Angelica’s Training Log – 11.20.2017-11.26.2017

Marathon training continues with the long run getting longer. More hills, a race, and the strange appearance of some fish round out the week.

Monday, 11/20, School Bus Crew – Swim 1700 yards

Another excellent Monday morning swim with Snarky Girl.

Tuesday, 11/21, School Bus Crew – 7 miles (10:00 pace), hill workout

Same as last week. Two miles warm-up, strides, then up and down the hill for 20 minutes, two miles cool down. Weather can make a huge difference in my mood. I felt much perkier this week because of the beautiful fall sunshine. Mr. Angelica obliged me by acting as photographer. Mailbox 264 was as close as I could get to 26.2!

Wednesday, 11/22, School Bus Crew – 4 miles (8:57 pace), plus strength training

Snarky Girl wanted to join me for weight lifting so we went to the YMCA. It was super fun to do this together. I have turned into a total gym rat. So weird. I had planned to run on the treadmill but suddenly I couldn’t bear being inside for one second longer so I went outside even though I was slightly under-dressed. I ran along the river and was rewarded with one of those runs that feels like flight. The hawks overhead and the Moana soundtrack on my shuffle no doubt contributed to this fabulous outing!

Thursday, 11/23, Manchester Road Race! – 4.748 miles plus 1.19 warm up and 1.14 cool down

Race report coming!

Friday, 11/24, Mid Morning Crew – 3.73 somewhat creaky miles (11:14 pace); plus 9.72 biking

Post-Thanksgiving Day run on the trails with Snarky Girl. We found some kind of fish on the driveway in the park. Weird! Hawk sushi? Then Mr. Angelica wanted to bike so we did our standard loop.

Saturday, 11/25, Morning Crew – Strength workout with Tough Guy Trainer

I swapped the usual Wednesday session for today’s attack-the-hamstring workout. Yikes.

Sunday, 11/26, Early Morning Crew – 15.64 easy miles (9:21 pace)

All my usual running buddies were out of town so this was to be a solo effort. I was starting to get a little bummed about that, but I sent up a flare on FaceBook and in about five minutes, I had some virtual running buddies. Then Rooster also met me at the start though she was walking because now she has the dreaded PF. This run was fantastic! I felt strong the whole time. I listened to some excellent new music. A gang of friends took my kids swimming and we met for brunch afterwards. I feel vaguely obnoxious having so much fun with all this, but last year was truly awful, so maybe karma is coming around to bring me some good running. I will just enjoy it.

Total: 37 miles

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