Comment of the Month – February

Here in North Dakota, I am wearing flip-flops and many of my male classmates are wearing shorts.  It’s 30 degrees outside. But since we have had lows of -30, this is a 60 degree differential, so it really does feel like a heat wave.  But regardless of the temperature here, it is heating up across the nation, and that means it’s starting to feel like race season. That means things more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 3.1.2015

This last week was another lower week of mileage – I think I was dangerously close to overtraining two weeks ago, and now I am in recovery mode (plus I have a ton of things going on with work and school that is ramping up the stress).  I’ll start training with my new coaches on March 9th, and to prepare my body and recover from six hard months of training, I will more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 2.22.2015

Salty had some wise word for me today (and has had wise words for me always): “Out of “failure” springs success!” And that has definitely been the theme for the last couple of days.  Making the decision to postpone the run until 2016 was an incredibly difficult decision, and while I still would have loved to run this summer, it was the right one.  I can’t make any official announcements yet, but I more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 2.15.2015

This was a hard training week. Pressure from a lack of progress on the fundraising and sponsorship front of the run is starting to affect my motivation to train, and it really had a negative impact this week. My reality is that I must raise the money to even make it to the starting line, and it feels impossible sometimes. Understandably, I think, that makes it hard to train. And with that running through my mind, more » Read more

Comment of the Month – January

Well, it’s been a whirlwind of a year already, and it’s already time for January’s Comment of the Month winner.  As usual, we had a ton of great comments to cull through, from those on Allspice’s Letting Go of the Numbers Game post to Jasmine’s introduction to her treadmill-only sub-3 marathon training plan post to Catnip’s Time off? On Purpose? post. But we had to pick a winner, and the more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 2.8.2015

This week started out really strong. It was my first week of a weekday ramp-up in mileage (from 28 to 34 over three days), and my weekday runs went really well. I was a bit apprehensive about my first 40-mile run of the training cycle on Saturday, so I decided to live blog it. For the most part, the run went really well, I far exceeded my time and pace more » Read more

Cilantro’s (much delayed) training log – January

First, an apology.  While I have been training (and training hard) for this summer’s Run Across America for Sexual Violence Awareness, I have been quite remiss on posting my training logs here.  That is due to change, and it will.  But first, I will catch up you on what has been going on, training-wise, in the last month. After taking a recovery week (or two over the holidays), I resumed training more » Read more

Comment of the Month – November

2014 is almost over – but we can’t forget what happened here in November!  We had some great posts around here: Catnip talked about her Double DNFs and Oregano (one of our newest bloggers) wrote a pretty awesome post about how to tie our running shoes.  It seems so simple, but it isn’t! Speaking of new bloggers, we added three: Oregano, Peppadew, and Wintergreen!  Click on their names for their more » Read more

Comment of the Month – October

It’s mid-November already, which means it’s about time for an October recap.  That’s how on top of things I am.  And because we have at least three months to talk about the weather, I’ll refrain from any weather-related commentary for now. Except for one: Snow already?  Really? October was a busy racing month for the spice rack, with a lot of race reports to read.  With great posts come great more » Read more

Comment of the Month – September 2014

Fall racing season is in full gear, and so are things at Salty Running.  In September, we had a lot of great posts.  Basil wrote an Open Letter to Brooks about their recent “upgrade” to her favorite shoe (pain we all have felt before) and they responded! Salty weighed in on what counted as a “PR” (and what doesn’t) and Pepper wrote about the difference between running and racing a more » Read more

5 Cheers No Runner Wants to Hear

Last Saturday, as I ran the Blue Ox Marathon in Bemidji, I was coming up a particularly steep hill (the course is actually just one big hill, if I’m being candid), and the race volunteer at the top said, “this is the last hill!”  Having run enough marathons to know better than to believe everything I hear from the marathon sidelines, I said, “Don’t say that if it isn’t true!” more » Read more

Beware of Cars: Blue Ox Marathon Recap

I wasn’t sure if I should write a recap of the Bemidji Blue Ox Marathon that I ran on Saturday. As a general rule, I like to keep things positive when it comes to racing, and I usually try to stick to the “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” mantra.  But I also think it is important that I am honest about my more » Read more

Comment of the week – 8.2.2014

As the fall racing season starts to heat up, Salties are picking up steam as well, and we had another week of great posts and race recaps. And with great posts comes great comments, which brings us to this weeks comment of the week winner! Related PostsComment of the Week – 12.21.2013 Comment of the week – 11.30.2013 Comment of the Week – 4.12.14 Comment of the Week – 2.15.2014 more » Read more

Comment of the Week – 7.26.2014

At the risk of defaulting to the two most generic topics ever (weather and time), can you believe it is almost August?  Although school is starting soon which I’m not quite ready for, it’s also getting closer to the fall racing season.  It makes the end of summer so much more palatable. I’m even looking forward to it. Plus, the end of summer means the time of beautiful running weather is returning more » Read more