Jasmine Training Log 9.20.2015

Watch for those bucks in the road!
Watch for those bucks in the road!

The buck stops here. Saturday’s attempt at a long run sucked. It rained overnight and was hot and humid. I canned the run shortly after mile 13 when I passed back by my house. But just before that at mile 12.8, I found a dollar on the ground, and that made everything better…. Like just sitting there in the middle of an intersection.  It almost makes up for one eight-thousandth for the insanely high taxes in shaker heights.

Let’s review the math and see why this sport is going to make me rich. I’ve run 2354 miles this year so far and found exactly $1 in the process. Folks, that is 0.04¢ per mile!  At that rate, in another 188,000 miles, I’ll find enough money to pay for my next pair of running shoes.  This excludes the $15 I made somewhere somewhere in the process of showing up at Pittsburgh Marathon. Yep, there is money to be made in running!

There is a pre-game review of the columbus marathon coming. I promise.

Highlights of the week

Cruise intervals on Monday: 3x 3200m (two “track miles”) with 1:30 rests. They came out at 12:27, 12:20, 12:19.

Doubles on Tuesday at Dani Miller’s evening at Dodge Park.

Marathon Pace 10 mile run on Thursday. Third week in a row of crushing 2:50 marathon pace.

Sad attempt at a long run on Saturday that ended when the buck stopped near my house.

Sunday running with Salty in the woods at North Chagrin

Week 88 miles (there might be a bonus run later, but let’s pretend not)
Year: 2354 miles
Money found on the street this year while running: $1.00

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