read more

Spring Cleaning for Runners: What to Do with Those Excessive Shirts, Medals, and Gels

Maybe it’s the warm weather teasers or the fact that I’m starting the nesting phase of pregnancy,  but I’ve been hit with spring cleaning fever. We’ve been purging out our spare bedroom to make it nursery ready and slowly reogranizing the garage to make more space. It feels SO good to just get RID of excess. I got to thinking about the excess running swag that is disorganized and sporadically more » Read more

Ginkgo’s Training Log 3.23.14

Welp, this week has been an interesting one…to say the least. It started off with a St. Patrick’d Day 4-miler race with the hubs. We had so much fun bopping along together ( I think we jogged at about a 10:30 pace) and Sam enjoyed some free green beer at the end. We ran into a few co-workers and had a great time chatting- it’s been nice coming to races in a more more » Read more

Ginkgo’s Training Log 3.2.14

Hallelujah. It’s March. Spring is 18 days away. There is HOPE for an outside running routine that lasts for more than one day and doesn’t involve ICE, SNOW, FROZEN EYELASHES… So, I’m about 22 weeks along and, if you happened to read my post this week about running in the 2nd trimester, well, I’m not doing all that much running. I’m hanging in there though and exercising as much as more » Read more

When it Comes to Running in the 2nd Trimester, Not All Pregnancies Are the Same

I’m well into my second trimester now (21 weeks) and felt the inspiration to share some updates about my attempt to continue running while pregnant. If you read the second trimester installment of Salty’s What to Expect from Running When You’re Expecting, you’d think that in the second trimester you’ll completely forget you’re pregnant; everyday will be a good day; you’ll be able to get your mileage back up to where you were before more » Read more

The Sexy Runner Lolo Debacle

If you can’t win an Olympic medal in running, why not try bobsledding? As a bobsledder, you’re required to build up speed at the start, hop in the sled gracefully, and then let the driver do the work. Seems fairly transferable, right?  You’ve got to be fast, strong, and coordinated: an Olympic hurdler fits that bill perfectly. Though she did not medal in either the 2008 or 2012 Summer Olympics, more » Read more

Ginkgo’s Training Log 2.2.14

To be honest, I’m glad it’s February. Not for the gushy holiday stuck in the middle, but for the sheer fact that this means Spring is one month closer. In the meantime, I’m struggling to stick with running during these ice cold days with paths of snow and ice. I hate to be a Negative Nancy, but it’s tough being contained to a treadmill when your body is pregnant! I more » Read more

Ginkgo’s Training Log 1.19.2014

I’m just about 16 weeks and feeling pretty good these days. I’ve heard that the 2nd trimester is the “honeymoon” phase when some pregnant women say they almost forget that they are pregnant. I wouldn’t go that far (still having tummy issues/headaches/and some crankiness) but I would say my energy is just about where it was pre-pregnancy. Besides the crappy, icy, cold temperatures…I’m pretty confident that I can run. In more » Read more

To Run or Not to Run: First Trimester Butterflies

The past 13 weeks have been markedly out-of-character for me. I’ve been sleeping a lot and skimping on the running.  I’ve been taking long, drawn-out, three-hour naps (whenever I can and wishing I could be whenever I can’t). I’ve eaten more Kentucky Fried Chicken mashed potatoes with extra salt and drank more V-8 juice than I ever thought possible. I haven’t made it through a single night’s sleep without having to get up and pee more » Read more