Hot and Salty – Running in the Heat!



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Running,eating, blogging in Hawaii and loving the Hi-life! I am maybe the most candid and lazy runner you will ever meet…for real though. That being said, join me running around these islands and shoving delicious food in my face.

Coconut Weather Station - Hawaiian Humor

If the coconut is sad and dripping wet, it just finished running.  (Photo credit: IronRodArt)

Living in a place of perpetual summer, you’d think it would be easy to adjust to running in slightly hotter weather…but it’s not.  I’m not complaining mind you, but when you acclimate to Hawaii weather, any change, warmer or cooler, seems drastic.  So after turning down the air conditioning  I’ve come up with a short-but-sweet plan to beat the heat over the next few months.

1.Night runs
I love, love, LOVE running in the evenings.  With the sun up longer it’s light here until almost 8pm and it isn’t until it gets cooler that longer runs are enjoyable.  I know this is a more difficult time for some to run with family demands but if it’s hot enough out, it’s worth shuffling things around a little.  I plan to try running after sundown at least twice a week.  The easiest way I can make this happen is to grab a buddy, make a plan and kiss the family goodbye!  Or rather, goodnight, since in my case they are all in bed early!

2. Cooling agents
During the Honolulu Marathon, they hand out sponges soaked in cold water and I think I’m going to steal their idea.  I will try the sponges, although they might be a bit bulky.  I am also hunting around for a lightweight cooling bandana because I can just toss that thing in the freezer and take it out when I need it.  If any of you have used one, I’d love a recommendation!

In her post, 5 Ways to Welcome Summer, Chamomile shared a great idea about hunting  around neighborhoods for sprinklers.  I immediately thought, “what a perfect way to get some energy out of my kid before bed!”  But it’s also a great way to cool off, especially if you’re running around dawn or dusk, when most people water their lawns, or if you have a playground with a sprinkler on your route.  Just don’t let your neighbors catch you trampling their flowers!

3. Trail runs
My final goal is to go searching for some trails for the weekends.  Weekends are family time for me but shady hikes can turn into some fun runs.  With enough water and snacks I’m sure I can get at least 3-4 solid miles in, even toting the kid along.  I don’t usually run the trails here, but in a place as beautiful as Hawaii there sure are some good ones and I’m trying to be a little creative with my workouts.

Well, now you know my plan to combat the heat.  What’s yours?  Got any other recommendations for me?