Cilantro’s Training Log – 8.2.2015

Recovery from Burning River, at least physically, has been much easier than I anticipated.  Unlike post-Black Hills 50M, I didn’t have much trouble with stairs after a good night’s sleep post-race, and nothing was nagging in terms of my biomechanics. My feet were a nightmare because of the blisters (and still look pretty disgusting, although I can fit them into regular shoes now, which was an exciting development). I’m not more » Read more

Burning River 100 Mile Recap

In so many ways, the Burning River 100 mile ultramarathon exceeded my expectations.  It was harder than I imagined, of course, but the course through the Cuyahoga Valley in Ohio was exceptionally beautiful.  The support from my Salty Running crew (led by Crew Chief Salty) provided the support I needed before, during, and after the race and my amazing pacers kept me moving forward, no matter how slowly, and my more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 7.27.2015

The week leading up to Burning River was the second and final week of my taper, and it was really the first time that I have done the taper as prescribed by my training log (mostly…). I can handle a high volume of training, so I think the taper always hits me harder than it might if I didn’t err on the side of high-mileage training. With my tri-ultra training more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 7.19.2015

Dear taper:  You sounded so good whilst I was peaking, but now that I’m in the midst of you, you kind of hurt my heart and mess with my head.  Love, me. My famous last words (or my last last training log) mentioned how darn excited I was to start tapering.  And, frankly, I’m still excited for the idea of tapering that I had in my head (e.g., laying around with more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 7.12.2015

This was the final training week before my taper, and I was more than a little apprehensive going into it. It had only been a week and two days since the BlackHills 50-mile ultra, and while I was feeling pretty good after longish runs on Friday and Saturday, I wasn’t sure I was ready for a 70-mile week, done in 4 days of running. But I did it. And now more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 7.5.2015

Who has two thumbs and is ready for a taper? This spice. But, importantly, not overtrained. The biggest overtraining indicator for me is my heart rate, and my resting is within my normal range (46-51) and I am still able to reach my peak (165-175) in key workouts, so I don’t get to start my taper just yet. This is my last peak week, and it is a big more » Read more

Cilantro’s Black Hills 50M Race Report

To be clear, the Black Hills 50-mile ultramarathon is only 50 miles. And yet, I ran 55. But I think I am getting ahead of myself here, so I will start at the beginning. I registered for Black Hills shortly after choosing Burning River as my first 100-mile attempt because it fit into the time that my training plan called for a 50-mile race, and it was within the 500 more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 6.28.2015

This was a big week for me in my Burning River 100M training.  I had my first real ultra test in the BlackHills 50M since I was hospitalized, and how I felt and performed in the race would indicate to me if I was really healthy enough to be running ultra distances and if my tri-ultra training was working.  It was an interesting week, and, overall, a success. Personally, I’m in more » Read more

Lake Wobegon Marathon Recap

This was the race I had exactly zero intention to run. Which I think is the opposite way one normally approaches a marathon, considering that it is slightly longer than a 5k, which is the last race I ran on a whim. However, because of my training to run across America prior to getting sick (or while getting sick), I had the fitness to run the marathon, so it was more » Read more

Less Running, More Biking and Swimming: Will I Still Be 100-mile Ready?

As I alluded to when I posted about having to defer my Run Across America dreams, I have been cleared to run and train for my upcoming 100-mile race at Burning River (also my very first 100M race, although not my first ultramarathon, I have done two 50-milers and one 50k). However, even though the doctors say I can run as long as I feel up to it, based on more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 6.21.2015

I wrote and re-wrote the first sentence of this training log several times before giving up on trying to write something pithy and vague.  I’m not exactly sure how to sum up this week in a sentence.  It had highs and lows, and neither the highs nor the lows had much to do with running. To work through some stress, I really threw myself into training. The pavement slash pool more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 6.15.2015

With this training log, I am finally caught up on posting my logs.  That is, of course, if you disregard the months I went without posting a training log, but I feel like we shouldn’t dwell on the past. Ha. This was a recovery week for me, and I really needed it.  After the last two weeks, which were tough and then got progressively tougher, I definitely needed a few more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – 6.7.2015

Finally, I’m starting to catch up on my training logs! From my last training log (the month of May), I had just summarized my Ultra training (that looks suspiciously like triathlon training, probably because it is…). My last week of May and first week of June were a crash and build week, respectively, so by the end of last week, I was SUPER tired. Crash weeks are when you do more » Read more

Cilantro’s Training Log – May 2015

As promised, this is the first of my much delayed training logs.  As I mentioned in my last post, I am using triathlon training to supplement my training for the Burning River 100-mile race in July because due to recent health concerns, I am only allowed to run three days per week.  With a local coach’s help, we developed a plan that will hopefully keep my running fitness levels high more » Read more

A Big Dream Deferred: Some Things Really Are More Important Than Running

Hi. It’s Cilantro. I know you must be wondering where I’ve been. My answer to you is where do you want me to start? While grad school has actually been kicking my butt, that’s not my main excuse. No, something much bigger has been standing in my way. The last you knew, I was ramping up to run across America for sexual violence awareness and prevention. While money and sponsors hadn’t more » Read more