Cilantro’s Training Log – 7.16.16

I took a different approach to training this week.  I knew I had been pushing too hard between work and training, so I planned to do no more than the minimum this week.  That meant no junk miles after my CFE intervals, no extra crossfit workouts, no workouts over an hour except Saturday, and a real rest day (no matter how easy I thought I had taken it all week). more » Read more

What We Want You to Say to Us When We’ve Had a Bad Race

Have you ever raced with a friend who ended the race feeling horribly disappointed about her performance? It’s the worst. What do you say? What can you do to help her feel better? In the moment, when witnessing your friend experience the crushing feeling of defeat, it’s hard to know what to say or do, even though you know the pain she is feeling and have almost certainly felt it more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 7.10.16

Monday: 7 miles, 5 at 8:00 pace (tempo).  Tough run, did it fasted and really felt rotten for the rest of the day.  Crossfit in the afternoon: 50 rounds: 1xsquat, 1xpush-up, 1xsit-up, 1xsuperman, 1xjumping squat.  This looked easier than it actually was. Tuesday: 5×3:00 7:15 pace, 2:00 recovery.  5.5 miles total. CrossFit after teaching: :30plank, 30xmountain climbers, :20plank, 20xmountainclimbers, :10plank, 10xmountain climbers, :20sideplank (both), 20xmountain climbers, :20plank, 20xmountain climbers, :20side more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 7.3.16

I knew at the beginning of the week that I really needed a “high” mileage week (for me, 50+ is high because of the mid-week intervals) to feel like I could do BR50 in a few weeks.  I hit this week hard. The workouts: Monday: 8 miles, 6 at sub-8:00 pace.  CrossFit after work: 15 rounds: 5xrows, 5xpush-ups, 5xsit-ups, 5xsquats. Tuesday: 6 miles, easy. Average 9:00 pace. Wednesday: 8 miles more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 6.26.16

Monday:  FINALLY.  My first good run in what feels like weeks.  5×3:00 7/10 effort intervals.  8:00, 7:41, 7:30, 7:30, 8:00. 3:00 recovery in between. 5 miles total. CrossFit after work: 7 rounds: 7xburpees, 7xair squats, 7xsit-ups, 7xjumping jacks. 8:55 time. Strength: Deadlifts 5×5 Tuesday: 6 miles total. Easy endurance miles, 9:30 average pace. Wednesday: 5.5 miles total. 2:00 TT (6:20 pace). 10x:45 at 6:20 pace, :90 recovery pace in between. more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 6.19.16

When I left you last week, I was all angst-y because I was worried that I had a stress fracture. That, of course, didn’t keep me from running last week (because it doesn’t hurt whilst I am running, only when I am thinking about it).  But the raised red bruise over my fifth metatarsal had me concerned (although WebMD assured me that I only had bone cancer). Monday, I was more » Read more

You’re Invited to Salty Camp!

Want to meet the badass women behind Salty Running while you run, eat, relax, celebrate and learn? Here’s your chance! Deep in Cuyahoga Valley National State Park, nestled amongst the trails, is a historic mansion. On July 29, 30, and 31, that mansion will be transformed into a runner’s paradise as it hosts Salty Camp 2016. Salty Camp is your opportunity to join the Salty Running spice rack, lead by Salty and Cinnamon, more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 6.12.16

Despite still having some foot pain (which is mysteriously gone when I’m running), I planned to take on the week carefully and not run if it hurt (which it never did whilst running, except for twinges).  This is my last week before another recovery week and the workouts were hard!  But, for the most part, also short, which makes them mentally manageable. The workouts: Monday: Rest day, ugh. I knew more » Read more

Heat Adaptation: Training for a Hot Race

Summer is here and sunny days and warm temperatures make most of us smile as we dig out sunscreen and tank tops and stow away our tights and gloves. The bad news? If you have a race planned soon you might be dreading the potential of a scorcher on your big day. As Pumpkin reported in her Fargo Marathon Race Recap, hot conditions took a serious toll on her both physically and mentally. more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 6.5.2016

When my workouts were emailed to me at the beginning on the week, I gulped a bit.  These workouts are going to be wicked hard.  But since I’m fully concussion recovered, I’m also excited.  CFE workouts may be hard, but they are also usually fairly short, and that makes the crazy pain bearable. Monday: Memorial Day and also much-needed rest day.  I took an easy 4 mile hike in the more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 5.29.16

Back into running this week!  It felt so good, but by the end of the week, I was exhausted. The workouts. Monday: 3 miles, 26 minutes; 3 miles walked. CrossFit after work: Warm-up: :30 air squats, :30 plank, repeat 3 times.  Workout: 25 dips, 50 rows (TRX), 75 lunges, 100 sit-ups. Tuesday: 6 miles, easy.  Average 9:30 pace (on the mill, so slower).  CrossFit after work: 20 mn: 5 deadlifts more » Read more

Please Don’t Mansplain This To Me: A Flowchart

Ladies, I know you understand: no matter how much running experience we have or how little they do, men are still mansplaining their way through training runs alongside us, about everything from heart rate variability to how Hanson’s Marathon Training plan really works. And while I know they don’t mean to invalidate our assertions with male superior knowledge about #allthethings (mostly), their “meant to be helpful” statements often come on the heels of more » Read more

It’s Serious: Running and Concussions

Early last Saturday morning, I woke up after a late night and decided that a run would boost my energy for the day. So, instead of heading back to bed, I headed out for a quick eight mile tempo, which is exactly what I needed. I felt great, maintaining a consistent 7-7:24 pace before heading toward home on the main roads. About a mile out I ran past a construction site and suddenly found myself more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 5.22.2016

While a recovery week was already built into my training this week, I didn’t expect this sort of recovery would be what was required.  Last week, I mentioned my dramatic fall at the end of Saturday’s tempo run.  When I wrote the log, I didn’t realize how serious my injury was, or how slow recovery would be.  I expected that I’d be back running in no time, ready for my more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 5.14.16

This was a great Louisville week, aside from constant rain and 50-degree weather, which I am sure I will come to miss mid-August.  This was week three of a four-week training cycle, which means that next week is a recovery week (read: no intervals, just easy running), and I am really ready for it. The workouts: Monday: 6 miles total, 2 minutes time trial (.3 miles), 5 minutes rest, 10x:20 more » Read more