Death Valley Days = Badwater Training Gut Check

This past weekend was the LA Marathon, and since the Clif Bar Pace Team handles the pacing chores, DB and I were out west.  What better opportunity, we thought, to add in a visit to Death Valley, and re-visit the course we’ve now played on six different times. I’ve written before about what it’s like to run in Death Valley, specifically about the time that DB and I created our more » Read more

Clove’s Training Log: 2.21.2015 – 2.27.2015

Hallelujah!  It was a rest week!  I couldn’t believe how productive I was at work, or how rested and alive I felt.  And then, of course, the weekend rolled around and I started getting DB’s cold.  That’s the way it crumbles, I guess. Saturday, February 21:  Easy 3 miles with DB and our friend Ann on some “secret trails” at Disney World.  I was uncharacteristically nervous about my pacing gig the more » Read more

Clove’s Training Log: 2.14.2015 – 2.20.2015

Heh.  For my first 100-mile week in a year, Mother Nature certainly pulled out all the stops.  Sandy snow, sub-zero temperatures and even worse windchills.  What outstanding Badwater training! Actually, I don’t entirely kid.  I was so profoundly overdressed on two occasions that I was moving like Randy during the snowsuit scene in “A Christmas Story”.  Which says nothing for drenched – soaked, I say! – my first and second layers were. more » Read more

Clove’s Training Log: 1.31.2015 – 2.13.2015

Hi Salties!  As promised, I’m back and looping you in on where my training’s at. While Badwater (“BW”) looms large, there’s a big stepping stone on the way:  the Umstead 100 on March 28.  I was in the middle of a block in which I was supposed to run an 80-mile week, a 90-mile week, and then a 100-mile week, but due to my travel schedule, I had to flip it to more » Read more

Clove’s Big Announcement!!!

I’m going to need bottles.  Lots of them. So let’s let the cat out of the bag, and quickly.  I won’t be needing baby bottles, I’ll be needing water bottles.  Lots of them.  ‘Cause Clove’s been accepted to run BADWATER. Yes, the Badwater 135, the mysterious, storied, painful, beautiful, at times completely unfathomable, Badwater.  135 miles across Death Valley, from the lowest point in the continental US (the Badwater Basin) more » Read more

Clove’s (!) Training Log: Week of 1.18.2014

Hullo?  Anyone out there? Yeah, it’s me.  You know the one – the one who spent half of last year trying to get knocked up via drugs, doctors and procedures, then ran a quickie 100-miler when it didn’t work, and then proceeded to fall off the face of the Salty earth? I’m baaaa-aaaack.  And I’m sorry. You know, I meant to get back a hundred different times.  Busy is not more » Read more

Clove’s Secret: The Things That Running Cannot Heal

Nope, this one’s not about infertility. Those of you that follow me may have noticed that I dropped off the radar after the failed pregnancy push earlier this year.  I did exactly as planned; trained up as best I could over five weeks and ran Burning River.  There should have been a race report.  Actually, most of the race report exists, but it became too painful to finish.  I need more » Read more

Runners are Not Special – Until They Make Others Feel the Same

Yesterday, a friend of mine posted an article on Facebook that resonated with me.  So much, in fact, that I immediately realized that our own community could use some similar reminders. Kristen and I met more than ten years ago.  She was training for her first marathon and I had just moved to Columbus.  We had some fun times running and going out with friends until she moved away (boo), more » Read more

Clove’s Training & Fertility Treatment Log: Week 5, Cycle Four

Well, I guess I’ll just cut to the chase. 19 weeks, 76 shots, five pregnant days back in March – but no baby. Sorry, Salties, but I’m not pregnant.  Definitely not pregnant. I’ve had so many thoughts, so many ruminations, so many emotions over the past week, and yet this post just isn’t working out to be one of my more emotional ones.  I had thought, a week or so more » Read more

Clove’s Training and Fertility Treatment Log: Weeks 3 & 4, Cycle Four

We’re a little under two weeks from a big sea change here; I’ll either be miraculously pregnant, or I’ll be training for Burning River.  The biggest change this week has been the shift in my mindset; I feel as if I’ve turned the corner from hoping and praying and moved on to envisioning a day at Burning River.  In many ways, I feel as if I’m just waiting out these more » Read more

Badwater 101

Badwater. In short, it’s 135 miles across Death Valley in 120 degree temperatures.  The pavement alone reaches up to 128 degrees. It’s nothing short of epic.  It’s Coriander’s long-term stretch goal, and her post awhile back was enough to get me reminiscent of my four trips there; twice crewing the official race and twice “playing with fire.”  And let’s not lie, I’ve got my eye on that sucker too.  But I’ve more » Read more

Clove’s Training and Fertility Treatment Log: Week 2, Cycle Four

The weekend of “floating my boat” down in Lauderdale was such a wonderful, relaxing break – in spite of all the running.  It just felt so good to put it all down for a few days, with the exception of the ten minutes I spent preparing and doing my shots.  DB and I got to spend some quality running (and relaxing) time together, getting excited for Badwater, gearing up for more » Read more

Clove’s Training and Fertility Treatment Log: Week 1, Cycle Four

The results are in – in the title, that is.  Week 1, Cycle Four, otherwise known as “An Introduction to Nun Piss and the Part Where Sh*t Gets Serious.” But more on that later. Related PostsClove’s Training and Fertility Treatment Log: Week 3, Cycle One Unfinished Business: Another Dear Santa Letter The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Defeat: Face Your Fear of Failure I Might Be Down But I’m more » Read more

Clove’s Training and Fertility Treatment Log: Weeks 3 – 5, Cycle Three

Salty readers, it has been a crazy busy few weeks for the Clove-ster.  Nothing bad, just a lot of work, travel for work, running around and general malaise from the treatments. While I got a little behind in posting my logs, I was indeed still jotting them down.  Cycle three went much better than cycle two, both on a day to day basis and in terms of anticipated success, but more » Read more