Angelica’s Training Log – 3.18.18

I added a fourth running day this week, dodged yet another snowstorm and ran an accidental 10K PR during an anger-fueled training run. I also had plenty of girlfriend time plus two solid sessions at the gym. All in all, a good week!

Monday, 3/12, Morning Crew – Swim 2400; Evening Crew – 6.22 miles (8:34 pace, 53:20 for the 10K, about an 80 second PR. Oops!)

Swam with Snarky Girl. Woke up feeling very pissy and not sure why. The snowstorm arriving tomorrow? Lingering anger from the marathon-gone-wrong? Unhappy number on the scale? General bad attitude? I really don’t know. After some quick post-work texting with Coach Mick and the Incredible Mervus, I decided to move Tuesday’s run to this evening. Ran out all the anger on the up-tempo 6 miler and arrived home literally singing along with my iPod. I iced my anterior tibialis prophylactically when I got home, but it’s been fine. Whew! Sometimes a good angry run is just what the doctor ordered.

Tuesday, 3/13, Afternoon Crew – 30 min yoga

The snowstorm showed up as expected but having run yesterday, I just worked, hung out with the kids, and did 30 minutes of lackadaisical yoga. We who live in New England are very ready for spring.

Wednesday, 3/14, Morning Crew – 38 min elliptical plus weights

Tough Guy Trainer and I are just dodging the storms to get our sessions in.

Thursday, 3/8, Morning Crew – Tempo Intervals, 2 miles WU, 2 miles at 8-8:15 w/90 sec recovery, 1 mile at 8-8:15, 1 mile cool down

I love how these tempo interval workouts are building on each other. Last week was three separate miles. This week, the first two miles strung together. Of course that means next week, all three together! Woot! And eek! But fast miles came out as 8:05, 7:53, 7:48 so couldn’t be happier about that!

Friday, 3/9, Early Morning Crew – 5 easy miles (9:48 pace)

Absolutely delightful girlfriend run! Also, first planned day of sequential running post-AT issue and everything still fine. Feeling hopeful on that front.

Saturday, 3/10, Early Morning Crew – 30 min on stationary bike plus weights

Since the AT has been so good, tried the bike again and it was fine. Tough Guy Trainer and I have a couple of make-up sessions so had the, ahem, pleasure of his company this morning. Supervised weights are always harder than unsupervised weights.

Sunday, 3/11, Early Morning Crew – 9 miles (9:16 pace)

This was supposed to be 2 warm-up miles and 7 at 9:15. However, 9:15 pace was nowhere to be found this morning and we ran most of it at around 8:55. Teacher Runner, Rooster, and Blue Turtle all came along for the ride. So much girlfriend running this week makes my heart very happy!

Total: 26 miles

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