Adobo’s Training Log – 3.12.17

Hi!!! I guess before I dish on my training I should probably shed some light on what exactly I am training for this season. Right? Well, after a pretty epic blow up during my last marathon, I decided that four years of solely focusing on the marathon was more than enough time spent on that particular distance, and it was time to focus on a different distance. A distance I have been purposely ignoring…the 5k!

My coach has me racing about 2-3 weeks mostly 5ks, but I did just recently race a 10k (my first raced 10k in about 4 years)! I managed to run a mega PR during that 10k; I shaved off about 3 minutes from my previous 10k PR.

The goal races I have for this season are the Carmel 5k coming up in April and the Indy Mini 5k in May. Everything else in between are basically training races to shave off as much time as I can. Hopefully, I can get back to the sub 21:00 before entering marathon training!

With that said, here is my first training log, Saltines:

Monday (3/6): I did the “Runners Love Yoga: Pre Run Yoga Practice” (I do this practice before every run). Easy 6 miles listening to some M.I.A. and rapping along with her until my neighbor caught me rapping, and in complete embarrassment I immediately stopped and pretended nothing happened. Upper body workout in the afternoon (P90X3: The Challenge).

Tuesday (3/7): Pre run yoga practice first thing on the morning. I swear I read this workout and was like “Coach is trying to kill me!”- 8x800s with 200 meters recovery (@85). That equaled out to 8 miles total. Runners Love Yoga: Core workout in the afternoon.

Wednesday (3/8): Pre run yoga practice. The #GMO (Girls and Guys Morning Out) run! I always look forward to this run. It is a social recovery run with usually my friends Danielle and Megan (we are working on recruiting others). This week it was just Megan and me. It was fun catching up with Megan about her Vegas trip. That was 6 miles total. Completely forgot to do my strength training workout in the afternoon (got distracted with folding endless amounts of clean laundry).

Thursday (3/9): Impromptu rest day. I hate not following the training schedule accordingly, but when you have been having serious stomach/GI issues all day (I had pizza the night before from a new place by our house, I think that pizza did me in)… lets just say I really didn’t want to poop my pants while running.

Friday (3/10): Felt a lot better so resumed training. Pre run yoga practice (of course). “5-1 with equal recovery” workout. So basically I ran 5 minutes, recovery jogged 5 minutes, all the way down to 1 minute at 5k pace or faster. I thought I was going to die, mainly because I was running against the wind. That was 8 miles total. Core workout in the afternoon.

Saturday (3/11): Pre run yoga practice. My husband and I drove to Eagle Creek Park where my coach’s running club meets for their long run. I miscalculated the time it would take to drive there, so we ended up getting there almost an hour early. We decided to go ahead and run. That was an easy 4 miles. Followed by a yoga practice for the hips (they felt tight after that run).

Sunday (3/12): I had much intention of waking up early and getting my long run done in the morning, but my body was like, “Hey girl, we always sleep in on Sundays… don’t go taking away our only day to do that!” I slept in and ran in the afternoon. 10 miles, moderate run with a pre and post yoga practice. Followed by a salt bath and some much needed time on the torture device called the foam roller!

Well, that is all folks!

I am pixie haired, tattooed social introvert, "domestic Goddess"(a.k.a., a homemaker), originally from Chicago. I traded in my party girl high heels for running shoes years ago and my life since then has changed for the better! When I am not chasing down my big, hairy, scary, running goals, you can find me hiking with Mr. Adobo, trying to execute various Pinterest recipes, or getting lost in a good running book. Pizza, coffee and, scary movies are the way to my heart!<3

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  1. I LOLed at you being caught rapping… not like I’VE ever been caught mouthing song lyrics on the run before…who does that ๐Ÿ˜€ and I totally hear you on being burnt out on marathon training! Here’s to a good racing season.