Anise’s Training Log 12.24.17 – Merry Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, Anise was eating whatever she wants. Including fueling her ride with carmel corn. And recovering with frosting. But most of the week wasn’t like that.

Monday – There was a 3,000 yard swim on the schedule. I keep forgetting the good watch (the Garmin 920XT does better for swim workouts than the Vivoactive) and so I just let the watch run instead of recording splits. Especially since this was mostly drills and there are some pool drills the watches (both) just hate.

Tuesday – I ran minute sets with PBT. After warming up and some striders run 3x 1:00 hard, 1:00 easy with 2:00 recovery between sets. You bet I programmed the watch to snark at me when it was time since I was running this in the dark. 6 miles, ave HR 147, max 169.

Wednesday – I rode on the trainer before going downtown and I was still in the office about the normal time. #winning (or #insomnia). 14.2 miles. 132 ave HR, 121 ave watts. After work I went to swim at the downtown Y. It was 3,000 yard with a bunch of sets. The watch decided not to swim and I forgot the 920 again (notice a trend).

Thursday – I did a 15 mile tempo ride in the morning watching the Grinch. Ave HR 144, ave power 130. After that I met with my trainer at the Y and he kicked my butt. In the evening I went to heated yoga with my favorite instructor and it also kicked my butt. And I fell over. And laughed. This was the first day of food logging for a new dietitian. I also had blood drawn for food sensitivity testing.

Friday – I waited until after work to go swim. Even though I went to a pizza place for lunch with a friend for her birthday I had a salad and a gluten free cookie. I went to have a acai bowl in the afternoon but the place was closed. Sad panda. And hence I was slightly underfueled for my swim. I had forgotten the watch (again) but this swim had a bunch of timed 50s so I went home to get it. My blood sugar crashed hard while I was swimming and when the staff interrupted my swim to make me change lanes I unleashed the kind of wrath that is only fueled by low blood sugar. Total witch. 2,800 yards.

Saturday – I had a 8 mile long run with 3 mile bonus on the training plan. So I warmed upย for three miles, ran the Donut 5K, and then cooled down for 2 miles. It was snowing and I love running in the snow. I should have wornย gloves, but whatevs. Not PR but a semi-decent 5K time even though I wasn’t racing. In the video captured by the newspaper I look like I am working ridiculously hard, but I am talented at making slow look hard. Last day of initial food logging.

Sunday – So Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are days off most “food rules” – except no wheat because I don’t want to feel bloated. After church in the morning (Advent 4) I ate lunch, ending with carmel corn, and got on the bike trainer for a 26.2 mile ride (coach thinks he’s cute). I wore a light up necklace and my Christmas elf hat for the ride and watched National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation. Progression ride kept it interesting since I was on the trainer forever (not really, but still). Ave HR 136, ave power 125 watts. Since the gym was only open from 11-3 and church was at 11 and I needed to ride….well, I didn’t lift today. I still have church tonight, Christmas Eve Festival Eucharist, I have been drinking coffee and entertaining myself to stay awake.

Merry Christmas to all!



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  1. Merry (belated) Christmas! Love the festive spirit on the trainer ๐Ÿ™‚ I tried to find my Santa hat for my lake loop the other day, but had to settle for reindeer socks instead…