Molly Stout is Chasing Down a PR in Boston

It’s been two years since Molly Stout last crossed the finish line on Boylston Street. The 33-year-old will be running her 20th marathon at the 120th Boston Marathon. She’s been running for many years, steadily dropping her marathon time by more than an hour, and is coming off a big PR of 3:14 at the 2015 Philadelphia Marathon. Molly’s life revolves around running and healthy living. By day, she works more » Read more

5 Types of “Runners” You’ll Find When Online Dating

Valentine’s Day! First it was a celebration for a bunch of saints named Valentine (seriously, there were three of them), and then Chaucer had to go and write a drippy poem connecting the saints’ day with lovers, and then came the flowers, chocolate, chintzy cards … and Tinder? Maybe ol’ Valentine of Rome and Chaucer didn’t see that one coming, but for many a single lady, online dating is all the romance more » Read more

Why Do Ultra-Runners Walk the Hills?

It was a long time ago now, when I trained for my first 50K. One of my first group trail runs was 10-miles run mostly on a two-loop trail. A pretty decently-sized group showed up for that run, maybe 25 or so people, and we started out on that crisp fall morning at a comfortable jog. We left the parking lot, ran under a covered bridge, onto a trail next to the road, then more » Read more

Online Dating and Runners

About a month or so ago, I found myself single again and a little cynical about dating, but needing to “put my life back together,” and get back out there. So Salty had really great timing when she sent out a message to us about Fitness Singles. Mostly about how she and her husband make fun of the ads (how can you not? They’re pretty easy to laugh at), but more » Read more

Coriander’s Oil Creek 100K Race Report

Two years ago, I was a pretty inexperienced ultra runner. I had done a handful of 50K’s, one 50-miler and was supposed to run my first 100K (62 miles) at Oil Creek in Pennsylvania the second weekend of October. My training leading up to it was kind of a joke. I had done a few 20+ long runs and PR’ed the Akron Marathon. The week before Oil Creek, I decided more » Read more

Coriander’s Training Log: 10.5.14

Yes, I’m actually posting a training log! It’s been so long, I can’t even remember the last time I wrote one, sorry. This week ended another training cycle for me. I’m off to Pennsylvania for the Oil Creek 100K on Saturday. I’ve attempted this race and distance before two years ago, but quit at mile 23 with a knee injury. This weekend’s race has been two years in the making more » Read more

Four Workouts to Help Build Mental Toughness

Of course it’s important for us runners to be physically strong, but anyone who has run an endurance race knows that there comes a point when your mind does the heavy lifting.  When your legs are tired and your body aches and your brain starts to give up, the key to saving a challenging race is what you do mentally to push through the pain and the rough spots. My more » Read more

Coriander’s Mohican 100 Race Report

It was nearing 4 a.m. on June 21st and I was ready to go: shoes on, bug spray and body glide applied, watches set, pack filled. All I had to do was get out of the chair, hop in the car, drive the 10 minutes to the start line and run for the next 24-25 hours or so. That was it. “Are you OK?” my friend, Erin, asked me. “I more » Read more

Catching up with Coriander … and Scott Jurek!

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from Salty Running. The past few months or so have been a whirlwind, including a breakup, career change and move to a new neighborhood. And with all of that going on, I’ve still had time to run a few 50Ks (and do very well at them), train for my second 100 miler and start dating again. When I first started at my more » Read more

Coriander’s Green Jewel 50K Race Report

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to accomplish in 2014. I had such an amazing year last year, how could I possibly top it? I set a few competitive (and maybe a little aggressive) goals for the 50K, 100 mile and 100K distances and got very selective in which races I picked. I wanted to start the season with the Green Jewel 50K, in which more » Read more

Coriander’s Training Log: 3.23.14

Ugh, another week, another late training log! I was off work all of last week (been with the company for almost 5 years = random staycations) and slept in, watched a lot of the Today Show and reality TV and cleaned and cooked dinner. I also started 100 mile training! Yay! I guess technically, I’m always training for that, but I’m spending more time on the trails and my coach more » Read more

Coriander’s Taper and Recovery Log: 3.9.14 & 3.16.14

It’s been a really long two weeks! Two weeks ago was my easy week leading up to my first ultra of the year and I haven’t ran that much lately because of much needed rest and recovery. Week ending March 9: Monday: Off. Tuesday: 15 min warmup, 5×2:00 at 5K(ish) pace with 1:00 rest, 15 min cool down. This was a good workout leading up to the race. It felt more » Read more

Coriander’s Training Log: 3.2.14

After a few really strong weeks, this past one was not great at all. A mix of crappy, cold weather, downshift in miles, stress at work and that time of the month all happened in the same week and resulted in a blah week I didn’t really want to have right before race day. My first ultra of 2014 is on Saturday. I’ve been super selective in picking out my more » Read more

Coriander’s Training Log: 2.16.14 & 2.23.14

I am such a training log slacker! My last two weeks of heavy training for my next 50K went really, super duper well. I’m feeling great going into this race and I’ve gotten a lot of great training runs in. That being said though, my mind is constantly on my 100 milers this year. I have lots of big things coming this year and I’m trying to focus on one more » Read more

Treadmill Tip of the Week: Treadmills are for Ultrarunners Too!

There’s one place where most ultra runners refuse to run. We love our trails, hills, mud, rocks and roots. We have our favorite parks and routes where we spend our weekends running, training and getting ready for our spring races. No matter what the weather, we’re there. It makes us tougher, stronger, more prepared for whatever the longer races throw at us. But that one place we refuse to train more » Read more