You’re more than just a runner, you’re an individual. You have a lot going on in your life, but where running is concerned, you have big dreams and you’re not afraid to give them your best shot. Finishing races is great, but you want to finish faster and faster yet. You’re tired of articles that focus on how you look and what you’re wearing, or that condescend to you. You’re not just tired, you’re damn Salty about it.

Good. We like you that way. Come as you are, not who you’re supposed to be. Let’s change the conversation about running. Get Salty. Let it fuel your fire.


What’s With the Sponsored Posts?

Our number one commitment is and will always be to provide you the best reading experience we can, which is why we’ve scaled up our content production process to match our growth from a humble little six-woman blog to a community hub for women’s perspectives on competitive running and racing. And, to be frank, we need to make money. But instead of obnoxious pop-ups or ads imploring you to read more about some horrible giant zit or about some celebrity’s cellulite, we’re carefully choosing to work with the brands we feel proud to call our partners.

Perhaps more importantly, when it comes to creating sponsored posts we have the same commitment to you, our readers, as we do with all of our work. And if a brand asks us to do something that conflicts with that commitment? Well, it’s simple: we will say no. This means the only difference between a sponsored Salty post and an unsponsored one is that a sponsored post is sponsored.

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