5 Reasons I Don’t Feel Like Running Today

It’s Sunday morning, I’m snuggled up close in my boyfriends arms and I should be getting up to go to the group run, but I am just so darn comfortable. In the past the Sunday run would be a no brainer. You get up. You get out the door. You get it done. But these days my thought process when waking is not quite the same. Upon first waking I stretch my booted foot, rotate my ankles, and think, yeah still not 100%. Fantasies of a morning romp, or a fun brunch date run through my head. Or if it is a weekday I start to worry about everything that needs to be done at work and I want to bury my head under the covers. So I roll over, hit the snooze, and snuggle up rather than starting the day with that planned run.

I am being a very uninspiring runner these past few weeks and I am so sorry dear Salty readers! But hey that’s life. If you just aren’t getting it done, you might as well write about it and have a little laugh at your own expense right?

So for those days when you are feeling less than inspired to runย  here are Pepper’s current top five excuses for skipping your run.

1) Sex. No seriously, we all know by now that it may help boost your race results, but I am finding it is also a great way to reduce results, because let’s face it though not sedentary,ย  it is certainly not a run specific workout. Fair warning if you fall into the trap I have fallen into of choosing sex over your runs, your run fitness may suffer (although sex is aerobic cross-training, right?) But I guarantee you won’t feel very guilty about it.

2) Cuddling in the AM over that early morning workout. See #1 above, and follow it up with this. Or cuddle first then move to #1, either way, I am finding being comfortable in your lover’s arms is a guaranteed way to want to skip that morning workout. Seriously how do you morning people do it? I think I am going to have to get bonier so snuggling isn’t so darn cozy, otherwise my mission to wake up early is doomed.

Gratuitous kitten cuddle shot. Image via templeofcats.com

3) My ____ hurts.ย  In my case it’s my foot. Feel free to insert an injury of your choice here. Obviously this is a more valid excuse than #1 or #2. But let’s face it we have all had minor “tweaks” that can be run through and those tweaks have a way of seeming much worse when you just aren’t motivated to get out the door. I honestly wish my foot was just a tweak, but right now this is sadly a legitimate excuse for missing some runs.

You might be surprised to learn that someone who wears one of these can still get lucky on occasion ๐Ÿ™‚ Image via injurysupplies.com

4) Social outings, date nights, family gatherings. Really if I have to choose running over a night out with my girls, a sexy dinner with my boyfriend,ย  a golf outing with my parents, or a children’s Birthday party these days I have been choosing the outings. This girl loves her social time and it seems squeezing in the runs lately means solo a.m. workouts, and I’m just not having it. Bring on the time with those I love! This REALLY shouldn’t be excuse, but once I sleep in a little I’m more tempted to opt for #1 and #2 over running!

Nope. No run the morning after this was taken!

5) Work. No really. I am finding that if I don’t get that run done in the morning (see excuses 1 and 2) that by the time work rolls around I feel guilty about heading out for a lunch run and I end up staying late at the office to boot, then I am totally drained mentally and unmotivated after and end up having dinner and a drink or a fun date instead of a post work run. Lather, rinse, repeat, every day, 5 days a week.

There you have it readers, my top five excuses for my current lack of run fitness. Hopefully you are shaking your head right now and saying Pepper, there is always time for your runs, and you just need to make it a priority again! But in the meantime, don’t worry about me Salty readers, I am having plenty of life fun, and hopefully the run fun will come back soon too!

Forget the long run. I've got work to do! Image via toiletpaperentrepreneur.com

Here is your opportunity to tell us your missed run excuses without being chastised by all your fit friends! Let’s hear them! What keeps you from strapping on the shoes and heading out for your daily run on occasion?

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  1. H Pepper! I feel your pain! Your top 5 was and to some extent, still is a battle. But, the way I see it, we worked really, really, REALLY hard the past few years! We had very structure training which required a lot od our physical and mental energy. So nowadays, if I don’t want to run because of any of your top 5, or any other reason, I feel it’s justified! Plus, running isn’t fun when every step hurts. But now that I’m running without pain, mostly, I am enjoying the less rigid running regimen. Enjoy the flexibility, cross training and social engagements. You’re PR’ing at life:)