Anise’s Training Log – 10.21.17

If you’ve been playing along, I am in the space between the Chicago Marathon (which was fine but hot and not goal time) and Indianapolis Monumental Marathon (where I am trying for the millionth time to reach a goal). This week has been leading to the midpoint between the two and is in the space that is not quite recovery and not quite taper.

Monday – started off the week with a valiant effort of lifting weights before going into the office. Nothing fancy — core, hips, lats. Swam 2,200 yard with drills.

Tuesday – training group run. 6 miles with a 4 mile steady state run in there. Ran with my running “intern” and we did well. Felt awesome to run fast(er) again. And the weather was cooler, which helped. Average HR 156, max 167.

Wednesday – it’s time for triple play Wednesday again (three workouts). Started the day the same as Monday – core, hip, and lat work in the gym. On the way home from a client workshop, I swam 2,200 yards of drills and then headed home. After dinner an hour on the bike trainer before packing for a trip and bed.

Thursday – left EARLY for a conference where I was presenting two sessions. After the second session I went out for  a run, but I missed the pedestrian bridge across the river and ended up running some hills. All is well, but my easy run wasn’t so easy. 5 miles. Average HR 155, max 171 (yo, hills). But also cool public art (see photos).

Friday – after I left the conference I swam 2,200 of drills at the local Y before heading home.

Saturday – long run. Back at the hilly local park where the training group runs, I haven’t been there in weeks. 16 miles. Average HR 149, max 162. NO WALKING!!! My longer than 15 mile training runs have not been so great in the no-walking department, so this was a big deal. It was in the low 50s to low 60s while I was running, but super humid to start. Hoping this is a good sign for a good race on the pretty flat course at Monumental.

Sunday – lifted with my trainer (overhead press, bench, lat pull, tri press, bicep curl, TRX lunge, TRX squat) then went to the PBT fall marathon clinic. In the evening I hit the bike trainer and tried to make it interesting by playing with gears every 5 minutes.

Run 27 miles, Bike 2 hours, Swim 6,600 yards, lifted 3 days.

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