Anise’s Training Log 12.3.17 – Build 2

It’s starting to feel like I’m not recovering from anything anymore and I can actually do some workouts. Nothing terribly hard or long yet, but I know it’s coming.

Monday – 2,600 yard swim

Tuesday – This was supposed to be 5 miles with the middle three as a steady state run. In the dark trying to watch my heart rate it turned into a progression run. Either way, work was done. Ave HR 155.

Wednesday – 2,300 swim before work. I was supposed to ride for 45-60 minutes after work, but SURPRISE! The meeting I thought was Thursday night was actually Wednesday night. No ride. It’s rare that I miss a workout, but this was an unusual circumstance.

Thursday – I was supposed to have a strength session, but the trainer was sick. Ok, I got to sleep more. I did my building 5 workout on the bike trainer. 5 x 5:00 increasing power each time. Ave HR 148, Ave power 126. I felt like I didn’t have any niggles for the first time in months.


Friday – 2,400 yard swim

Saturday – 8 mile run on hills. I managed my HR as much as possible on the hills and I felt good and ran really well. Ave HR 154. Ave pace 11:53. I also got a haircut and skipped the running club annual party.

Sunday – I lifted with my trainer (as friends) and then worked with her in the pool. I finished with 50 yards just to show off and swam really well (53 sec) for me. I spent the evening on the bike trainer with a progression ride increasing power every five miles before cooling down for the last five. 25 miles. Ave HR 144. Ave power 121.

This week I also submitted my log for the Indiana Greenways Foundation Indiana Greenways Challenge. This was the second year of the challenge and the second year I chose the Hoosier Trail Hero option, which is to use 10 or more of the Greenways in Indiana. I hit 13 unique trails this year.


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