Cilantro’s Training Log – 9.25.16

My first peak week of the season, I knew this week would be tough – I just didn’t know how tough (foreshadowing, are you intrigued?). The workouts: Monday:  Recovery day, 5.5 easy miles (estimated pace 9:00, I wasn’t wearing my watch, but I know the distance and the time it took me to cover it). Crossfit after work: 10 RFT: 7xKB swings, 5xburpees. Strength: 3×10 deadlifts Tuesday: 8 miles total, more » Read more

Science and Running: How Do You Know What’s Good and What’s Junk?

In 2010, thanks in large part to Christopher’s McDougall‘s Born to Run, barefoot running became the newest running trend. Everywhere I went I heard about the health benefits of running barefoot. I heard it all, from “You’ll never get injured again!” to “You’ll be so fast!”. And research seemed to back up the barefoot running phenomena, yet I remained stubbornly unwilling to try. I was a bit relieved, then, when other research more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 9.18.16

Post-race, I started the week with either easy pace or longer interval runs to aid recovery.  Overall, a good week and I’m looking forward to more high-intensity training this week. The workouts: Monday: 6 easy miles, 8:34 pace except warm-up. Crossfit after work: 10 minutes AMRAP: 15xair squats, 10xTRX push-ups, 5xTRX pull-ups, :30 plank.  Strength: 5,6,7,8,9xdeadlifts A note on the crossfit recovery workout I mention post-long run and race.  Yesterday, more » Read more

To Race Well, You Need to Get Real: My Stanky Creek 25k Race Report

The story behind my Stanky Creek 25k race is much longer and, frankly, more important than the actual race itself. For the most part, the hardest part of a race isn’t the actual race: it’s the months or years of training that lead up to it. But since I started running, and possibly with the exception of my very first marathon and 50 miler, I have struggled with meeting my more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 9.11.16

I had a race on Sunday, so this was an easier week all-around, which was appropriate because I was also a bit under the weather (hold up, why am I speaking in code?  I was PMS’ing and if affects every aspect of my life).  One of the reasons I like the CrossFit Endurance plan is the one-week taper (two-three weeks has always felt way too long) and it make it more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 9.4.16

Another awesome week in the land of dropping temperatures, amazing people, and bourbon (I know this can’t continue, so basking in the endorphins). The workouts: Monday: Army Physical Fitness Test in the morning (2:00 max push-ups, no resting; 2:00 max sit-ups, 2 mile TT run).  I underestimated how much the push-ups would tax the sit-ups and the sit-ups would tax the 2 mile run, but I passed both the male and female standard with more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 8.28.16

Another good week, so I feel like the chips are going to fall soon.  I didn’t do as much CrossFit as I would have liked (or maybe, as intense of CrossFit workouts – I hit the number of workouts but the intensity and length was shorter this week).  However, it was cool enough to run outside Tuesday and Wednesday which was amazing and I was able to hit some great more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 8.21.16

A good week of training that I am happy about.  I almost didn’t type that because it seems like my good weeks are always followed by terrible ones.  But maybe that’s the way training works overall, I’ve just never pushed myself hard enough to know. Monday: 5 miles, easy pace (10:00). Crossfit after work: Meta, 3 rounds: 10xpush-ups, 10x jumping jacks, 10xsquats, 10xjumping jacks, 10xsit-ups, 10xjumping jacks. Strength: 4 rounds: more » Read more

Who Should Women Runners Fear? It’s Not Who You Think

As I ran this morning on the treadmill, I watched Fox News cover the story of the female runners who had been recently murdered while out on a run. I watched the story transition from one about potential connections between the murders to one where a trained individual showed two women how to protect themselves from a stranger attack while on a run. He mimicked running behind each runner and using more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 8.14.16

A good week.  I finally got in a real long run, and while my paces aren’t where I’d like them to be, I’m happy with my running and overall fitness levels. Monday: 5 miles total, 20:00 of hill training. Average pace, 8:34.  Crossfit core after work: 3 rounds: :60 plank, 10 KB pilates sit-ups, 10xside planks, 20 KB oblique dips, 20 crunches. Tuesday:  Intervals of running, rowing, and the assault more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – July 24-August 7, 2016

I decided to put the last two weeks of training logs into one.  I’ve been blaming my lack of motivation on a series of things: crazy work schedule, hydration, sickness, cycle, etc.  But the reality is that running as training for a race isn’t important to me right now. It’s hard to admit as a running blogger, and hard to face myself because it’s a part of who I am (as more » Read more

When Your Running Identity Changes

Lately, I have been struggling with accepting and publicizing that I am really only running because I don’t want to have to purchase a new wardrobe. I have been mostly silent about it here, but since starting my career in academia, running has quickly become a different part of my identity. Ultrarunning, at least for now, has become a less salient part of who I am, in identity development terms. “Cilantro the more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: Why Do Women Watch the Olympics?

This week, in an attempt to justify the time-delayed coverage of the Olympics, NBC explained that they did this, in part, to appeal to the majority of Olympic viewers: women. Apparently, we don’t really care about sports and timely results, we just watch for the human interest stories behind each amazing Olympic feat. As NBC has stated, it’s not about competition for us ladies. No no, far be it from more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 7.24.2016

While my mileage was low this week and I didn’t get in a single long run, I kept my attitude focused on doing what I could (read: the bare minimum) and tried to keep my expectations in check.  I got in my key runs and crossfit workouts and, therefore, I am happy. As long as I am maintaining fitness and staying on top of work (which is my priority right more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 7.16.16

I took a different approach to training this week.  I knew I had been pushing too hard between work and training, so I planned to do no more than the minimum this week.  That meant no junk miles after my CFE intervals, no extra crossfit workouts, no workouts over an hour except Saturday, and a real rest day (no matter how easy I thought I had taken it all week). more » Read more