Cilantro’s Training Log – 3.23.2014

6 days until race day, and it’s safe to say that I am freaking out.  Completely freaking out, (wo)man.  I know part of this is just the taper, but a part of me really doesn’t think that I trained enough to run 62 miles.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything crazy like put in some extra training runs.  I am going to need every ounce of rest to more » Read more

Comment of the Week – 3.22.2014

Does anyone else feel like they’re getting punked? By spring?!? I woke up to no power and a winter storm warning in NoDak, and it seems like the rest of the northern states are faring similarly.  It goes without saying that our Friday Five yesterday was timely albeit depressing.  We’re heating things up around here though - look for a March Madness-themed bracket coming to Salty Running soon and we’ve added more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 3.18.2014

I’m not going to lie to y’all.  It’s been a tough time in Cilantro-land, and it has nothing to do with running, training, or ultramarathons, so I’ll spare you the details.  I’ll just say this: grad school is hard, my doctoral program is tough, and I am too poor for school.  In more pleasant news, I re-discovered cauliflower and have eaten it every day for two weeks.  Don’t pretend like that isn’t more » Read more

Ultra Training Has Stolen My Heart

This isn’t going to be a sappy post about how ultramarathon training is testing my limits and shows me that my body is capable of so much more than I thought it was, although it definitely has done both.  No, instead this post is about why ultramarathons are the best kind of races for a runner like me. Read: slow, kind of lazy, and injury-prone. Related PostsAll About Ultrarunning: A more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 3.9.2014

Let the taper begin!  After my total downer of a training log last week, I was really expecting that this last week of hardcore training would be really tough.  But I approached things with a better attitude and found ways to make it fun (as you’ll see below), and I’m feeling good.  Ready for a taper, but good. The runs: Monday:  12 miler.  I approached this one carefully – kept more » Read more

Comment of the Week – 3.8.2014

I don’t want to jinx anything, so I’m not going to say anything about the weather.  Except that I am hopeful.  Even in North Dakota, I am hopeful. I think that’s saying a lot. I’m also pretty stoked to be living in a college town and attending a college in that town.  I go to track meets anyway because I’m cool like that, but now I actually attend the school more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 3.2.2014

I’m 31!  I’m sure I should be saying that I turned 29 again or whatever, but I’m really enjoying my thirties.  They started off a little rough and I wouldn’t want to repeat the first six months of 30, but things are certainly looking up. That’s on the life side. On the running side, I’m suffering from a case of the motivation blues.  I even found myself saying “I can’t more » Read more

Comment of the Week – 3.1.2014

I think I start all of these posts with some form of “I can’t believe it’s…” but seriously, March?  Already?  I will never complain about how fast 2014 is going, however, because I want spring here now (which is my other recent theme in comment of the week posts).  In other Salty news, however, we are planning something big for March, and because of that, we need your recommendations for more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 2.22.2014

I’m posting my training logs on the day the week ends!?!?!  I’m really getting ahead of the game here. *pats self on back* I had an interesting week in ultra training.  On Sunday, we saw that weather was going to change for the better (read: warmer) at the beginning of the week, so we changed up my run schedule so I could do my scheduled 31-mile run outside. Yes.  I more » Read more

Comment of the Week – 2.22.2014

Since the Winter Olympics in Sochi are coming to an end, I’ve decided that it is officially time for summer.  Or spring, at least.  Winter sports: done.  Summer sports: bring it on! It actually felt like spring for a day or two in North Dakota – I actually got to run outside when the temps skyrocketed (okay, they hit the 30′s).  There is some hope on the horizon! In Salty more » Read more