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Welp, this week has been an interesting one…to say the least.

It started off with a St. Patrick’d Day 4-miler race with the hubs. We had so much fun bopping along together ( I think we jogged at about a 10:30 pace) and Sam enjoyed some free green beer at the end. We ran into a few co-workers and had a great time chatting- it’s been nice coming to races in a more recreational manner lately and not feeling pre-race anxiety, nerves, etc. that come along with my usual (not pregnant) competitive spirit, that’s both a blessing and a curse.

It ended with a pregnancy scare during a 2 mile light jog on Thursday when I tripped over a ‘lip’ on an uneven sidewalk around the neighborhood. Of course, I did a dramatic, flopping fall through the air and tumbled splat on my preggo belly, because why would it happen any other way?!? I’m a klutz and always will be a klutz. I went to the hospital for about 4 hours to monitor the babe and make sure all was okay as a precautionary matter. Everything is fine and the nurse even told me that the baby is thriving. THANK GOD. I was so scared but if anything else, it was a reminder that this pregnancy is a blessing and I will continue to take every measure to make sure this baby is taken care of- nourished, rested, prioritized- even if this means running might not be the best type of exercise at this point (more so because I’m a clumsy runner).

Saturday (3/16) was the 4 mile race

st pattys

St. Patrick’s Day Race.

Sunday – recovery 2 mile jog outside

Monday – 2 mile treadmill and light weights

Tuesday – 4 mile run in the nice weather

Wednesday – 2 mile outside jog with Otto

Thursday – 1.5 miles…interrupted with a SPLAT…and hospital visit.

At the hospital monitoring baby (24 weeks along) after my klutz fall out on a run!

At the hospital monitoring baby Sexton (24 weeks along) after my klutz fall out on a run!

Friday – 40 minutes on the elliptical and some light weights (yea, not sure about running after yesterday!)

Saturday (3/22) – A quick 2 miles and light weights before 9-5 childbirth class with Sam.

Sunday (3/23)- a 3 miler in the brisk cold…jogging VERY carefully sans sidewalks.

I’m hoping next week will be less eventful. :)

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  1. Allspice says:

    I’m so glad baby is ok after your fall! Love your comment about enjoying races more without the pre-race nerves – that’s my goal for some races this summer.

  2. Mint says:

    Glad baby is okay! Take care of yourself!

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