Crewing Badwater: The Toughest Race You’ve Never Run

There’s a common acronym for the word “crew” in the ultrarunning world:  Cranky Runner, Endless Waiting.  Well, I’m going to be doing my very best not to be cranky (it’s quite rude to the person who’s literally serving you), but the waiting can indeed be endless, especially at Badwater.  So what exactly does a Badwater crew do, and how is it different from “regular” crewing?  All the answers here for more » Read more

Clove’s Badwater Training Log: 6.27.2015

As I write this post, I am a mere five working days from taper, with only two key workouts left.  It’s true.  I can’t believe I’m this close to the taper (and race day) – but then again, it’s been such a long, hot road that I believe every bit of it.  And then some.  The idea that I’m going to get up on Saturday morning and have nothing more more » Read more

How to Train for Badwater: Extra Everything

It’s been no surprise to me that people are curious about Badwater – and even more curious about how one even begins to train for it.  There’s certainly not the wealth of “couch to Badwater” training programs that there are for the 5K, 10K, and half marathon distances; even my non-runner friends who are able to get their heads around 100-milers have been stymied anew by this latest adventure of mine.  Extra more » Read more

Badwater and Cystic Fibrosis: Why I’m Breaking my Rule and Running for Charity

I’m running Badwater for charity, and it’s not an entirely easy decision.  I’ve long struggled with fundraising and running for charities, and here’s why: A number of years ago, DB and I asked my mother to stop getting us “things” for birthdays and Christmas.  In truth, being that we are in that reversed financial position where we are better off than our respective parents, we didn’t want gifts at all, more » Read more

Clove’s Badwater Training Log – 6.26.2015

It is strange, a bit, to post training logs in arrears.  Since I am feeling the present (rainy, again) day, I will start by speaking of today.  I am exhausted.  Just completely worn out.  Still not overtraining, which is almost disappointing, because then I’d get to back off before the taper.  But I’ve come this far, and with only 12 working days before the taper starts, I can finally see more » Read more

Clove’s Badwater Training Log – 6.19.2015

There were six weeks to go at the start of this one; my heaviest four-week build followed by a severe taper.  Coming off of my rest week did nothing good for me, but I wasn’t surprised.  Much like DOMS, I often find that it’s your workout from two days prior that affects your performance on a long run; in a similar fashion, I usually struggle the week immediately after a more » Read more

Clove’s Training Log – 6.12.2015

Badwater.  Where even the rest weeks are brutal. Admittedly, I spent less total time training; at the same time, when you realize you spent three hours training on a single day of a “rest” week, you get a little overwhelmed.  The temperatures finally got into the high 80’s as well, adding a special challenge.  Read on to learn how Clove’s been “resting” lately. Saturday, June 6:  The North Face Whistler more » Read more

Badwater 135 Primer: Everything You Always Wanted to Know (or Maybe Not)

So, Clove I’ve been reading your crazy training logs and I’ve seen you drop Badwater like a hot potato over and over and over again, but there’s just one thing … Uh, what exactly is this Badwater thing, anyway? With a broad swath of readers here on Salty Running, I’m guessing that some of you know what it is; some of you have heard of it; and some of you, more » Read more

Clove’s Badwater Training Log: 6.5.2015

Back to the nitty-gritty of the training posts, so Salty figured we should put this on the front page and catch everyone up on my shenanigans. And yes when I say nitty-gritty, I mean it: things are most definitely getting gritty.  This was week three of a heavy push, but I knew I just had to make it through this third week to get to my step-back week.  Continuing to more » Read more

Clove’s Badwater Training Log: The Catch Up Post!

I’m here!  I’m here! I’ve already referenced a few times in my training posts what a time-consuming undertaking this is, and while it’s so exciting, it’s also exhausting.  Keeping work-life-training (and laundry!) balance in check, in addition to work travel, really caught up to me in May.  I’m going to keep the catch up post brief so you know that I got the work done, and return to giving more more » Read more

Clove’s Badwater Training Log: 4.18.2015 – 5.1.2015

No, I didn’t pass out in the sauna during the last two weeks.  I was traveling for work and getting my arse kicked by the beast that is Badwater! My mileage is still relatively low, and I don’t hit my first 80 – 90 mile weeks until mid-May.  Time management, however, is already becoming an issue, and it’s something I’m continuing to work on every day.  I’m so incredibly blessed more » Read more

Clove’s Badwater Training Log: 4.11.2015 – 4.17.2015

This entry shall otherwise be titled “My Twisted Spine.” My twisted spine put a dent in things this week.  Some people would say, “Star.  It was the very low mileage first week of a 15-week training plan, coming off of the training that got you to a PR 100-miler.”  Those people would be correct, but I would remind them that I am a super Type-A perfectionist, and that even though more » Read more

Clove’s Recovery/Badwater Prep Training Log: 4.4.2015 – 4.10.2015

This week was still a no-running/recovery week from Umstead, but it involved more active recovery and less sheer gluttony and laziness.  The biggest news is that I began my sauna sessions; I’ll be going on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and working my way up to a full hour between 180 and 200 degrees.  I also started my uphill walking workouts in preparation for Badwater’s longest and steepest hills, combining a relatively more » Read more

Clove’s Training and Food (So Much Food) Log: 3.28.15 – 4.3.15

As I have no training this week, I shall provide a fun look into 100-mile recovery! Saturday, March 28:  100 miles in 19:13, pajama pants. Sunday, March 29:  Rest with legs elevated until it becomes necessary to fly home.  Attempt to drink apple juice to take edge off of growling but nauseated stomach.  Become obsessed with thought of scrambled eggs.  Decide that scrambled eggs are the only edible food on more » Read more

How to PR a 100 Miler: The Good, the Bad and the Bloody

They always say you can’t control the weather, but you can control your attitude.  Challenging as it was at times, the weather could have been much worse.  Mother Nature, however, still had some fun plans for me, and decided to inform me of said plans at about 4 pm the evening before the race.  I was resolute – after all, I’ve been doing this thing for some 25 years now more » Read more