Allspice’s Training Log – Hello April!


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spring break

Ahh! Spring break. This is one of the many places I didn’t go.

This was a great week, mostly because I was away from my soul-sucking job! If ever there was a person who wasn’t meant to be a teacher, it would be me. Oh well, moving on…one thing that made this week great was the fact that none (yep, ZERO) runs were on the treadmill. Second, I didn’t see one snowflake the entire week. It was windy and mostly chilly, but outside running prevailed.


Sunday – 7 miles outside with hubby. Our goal was an easy run, and it sort of was, except for the times when we raced each other to the stop light, or the corner, or…well, it was mostly easy.

Monday – No run, but 90 minutes of weights made me wish I was running. No muscle was left untortured!

Tuesday – 6 miles, 8:38 avg. pace. My goal was some 10k goal-paced segments, and I hit those nicely. I chose a fairly hilly route, so holding race pace up a hill added a nice lung searing effect to some of the run. Later that day I hit the usual hip/core/glute exercises.

Wednesday – It was cloudy, windy, and cold when I got up, so I hit the basement for an hour of lower body weights (which included 100 heavy barbell glute bridges). Just as I finished, the sun came out and the wind quit (cue the angel choir here) so I had to head out for a run. I got 5 miles in on very heavy legs.

Thursday – 60 minutes of kickboxing, 20 minutes of core, and 3×10 reps of pushups & pullups.

Friday – 6 miles on another hilly route. I had no plan for this run other to enjoy being outside in the sun. I put the tunes in my ears and Garmin in my pocket. Ended up with 8:29 avg. pace. Not bad for just meandering through the neighborhood.

Saturday – Easy 3.5 miler with hubby. This time it really was easy and we both finished feeling like we wanted to do more. Hip/core work while watching the movie Stepfather. Nice little suspense-filled thriller.

27.5 miles for the week, which has been my highest mileage in awhile. Being able to run a little later in the morning, and not having to face the treadmill made a huge difference. I hate the thought of going back to work on Monday, but let the countdown to summer begin! 40 days…

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  1. Yay for running outdoors! It makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

  2. Allspice says:

    It really does! I hope most of my TM runs are behind me for awhile.

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