5 Inspiring Track Videos

46253nhnw6sy1lc-300x225In honor of this weekend’s USA Track and Field Championships, here are 5 videos sure to inspire you to get out the door and run today! And even better news? Many of the events at this week’s championships are being live streamed here!

1. Debbie Heald’s indoor high school mile record breaking performance. Long before Mary Cain there was Debbie Heald. Check out her record breaking performance in this oldie but goodie.

2. Alan Webb’s American Record mile race. Held at a low-key meet in Belgum with some color commentary help from Jen Rhines and a guest appearance from Deena Kastor, Alan Webb achieves his long-time goal. Here’s hoping he will be back again someday!

3. Kara Goucher wins the bronze medal at 2007 World Championships. The announcers didn’t start to mention her until about 25 minutes in. This would become her breakthrough race.

4.ย Jenny Simpson’s 2011 World Championships 1500 meters win. The returning champ gets an automatic bid to this year’s World Championships and is currently on fire in her most recent performances.

5. Michael Johnson’s 400 meter world record at the time with some awesome commentating, because inspiring video lists without Michael Johnson are not very inspiring.

See you at the races!

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