5 Ways Running is RUINING YOUR LIFE!!!

Ahh, infotainment!  I’ve always detested “human interest” pieces in the news; they’re so often transparent ploys to manipulate the audience into associating the news organization with emotional high ground, and they wind up blurring the lines between real, factual news and gelatinous informational flatulence. I hold infotainment responsible for convincing non-runners that we are ruining our lives by pursuing a hobby that keeps us happy and fit, a position that’s more » Read more

Cinnamon’s Training Log 4.6.14

Woohoo!  I hit forty!  After weeks of setbacks thwarting my attempt to hit forty miles a week, I finally managed to do it, food-poisoning-be-damned! During this conditioning cycle I’ve worked hard to get faster, so it should not have come as a surprise to me that the strong 40-miles weekly base that came so easily last year kept slipping through my fingers. Intensity makes a big difference! That’s also true more » Read more

FINAL FOUR – The Greatest Women’s Running Blog

Voting is closed! *****Don’t know what this is? Check out the main tournament post HERE.***** The crux of March Madness is here! Vote for your favorites in the Salty Running Greatest Women’s Running Blog Tournament after the jump! Related PostsGreatest Women’s Running Blog: Red Division, Round One The Greatest Women’s Running Blog Tournament Greatest Women’s Running Blog: Yellow Division, Round One Greatest Women’s Running Blog: Green Division, Round One Greatest more » Read more

Greatest Women’s Running Blog: Sweet 16

Voting ends tonight (3/31) at 11:59 p.m. EST! *****Don’t know what this is? Check out the main tournament post HERE.***** Find out results of round one and choose your favorite bloggers for the Sweet 16 Round of the Salty Running Greatest Women’s Running Blog Tournament! Vote after the jump! Related PostsGreatest Women’s Running Blog: Blue Division, Round One The CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND – The Greatest Women’s Running Blog! Read more

Find Balance! Train the Total Athlete

My hamstrings are sore again. They’re getting worse.  I know I should stretch more, but I always forget until I’m running late and then I don’t have time. I started running because it was cheaper than other exercise.  I can’t afford a massage! Where does she get off suggesting the gym to me?  I’m a runner! I’m fit enough. Ugh, cross training?  But I don’t like other kinds of exercise! more » Read more

5 Reasons You Need a Salty Running Tech Shirt!

Salty merch is finally here! Today is the grand opening of the Salty Running Store, where you can get super cool “Get Chicked” tech tee and help support your favorite independent collaborative women’s running blog! We’re so proud of this little community you’ve helped us build over the last two+ years, and every time we hit an expo we think about how cool it would be to show off that more » Read more

Quick Highlights from the Indoor World Champs

I never followed running news before former Salty Blogger Rosemary got me interested with her post, “A Running Girl’s Guide to Following the Sport.“  And over the last couple years, especially since I’m writing and editing for Salty Running, I’ve become a regular FloTrack junkie!  For those like me, you know that last week was the 2014 IAAF Indoor World Championships in Sopot, Poland.  And for those who aren’t looking more » Read more

5 Arrestable Offenses All Runners Commit

So this is a little late to the party, but the story is so ridiculous we think it’s still prime for a Friday 5!  A couple weeks ago a man took photos of Austin police in action during a jaywalking “sting operation” – an admirable use of tax dollars since, as we all know, crossing streets in defiance of signals is a gateway crime that often launches perps into a more » Read more

When Training Slips, Watch the Self Talk

We all talk to ourselves; it’s human nature.  On both good days and bad, we coach ourselves along through life, celebrating victory, lamenting defeat and encouraging ourselves in-between. At least, that’s the idea, but very often those of us with competitive natures can be found to scold ourselves, disrupting the rhythm of encouragement with phrases like “I did it again.” “What’s wrong with me?” and “I could never do what more » Read more

Unreal Food Revisited – Natural Fuel Options for Runners

One of the most popular posts I have ever written is “A Real Conversation About Unreal Food,” which I wrote in August of 2012.  The post discusses a British Medical Journal article written by Timothy Noakes (of Waterlogged fame), and continues to bring traffic around to Salty Running, having received its latest comment just a couple days ago.  The BMJ article is heavily critical of certain sport science institutions that more » Read more