Angelica’s Training Log – 11.19.17

A week of firsts as I dive back into marathon training for the first time since recovering from plantar fasciitis. I’ve become a total maniac about watching out for my feet so I got new shoes this week, based on mileage alone because the old ones felt fine. The new ones are SO much better though. My daughter Rose got new shoes too!

Monday, 11/13, Early Morning Crew – Swim 1650 yards

Not everything was new this week. Swimming with Snarky Girl again. Felt terrific again. We even did the same workout from last week, again. Hey, don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.

Tuesday, 11/14, School Bus Crew – 6.9 miles (10:05 pace), hill workout

Two miles warm-up, strides, then up and down the hill for 20 minutes, two miles cool down. I spent a fair amount of time picking an appropriate hill and decided on one right around the corner from our house. It was gray and blustery and I wasn’t in the mood, but this was fine once I got going. Almost 7 miles is definitely the longest I’ve run mid-week since this injury.

Wednesday, 11/15, School Bus Crew – 2.5 miles (10:00 pace), plus strength training

It was really cold and I didn’t feel like dealing with double laundry so I just ran this on the treadmill at the gym. The gym treadmill is another post-PF first.

Thursday, 11/16, School Bus Crew – 4 easy miles (9:07 pace)

This somewhat-more-upbeat-than-usual easy run brought to you courtesy of motherly angst about teenage boy antics. Snarky Girl and I did our usual four mile loop to campus and back.

Friday, 11/17, Early Morning Crew – 5.4 easy miles (11:03 pace)

Five miles on the trails plus strides at the end. A beautiful morning run.

Saturday, 11/18, Morning Crew – Strength workout

This was a little half-assed. I was short on time, had my daughter with me, and was doing a new routine for the first time. Whatever. Something is better than nothing.

Sunday, 11/19, Afternoon Crew – 14 easy miles (9:47 pace)

Mr. Angelica was out of town on Saturday for work and the weather early Sunday morning was horrible and my friends did not want to go early either. I don’t want to be a wimp, but solo, dark, wind, and rain seemed like an awful lot for the first double digit training run in over a year. Rashi and a friend were going Sunday afternoon so I postponed until then and went with them. That freed up Sunday morning for pre-church waffles, so not a bad deal, all the way around. Longest run post-PF for yet another first!

Total: 32.8 miles

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