A Runner’s Race Shirt Wish List

Something better than this would probably be good.

Dear Santa Race Director,

I’ve been an awfully good runner girl this year. I don’t want a pony or even a new car…. what I’d really like is a new approach to race shirts. Just think, if you grant my wish, you’ll make ALL runners merry! So settle down with the Gu and Gatorade I’ve left out for you and read on!

Could ya please….

Offer gender-specific sizing – oh, and tell us if you do? Nobody likes having their armholes go nearly to their bellybutton, and nothing like getting an XS because you think it’s going to be unisex and finding out it’s a very snug women’s cut! While we can all appreciate that the Grinch’s heart grew 10 sizes, our race shirts shouldn’t follow suit.

Show us a little sneak peak of the design? Pretty please? Look, not every race shirt is going to be a winner. Some are kinda the running equivalent of getting coal in your stocking. At least if you know ahead of time that it’s not your taste, you can get a different size and give it to someone who might like it, right?

Race Director, I don’t like to think of myself as a material girl. But when it comes to running clothes, I guess I kinda am. Could you let us know ahead of time whether your shirts are cotton or technical fabric? It’s not that one is the naughty and the other nice – both have their own uses. But the sizing for regular t-shirts is much different than tech ones.

Happy holidays, RD! Wishing you a bright and sold-out New Year!



What’s on your race shirt wish list? What are you asking the Race Director for this year?

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    1. I’m so on board with this! I did a couple of races last year that didn’t have shirts, or gave you the option to save $5 by forgoing a shirt. I wish more races would adopt this model.

  1. I agree with Mint. Give us an option and let us know what type of shirt we get. Normally, I would forgo a shirt if given the option, especially in the case of a charity sponsored race. Donate the cost of the shirt to the charity in my behalf instead of giving me something I with donate. I think the same goes for when there is something really cool as the giveaway. Advertise the shit out of that RDs! I just signed up for several races on the same day: a 5 Miler for $28, a 4 miler $27 and and 5K for $35. When I got to the registration form for the 5k, I thought $35!?! For a 5K?! I’ve done this race and love it. There isn’t anything too special about it except that it is at 4pm on NYE, it is super hilly, is put on my a great local running club and has great post run snacks that are all free even the chili! So I kind of went with it reluctantly mind you, I even went back to the event website to see why they were charging more, i.e. cool swag or something else, but I couldn’t find anything. I proceeded with the registration form and there it was: Please specify your Asics Track Jacket Size: Women and Men. I happily filled it out and paid my $35 for the race and a sweet jacket. 😉 Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you get a men’s large fugly tshirt.

    1. Wow, sweet surprise! I think races that have nicer swag are definitely worth it. One local race I’ve done several times does a shirt and some other gear thing that they rotate (gloves, hat, earwarmer, etc.). One year, it was even an embroidered jacket! I’ll definitely pay a little more in that type of scenario.

      1. agreed! i got tech socks at a race in november and they are awesome! i think that being creative and thinking of alternatives to tshirts is also something they should think about!

  2. Totally agree. All races should have women’s fit or if they don’t allow us to opt our of the shirt. The last thing I need is another ill fitting mens shirts

    1. Yes! I like that either/or option. I do get that unisex is probably cheaper, but nice shirts (and attention to detail in things like this) do help draw people to the race year after year.